In Canada, one in five people faces a mental illness every year1. Once we’re 40, one in two of us has, or has had, a mental illness1. The good news is, our home can help. A messy room increases our stress and worry. But a peaceful, well-decorated home lifts our spirits and brings calm2.

To improve our mental health, experts recommend simple changes. Things like getting rid of extra stuff, adding nature inside, and letting more sunlight in make our space feel relaxing2. By choosing our decor carefully, we can create a place that refreshes our mind2. This supports our mental health and happiness2.

Key Takeaways

  • Our home environment can significantly impact our mental health and well-being.
  • Decluttering, incorporating natural elements, and maximizing natural light can create a calming, mood-boosting atmosphere.
  • Intentional home decor choices can help us cultivate a living space that supports our overall mental and emotional well-being.
  • Incorporating nature-inspired colors, natural materials, and water features can have a soothing, grounding effect.
  • Thoughtful lighting design, including maximizing natural light, can enhance the overall mood and atmosphere of a space.

The Power of a Decluttered Space

A messy home can really mess with our minds. It makes it harder to enjoy life. Plus, it boosts our stress levels by releasing more of the stress hormone cortisol.3

So, we get caught in this bad loop. First, stress stops us from tidying up. Then, the mess makes us even more stressed and anxious.3

Cluttered Environments and Mental Health

Living among clutter makes us more stressed. When under a lot of pressure, we try to control things. Often, this means we might keep cleaning or tidying.3

Clean places are healthier than walkable ones, a study shows. The mess affects our focus too. This means we can find it hard to do our tasks well.

A study from the University of Connecticut proves this point. People clean when they’re super stressed to try and cope.3

For instance, it’s tough to concentrate on work in a cluttered room. We keep getting pulled in by the things around us.3

The Vicious Cycle of Clutter and Stress

Being mindful while cleaning dishes lowers nervousness by 27%. Cleaning lessens stress and depression.3

Too much stuff at home affects our focus and adds stress. By cleaning, we can think more clearly. This reduces anxiety.3

Also, it’s easier to focus and perform well in tidy spaces. These places have fewer things to distract us.3

Benefits of an Organized Home

An orderly home boosts your mood and how well you work. By keeping things neat, we feel more in control and calm.

It helps us to have a better mindset. Plus, it’s nice to come home to peace and not chaos.

Getting rid of clutter cuts down on allergens at home. This makes the air we breathe cleaner.4

On top of that, it lowers our stress hormone, cortisol. So, we feel more at ease with a tidy place.4

Bedrooms with less stuff help us sleep better. Also, it gets rid of distractions for a quieter, more relaxing space.4

Lastly, it’s better for our health. We get more room to move around. This encourages exercise and other physical activities.4

Tidy work areas make us more productive and creative. Clearing our digital clutter can also boost our efficiency.4

Eating healthier is easier in a clutter-free kitchen. It also helps us be more mindful about meals.4

Cleaning out our stuff makes us feel mentally lighter. We let go of stress and become more resilient emotionally.4

It wasn’t easy for the author to become a minimalist, taking two or three years. It’s a gradual change, not instant.5

Making tidying a habit, perhaps while preparing coffee, can keep our space neat daily. This helps a lot in the long run.5

Trying not to spend for a month can teach us about our money habits. We sometimes don’t realize how much we spend.5

Getting rid of shopping apps and keeping our wallets slim can curb impulsive buys. It makes us think harder about what to buy.5

Minimalism is about intentionally choosing what we have. Getting rid of what we don’t need is the key point.5

Starting to declutter from small places like a car and moving to bigger areas is an effective method. It makes managing our space simpler.

Minimalism is a journey of ongoing improvement. It’s not a one-time fix but an everyday practice in every part of life.5

Embrace Earthy and Nature-Inspired Colors

Our home decor colors can affect how we feel, that’s for sure. Using shades found in nature is smart. Think sage green, deep yellow, and brown.6 They help keep us grounded and bring a sense of peace.6 Bright colors might be fun, but too much can stress us out. So, calming, earthy colors are great for a relaxing vibe.67

Having wood items at home reduces stress. The natural look of wood calms us. Plus, looking at nice art is a simple stress-buster.6 Choose art that makes you feel good. It helps a lot.

Sunlight makes us happy. If there’s not enough light inside, it can feel dull. Keeping windows open during the day helps lift spirits.6

Using mirrors can make rooms brighter. This trick is perfect for small or dark rooms. Also, having plants indoors is mood-boosting. They add a nice, calming touch to our homes.6 And remember, too much stuff around can stress us out. So, it’s good to tidy up our living areas.6

Aromatherapy changes how our home feels and makes us feel better. With an oil diffuser, pick oils like lavender for a chill mood. This calms stress and anxiety, making the air feel nice.6

Incorporate Natural Materials and Textures

The facts show that using natural materials makes our homes better. Wood and stone connect us to nature, making us feel calm.7 Things like wood, stone, and plants add warmth and character to our homes.7 Materials like jute, coir, straw, cane, and bamboo are great for furniture and decorations. They bring a cozy, feel-good vibe that reduces stress.7 Choosing these materials can make our homes feel more peaceful and caring for our minds.

The Grounding Effect of Wood and Stone

Wood and stone help us feel connected to nature and calm us down.7 They can be used in furniture and decorations to add coziness and style to our spaces.7

Soft Textures and Their Comforting Influence

Soft, plush items in our homes make us feel safe and reduce stress.7 Fabrics and textiles add softness and comfort, making our homes feel balanced and welcoming.7

Bring Life with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants make us feel better, this isn’t just a feeling. It’s a fact proven by research. Having plants around boosts our mood and reduces stress. They make a room lively, and clean the air too.2

So, indoor plants don’t just look good. They do good for our mental health. It’s like nature’s way of cheering us up, even indoors.2

The Mood-Boosting Benefits of Greenery

Plants can change how we feel at home. They make us feel calm and less blue. Taking care of them gives us a purpose, which is good for us.

This helps fight off sad and stressed feelings. Nature in the home makes a real difference, making us feel better all around.2

Low-Maintenance Plant Options

Not great with keeping plants alive? Don’t worry, some plants are easy to take care of. Snake plants are perfect for low-light places. They can grow tall, filling corners nicely.8

Peace lilies also do well with little light and need little water. For aloe vera, they like sunny spots, but not too direct. Spider plants are cool too, needing just enough light but not the direct sun.8

These easy-to-care-for plants bring life and health benefits to our homes. Having plants at home is like keeping a small piece of nature close. And it makes us feel good, which is always a plus.8

Maximize Natural Light and Reflective Surfaces

It’s really important to let as much natural light into our home as we can for better mental health.9 Sunlight kicks off the production of serotonin.9 This chemical boosts our mood and helps us feel more relaxed.9 We should move any blocking items away from windows and use light window coverings to let light in more.9 Also, putting mirrors in the right spots can bounce more light around.9

The Importance of Sunlight for Mental Health

Getting more sunshine at home makes us happier, work better, and sleep more soundly.9 People working in places with lots of daylight tend to get more done.9 Plus, it cuts down on electricity use, saving us cash.9 Natural light is easier on our eyes than electric light too.9

Strategic Placement of Mirrors

Putting a mirror across from a window can make a room seem sunnier and bigger.9 It’s key to keep windows clean to let as much brightness in as possible.9 Use light colors for any window coverings so they bounce light back into the room.9

When we focus on natural light, we make our living areas lighter and cheerier.9

10 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health Through Home Decor

home decor

How our home looks can really affect our mental health.2 A messy place can make us feel more stressed and anxious. But, a well-designed and tidy home can make us happier and calmer.2 To get these benefits, just tidy up, add nature, and welcome more light into your home.2 Choosing the right decor helps our minds feel better.

Using colors like sage green and deep yellow can relax us and make us feel better.6 Having nature inside, like wood furniture, can lower our stress.6 Enjoying natural light is linked to being happier.6 And, adding mirrors can brighten the room, lifting our spirits.6

Having plants at home can make us feel at peace and happy.6 Messy rooms can actually make us sad and more stressed.6 Cleaning up and rearranging can boost our mental health.6 Smells can also change how we feel a lot.6 Lavender or chamomile scents can make our home feel more relaxing.6

By using these easy design tips, we can make our homes better for our mental health and life quality.

The Soothing Power of Water Elements

Having water elements in our homes affects our mood in a positive way.10 This includes things like fountains and fish tanks. Also, pictures or art showing water scenes.10 Adding colors that remind us of the earth, like browns and ochres, makes the area even more peaceful.11 Including water in our living spaces helps us feel calmer. It supports our mental health, making our homes a better place to be.

Water Features and Art

Having things like and makes a big difference.10 The sound of running water and the look of fish swimming can be very calming. These items can help us feel more at ease and lower stress.10 Placing them in different parts of our house creates a peaceful environment. It encourages us to be mindful and relaxed.

Calming Earth Tones

Matching with colors like browns and greens reinforces our home’s soothing vibe.11 These colors are grounding and natural. They go well with the calmness water brings.

Introducing these shades through furniture and decorations is key. It makes our space a peaceful haven, supporting rest and harmony with nature.

Energizing with Pops of Color

Vibrant colors

Earth-toned colors bring a sense of calm. But, adding bright, energizing colors to our decor also has its perks.12 Colors like red, orange, and bright pink, linked to “fire,” can lift our spirits and energy.12 However, too much of these bold shades might be too intense.12 Adding hints of these lively colors with accessories, textiles, or flowers can make a space vibrant and inspiring.12

Fire Elements and Vibrant Hues

Reds, oranges, and yellows bring a vibrant energy to rooms where people gather. Think of dining rooms or kitchens.12 Gold and silver, along with special accent pieces, add excitement and spark creativity too.12 Cool tones like blues, greens, and purples are peaceful. They’re great for quiet places like bedrooms and baths.12

Using vibrant, mood-boosting colors wisely can transform a space. It turns it into a place that’s full of life and joy.12 The trick is to balance these fiery shades to keep the look just right, not too overwhelming.12

Crafting Cozy Atmospheres with Lighting

Lighting has a big impact on how we feel in a space. It influences the mood and atmosphere of a room, affecting our well-being.13 To make the most out of natural light, remove heavy drapes. Also, be sure the furniture isn’t blocking windows. This will brighten the room and cheer you up.13 Adding various types of lights, like ambient and task lights, makes a space feel warm and welcoming.14 Choosing the right home decor lights helps set a specific mood and highlight areas. For a magical feel, use fairy lights. They make evenings at home feel cozy and special.

Maximizing Natural Light

Primitive light that boosts serotonin is key to a happy, calming home. Let in as much natural light as possible by losing the heavy drapes and keeping furniture from windows.13 This approach makes your living space feel brighter and supports your mood.

Creating Layered Lighting

Creating a mix of different lights is key to a comfortable home. Use a blend of task, ambient, and accent lights to set a warm, inviting vibe.13 This method ensures your space is cozy and supports positive mental health.14 Careful lighting design can turn any space into a place that feels good.

The Art of Feng Shui and Energy Flow

feng shui

Feng shui helps create balanced energy in our homes. This balance can make us feel better.15 People in rooms that use feng shui principles often feel happier.

This design uses five elements to affect our health and thoughts. These elements are Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood.15 Each element brings different qualities, like balance or creativity.

Feng shui says we should blend these elements well for success. It’s not just about style but also about feeling good.

Furniture Arrangement for Balanced Energy

Setting up furniture right can make the energy flow smoothly. This is good for the home.15 It also helps us sleep better, as one study found.

Having a bed placed with space on both sides is recommended. It keeps the energy balanced while you sleep.16

Encouraging Conversation and Interaction

Placing furniture to spark talks and connections is important. It builds community vibes in your house.15 Feng shui is about seeing your home as a supportive place.

So, following feng shui can help make a home feel great. It’s about well-being and feeling supported.1516

Embracing Joyful Decor and Personal Touches

The concept of “joycore” decor is all about choosing things that make us happy. It even helps boost our mental health and well-being.17 Items like textures, patterns, or natural materials that we love can be part of it. Also, we might use personal mementos and art that are special to us.18 By focusing on what brings us joy and making our homes unique, we feel better and happier.

Looking at art actually makes our brain happy by releasing a chemical called dopamine. It gives us a feeling of joy and well-being.18 Nature-inspired art can even make us feel calm, like we’re actually outside.18 When we choose decorations related to what we love, it not only enhances our home’s beauty. It also feeds our mental health and well-being.

Taking a joyful, personalized approach to decorating our homes can truly represent us. It reflects our unique taste and brings us happiness.17 This makes a big difference in how we feel and in our mental health. Our home becomes a safe place that cheers us up, lowers stress, and makes us truly happy.1718


In conclusion, the facts show how important our home decor and interior design are for our mental health. They show the big role our living space plays in making us feel good.2 By choosing our home decor carefully, we can make our space feed our mind. It can meet our emotional needs well. When we clean up, focus on nature-inspired colors and natural materials, and use lighting wisely, our homes become places of peace. This change can make us happier, lower our stress, and give us a steady feeling of happiness.219 Using these simple but powerful design strategies, we improve both our mental health and life quality.

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