Choosing blooms for your wedding? Find the 15 MOST ROMANTIC FLOWER’S  to consider, along with their special meanings.

Garden Roses

Garden roses have been grown and bred to be beautiful in size and shape. Compared to a traditional rose, they are a bit bigger and have fluffier petals, but they still mean love and romance. Theodoropoulos says that garden roses are romantic flowers that most people expect. "Flowers' shapes, colors, and ways of being put together help them feel romantic. Using more romantic flowers and adding candles really makes the whole thing feel more romantic."


Peonies' big, fluffy petals say "romance" right away, but their meaning goes even further. Peonies are a sign of good luck and a sign of a happy relationship. "Garden roses, Japanese anemones, sweet peas, and peonies are some of the classic romantics that come in many colors and can be used in new ways to make them look fresh and new," says Strong.


Carnations are classic flowers that people have been giving to each other for a long time. With soft petals and colors like pink, red, and white, they are a popular choice for romantic playfulness. The flowers are a beautiful addition to a wedding, whether you put them in a bouquet or use them to set the table. They are a sign of true love and affection.


There's no question that orchids are more elegant than any other flower. But these beautiful flowers also represent love, strength, and charm, which makes them very romantic. Orchids look great by themselves in a bouquet, or you can use them to make beautiful centerpieces.

Roses from the past

Roses are still a great choice for wedding flowers, whether they are in a bouquet or as a centerpiece. They're the first romantic flower and stand for love in every color. To add to their meanings, each color of the rose has its own meaning. White roses mean grace and purity, while red and pink roses mean love and gratitude.


Gardenias are pretty flowers with star-shaped petals that smell nice. They are pretty flowers that stand for love, beauty, hope, and purity. Use this romantic flower to make a boutonniere or to give a bouquet more texture and interest.


Strong says that a tulip is like love that goes deep. This beautiful spring flower comes in white, pink, yellow, and red, but it can also be found in other colors. Tulips are a special addition to a bouquet or reception table because they represent the love that lasts. Alstroemeria

The alstroemeria, also called the Peruvian lily, is a sign of a strong relationship with a loved one and of wealth. They stand for loyalty traits like devotion, support, and the will to live. They are also known as a message to be strong and keep your head up. This flower would be a great gift for a friend who has been there for you through the good times and the bad times.

If you want to show your love and appreciation for that special person in a more romantic way, choose a pink or red color.


The star-shaped flower heads of asters are a symbol of love, charm, and sensitivity. Venus, the goddess of love, is represented by these pink flowers, which makes them a great gift for someone you care about. Asters are a great alternative to the traditional rose if you want to give a unique bouquet. Azalea

These pretty flowers are a great addition to any bouquet, especially if you are looking for romantic flowers. They come in many different colors, like red, pink, white, and yellow. If you want to show your partner that you feel strong feelings of attraction or passion, red azaleas are a good choice.

Other meanings include a woman's beauty or a lot of wisdom or money in some way.


Camellias are beautiful flowers that usually stand for love, care, and respect. These beautiful flowers come in white, pink, and red. Each color stands for something different. There's no doubt that these meaningful flowers are the best choice for a couple celebrating a long time together. Carnation

The carnation is another flower that shows love. The carnation is a sign of distinction and interest. Carnations in lighter shades of red are often used to show admiration, while darker shades of red show deeper feelings of love and affection. White carnations are often given to show purity and good luck, while pink carnations are often given to show appreciation. Blossoms of Cherry

Japan is home to cherry blossoms, which are called sakura there. In both Japanese and Chinese cultures, they are a sign of love and spirituality. These pink flowers are known for how beautiful they look, which is why they have been in so many paintings, movies, and poems. When they bloom, Japanese cherry blossoms are strong and beautiful, but they only last a short time. Spring is your best bet if you want to see these beautiful flowers. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums in white, purple, and blue are especially good for showing how much you care about a friend. When mixed with other friendship flowers, the soft petals send a message of happiness, hope, and loyalty. They are also popular in corsages and are often given as a way to show off in a formal setting.

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