Our embryonic interest in search dates back to the early days of the internet, when algorithms didn’t reign supreme. It was much easier to find information on the internet back then. To be found relevantly in an online search, you didn’t need all of the technical know-how breadth and awareness of hundreds of ranking variables.

Today, however, with the evolution of Google’s fundamental search algorithms and the implementation of major changes such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. being found on the internet has become akin to earning a doctorate in physics or mathematics.

As entrepreneurs, we all know that being found organically at the top of Google’s search engine results pages is the finest method to market any business online (SERPs). It’s completely free and provides near-infinite traffic to those who can grasp this complex sector of web search. However, doing so has turned into a mammoth task.

How do you promote your company on the internet?

What does it take to market your company on the internet? 

How can an entrepreneur get the word out without having to wait years and years to advance up the Google SERPs? 

There are absolutely some marketing strategies that will provide a better return on your time investment than others. Some will take weeks, while others could take months or even years.

Whatever strategy you use to market your business on the internet, as long as you give value along the way and follow the right marketing practices, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your efforts over time. It isn’t going to happen overnight. Nothing worthwhile, after all, ever does.

Below are some of the most effective strategies for boosting traffic to your website and pages online, both in the short and long term.

1. Start a blog and provide high-quality content on a regular basis.

Clearly, the most effective approach to market your business online is to create a blog where you can regularly produce and distribute high-quality information that contributes a significant amount of value. This is a long-term strategy that won’t pay off quickly, but every entrepreneur should see the value of adopting this online marketing strategy.

Building a notable blog in any business or specialty not only helps to boost traffic by piquing Google’s attention, but it also helps to establish authority. Consumers, the media, and business owners will pay attention to you if you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. This, in turn, will snowball, resulting in more authority and, finally, massive awareness and revenues.

2. Use Medium and Quora to promote your material.

If you want to gain some early traffic and your website is less than two years old with low authority, you should promote your content on Medium and Quora. What is the mechanism behind it? On your website, create one high-quality piece of content. Make sure it’s keyword-focused, smart, distinctive, and valuable.

Write another piece on a site like Medium or Quora after that, making sure it’s keyword-centric, insightful, distinctive, and offers a lot of value. Create one link from that article to the main article on your site or blog, using a primary or related keyword.

This is known as content marketing, and it’s the most effective way to acquire momentum on Google’s SERPs while simultaneously reaching massive existing audiences via authority sites.

3. Join LinkedIn groups to network with others.

LinkedIn groups are a great way to quickly connect with people in your industry or field of expertise who can help you spread your message. You can advertise your content in LinkedIn groups as long as you don’t come across as spammy. It’s important to bring value to the topic or discussion before attempting to drop your links.

LinkedIn groups are also a terrific method to connect with people with whom you may not share common interests. You can message any other member of the group without being connected, which can be extremely useful in certain situations. In the group, share updates frequently, and be sure to stay in the limelight without oversharing.

4. Make use of Facebook advertisements and landing pages that are intelligently targeted.

While Facebook advertisements aren’t free, they do provide a terrific way to target the correct demographics for your business. You can utilise variables like interests, geographic region, marital status, age, and many more to find potential customers to send to strategically-targeted landing pages, also known as squeeze pages, as long as you know your client well.

Experiment with micro-spends to determine which ad text and squeeze page get the most clicks and leads into your sales funnel. When it comes to advertising on a network like Facebook, it can take a long time to discover the appropriate blend or recipe, but if your campaign is profitable, all you have to do now is grow.

5. Use Instagram influencers to your advantage.

With the all-pervasive power of social media nowadays, you may instantaneously contact tens of thousands of individuals all over the world. However, we are well aware that algorithms and visibility work against us, particularly when we do not have a following of hundreds of thousands or millions of people.

We need amplifiers, power users, and influencers to help convey our messaging to those folks. While this will not be free, it will provide you with immediate access to a large audience in your niche if you choose the proper Instagram influencer to help promote your message.

6. Make YouTube video tutorials that are valuable.

YouTube is a fantastic tool for promoting your business online. While establishing your following may be difficult at first, if you focus on making relevant video tutorials, you will eventually reach a large number of people. Again, you must concentrate on adding value rather than worrying about making a profit.

YouTube is a fantastic resource for tutorials because it allows you to educate people just about anything in an accessible style. Whether you’re screen-sharing to teach a digital skill or capturing something in the real world, make sure the recording and overall material are of good quality. Also, include a link to relevant content on your site within the description.

7. Use email marketing to build a relationship with your customers.

Every business owner should be involved in email marketing, but it’s not a simple task. You must give something out for free in exchange for the customer’s email address in order to succeed with email marketing. It has to be something worthwhile.

Take the time to write a free report or ebook that will benefit people in your business or specialty if you are serious about gathering emails. Then, using a system like Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact, or Mailchimp, build a relationship with that customer using drip-fed campaigns. However, don’t try to sell every time you turn a corner. First, establish a connection, and then concentrate on selling.

8. Use Angie’s List or TripAdvisor as a resource.

Angie’s List and TripAdvisor, for example, provide a way for almost any business to reach a large audience of potential customers. These sites are a fantastic resource for finding any local business, and they also allow customers to submit evaluations based on their experiences with it.

Try Angie’s List if you’re selling services. Why not list on TripAdvisor if you work in the tourism industry? These links will not only help with SEO, but they will also give you access to a big audience of consumers looking for items or services in your sector or area. Take the time to establish a solid listing, and then encourage people to leave genuine evaluations based on their experiences.

9. Use platforms like Yelp and Trust Pilot to build consumer trust.

One of the biggest roadblocks for business owners and professionals is a lack of trust. People are hesitant to trust companies with whom they have no direct experience or know someone who has worked with them. Obviously, sites like Yelp can help, but so can sites like Trust Pilot.

Trust Pilot and Yelp are dedicated to assisting consumers in finding the proper firm to work with, and they improve transparency by displaying former customers’ experiences. These sites are the most popular for online reviews in the world, and they should be used to assist develop confidence with future customers.

10. Take advantage of rich snippets, AMP, and FBIA.

If you want to get some early traction with your material, you can use rich snippets, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), or Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA). Rich snippets can be applied to a variety of content types, including articles, local businesses, music, recipes, reviews, TV, movies, and videos, thanks to the AMP specification.

There are WordPress plugins for rich snippets via Schema.org specifications, as well as AMP and FBIA plugins. Having AMP and FBIA articles will provide you a slight advantage over those who don’t, enhancing your exposure on SERPs and in newsfeeds, especially given Google and Facebook’s recent focus on mobile.

11. Work with well-known bloggers in your field.

Reaching out to well-known bloggers in your industry could be a good strategy to promote your brand online, especially if you have something useful to contribute to one of their pieces. Why not reach out to a popular blogger who frequently writes about a topic that is directly related to your field of business and see if you can collaborate?

Offering your services as a guest blogger is a terrific approach to make this happen. Obviously, you’ll need to have some writing experience, and it can be difficult to find a big blog willing to let you guest post, but it’s worth a shot if you can get a guest post.

12. Participate in industry-specific forums on a regular basis.

Many folks have the entire forum-posting technique for SEO backwards. They go out and post spammy links, then wonder why they’re being kicked off the boards. You’re not going to be able to do it. If you’re serious about marketing your brand online, join conversations and give value before trying to link-drop.

No one appreciates it when someone joins a forum as a new member and immediately starts spamming links. Again, you must consider completing the most labor for the smallest initial reward. Make a difference. Interact with other people. Make recommendations. Respond to the questions. Simply avoid spamming links. After a few posts or when the forum’s rules allow it, add your link to your signature, but don’t try to direct visitors to your site at every turn. If you do that, things will not go well for you.

13. Provide customers with a complimentary product or service.

People are more willing to accept something for free than to pay a nominal amount for it, according to studies. So, why not give your customers a free service or product? Perhaps you provide a free 15-minute consultation or a low-cost product that you’d like to give away.

Whatever you offer, make a note of the customer’s contact information so you can contact them later. If you’re providing a free service, you have an immediate opportunity to upsell those clients to your paid services. When you take anything for free, people are more inclined to feel obligated to you.

14. Make use of online directories such as Yahoo Local and Google Local.

If you own a local business and want to attract local clients to a brick-and-mortar location or provide a geographically specialized professional service, you should include your company on local business listing sites like Yahoo Local and Google Local.

Google Local is a particularly useful tool for listing and verifying your business information, offering public details like your company’s address for Google Maps listings, store hours, and other relevant information. Make sure this information is accurate and up-to-date.

15. Make your website SEO-friendly.

Clearly, optimizing your website for relevant keywords is a vital part of online marketing for your company. However, keep in mind that if your company is new (less than two years old) and you have no authority or content, you will have a difficult time ranking at the top of Google’s SERPs for any phrase that is even somewhat competitive.

The idea is to create great content while also optimizing your site’s On-Page and Off-Page SEO. While this can become a lengthy topic, consider factors such as your site’s speed, mobile friendliness, meta descriptions, link profile, reading level, source citations, content quality, and insightfulness.

This is more of a marathon than a sprint, so don’t get disheartened if you don’t notice huge results right away.

16. Participate in a contest as a co-sponsor of an award or gift.

Find something you can give away and team up with another firm, group, or professional in your sector to co-sponsor an award or contest. Use social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with others and find a like-minded company or professional ready to collaborate on an award or giveaway. The goal here is to re-establish value in the public eye.

17. Deliver a presentation at a professional conference or a webinar.

Why not give a talk at a professional conference or webinar if you’re an expert in your field? Of course, TED Talks come to mind when it comes to professional conferences, but you may also speak at other types of conferences or even online webinars.

Webinars are one of the most effective techniques for selling almost anything to a highly engaged audience when it comes to online marketing. The greater your audience, the more likely you are to sell your goods or services.

Long term, this will undoubtedly increase your exposure and allow you to gain more authority, and it will also serve as an outstanding portfolio piece or CV item, particularly for professional speaking engagements.

18. Send out press releases to announce major company events or news.

You won’t obtain immediate media attention using press releases. While some media professionals will use sites like Help a Reporter or even scour press release sites like PR Web, sending out a press release is unlikely to result in immediate news coverage.

A well-written press release with a good link profile, on the other hand, can help you marginally with SEO while also allowing you to communicate key company news or events, which you can then use to actively seek media outlets through the appropriate PR channels.

19. Create a signature for your emails that is unique to you.

Using a branded email signature is one of the simplest methods to sell your business online. Put your links in your email signature, as well as any potential awards your company has received. This allows you to promote your business to people you interact with on a daily basis in an unobtrusive manner.

You should also include any relevant links to essential firm marketing items, such as digital brochures or news articles that mention your organization, in your email signature. Drop a one-sentence motto or a tiny tagline about your company and its aim.

20. Identify and advertise to high-value clients using the 80-20 rule.

The 80-20 rule, often known as the Pareto Principle, argues that 20% of efforts produce 80% of the results. Essentially, just a small amount of what we do actually yields outcomes. However, this also applies to sales, with the rule of thumb being that 20% of your clients account for 80% of your revenue.

You may scale your sales by sending them more offers and discounts for other services and products if you can discover which clients are generating the most revenue for your company. If customers use a portal system to log in or if cookies are being used to follow them, you can tailor your online marketing straight to them.

21. Use hashtags in your photos and videos on Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram.

You can establish a following by posting photos and videos on a number of high-domain authority sites. Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram are the first to come to mind. To properly categories what you’re blogging about, use relevant hashtags and descriptions, and follow individuals in your sector or specialty who are using those hashtags.

This isn’t an online marketing strategy that will generate immediate purchases or even traffic. It will take some time. However, as long as you’re providing value and are enthusiastic about what you’re doing, you’ll be able to grow your following in the next months and years. To get oneself out there in the beginning, make sure to remark, like, and engage with other people’s posts as much as possible.

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