I quit!  This sentence has been running through the heads of most employees for a long time, but guess what? They still get up every day and go to that “disgusting” work with a smile on their faces. Others who have left jobs have done so with the utmost respect, since they did not want to damage their resumes or reputations.

Others, on the other hand, haven’t given a flying fudge and just told their boss, “You know what, I quit!” Others have chosen to do it “in style,” opting for the outlandish approach, and those are the subjects of our discussion today.

What wacky tactics can you think of to get out of your job? So, here are the top ten most bizarre ways to resign a job.

10. All the Way Out Marching

Joey, a waiter at a posh hotel, has had it with his boss for the past three years. Every day, this employee marched into the hotel, giving his all, but his boss demanded more and treated him like trash. Joey concluded that one last march was in order (literally).

Joey brought the marching band with all of the equipment in place with the help of What Cheer? (the band he was a part of). Joey enters the hotel with his friends and waits for the boss to arrive in the video. After a bit, the boss appears with an enraged expression on his face and begins ordering them out. The band remained silent until Joey said the big statement “I quit,” at which point they began singing, dancing, and playing their instruments.

If the boss didn’t hear Joey announce his resignation, the band marched off singing, “We resigned, we quit!” The message has been received loud and clear.

9. I’m not crazy, I’m just trying to get out of here!

Employees all over the world are so frightened of losing their jobs or their bosses that they think people who walk out on their bosses are insane. In one occasion, an employee used the intercom to announce his resignation in a grandiose manner. With his voice echoing throughout the shop, he took the time to mention a few of his coworkers, just to be sure they heard him and that he was making a sound decision.

Imagine approaching the intercom and saying something no one expected! Isn’t it crazy? A group of users praised him for his bravery in the video’s comment area, while others remained in disbelief, assuming that the intercom was off or that it was after hours. In any case, that was insane and unbelievable, at least for the majority of people who wanted to go but couldn’t.

8. Live On-Air Resignation

Some fantastic news anchors have decided to leave live on air, just so no one can claim they didn’t hear or see anything. Liz Wahl, the news anchor for RT America, had had enough of the ethical and moral issues she had been facing, especially since her grandparents had arrived in the United States as immigrants.

Liz Wahl resigned because she didn’t want to work for a media company owned by Russians, who were responsible for her grandparents’ expulsion from their homeland. Wahl’s case was emotive, but it was still a bizarre way to leave a job. She may have resigned in private, allowing the proprietors to fabricate a sympathetic storey about how she prioritised her personal life over her profession. But take a look at her; she made certain that everyone knew why she resigned.

7. It Won’t Hurt to Have a Little Swagger… Will It or Won’t It?

Kevin, a superstore employee, decided that enough was enough. He walked out of his office after picking up the intercom and reading a note from his phone explaining why he was leaving. Kevin was leaving his office when he was approached by a coworker who had overheard him declare he was resigning over the intercom and questioned whether he was serious.

Kevin’s expression indicated that he was not joking, so his colleague didn’t need to respond verbally. Kevin was getting irritated, so he inquired rhetorically, “Should I clock out?” “Before I fire you?” said his manager, who arrived out of nowhere. Yes.” Kevin stated that he had already quit and that no more action was required.

Kevin, now in a snarky attitude, explained to his supervisor why he was leaving. He claimed that he was working fewer hours and earning an amount that was insufficient to cover his expenses. Kevin confirmed that he was recording everything when asked if he was. He claimed that he had turned into a prankster, and that his coworkers seemed to enjoy the performance, but that they couldn’t laugh out loud for fear of being fired.

6. I’ve decided to leave from  the air once more!

For news anchors, quitting on air appears to be a viable option. While our first event was rather emotional, this one is somewhat “contentious,” which makes it bizarre from a neutral standpoint.

In 2014, an Alaskan news reporter and anchor resigned from her live television position. There had been discussions concerning the legalisation of marijuana in the state prior to her resignation.

Alaska has legalised medical marijuana. However, there had been an ongoing petition calling for marijuana to be fully legalised. The news anchor disclosed that everything that had been stated earlier in the broadcast was accurate and that she was the actual owner of the marijuana company in question while reporting the news. She voiced her views on the issues just before she resigned. “Well, i don’t have to think twice … I quit!” she exclaimed as she walked out of the studio. She was not sorry at all, for the record. In fact, she was the polar opposite of that.

5. The New York Times, for the Last Time

“A Man Resigns From His Job!” read the headline in the morning paper. On March 14, 2012, The New York Times published this headline. That isn’t the case… I mean, the headline bit; I’m guessing it was somewhere in the middle… or the rear.

Greg Smith, a senior employee at Goldman Sachs, chose to retire on that date by composing a resignation letter and publishing it in The New York Times.

Fortunately for him, this resignation letter doubled as a job application, and Greg went on to become a million-dollar book author.

4. Take That!

Cakes are typically served at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and other major occasions. When he offered his boss a resignation cake, one employee surely didn’t think so.

An employee approached Piotr Sosnowski, the co-founder and head of HR of Zety, and handed him a resignation cake, which he still remembers. Of course, the business was still in its infancy at the moment. Piotr can only smile now as he recalls the incident. That guy is stuck like an  icing on the cake!

3. A Message on Facetime

Do you recall Matt Iseman, the host of American Ninja Warrior? You ought to. The guy is well-known for his good looks, and guess what… But that’s beside the point; I’m getting off track. The tale goes that he quit his job over Facetime, in a one-sided video.

Matt taped himself asking his supervisor if he had observed that several of his employees were already on their way out. Matt stated that he was next on the list, and he resigned before his employer could see the video and provide his side of the storey. Matt defended himself by saying that his supervisor needs to learn to treat people equally. Unfortunately, Matt was not present to see whether or not his boss had changed.

2. One Too Many Pizzas

For most individuals, losing a job is not something to be proud of; however, Luka Arezina, the co-founder of DataProt, was not one of them. Luka was about to finish a six-month contract that he referred to as “nightmarish.” With the chance to change jobs, Luka created a strategy to tell his boss how he felt.

Luka decided to buy 26 pizzas to match the number of employees at the company due to a low income, poor working conditions, and a not-so-likable boss. Then he wrote inspirational quotes, jokes, and other personal messages. His boss received the 26th and final pizza. It was the spiciest of them all, presumably to represent his dissatisfaction with the company.

1. Trouble with Tick Tock

One chef concluded that he’d seen enough, or rather, that he’d cooked enough but wasn’t being fairly compensated. Baker decided that all of the hours he put in merited more income because he had three children and a lot of bills to pay.

He awoke one morning and reported for duty. While his boss expected him to carry on with his responsibilities and open the restaurant, the chef decided to make a video explaining why he was leaving. The chef walked out of the kitchen, satisfied with his rant, leaving some food simmering on the stove.

Oh, I almost forgot! For his boss, he left a disclaimer. Through the camera, he cautioned him that if he didn’t hurry, the food would burn. He was no longer there, but he still cared.

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