Fill in the Empty Indoor Balcony Spaces 

Indoor balconies are an integral part of modern-day households. People make conscious efforts to incorporate greenery and lively flowers in their surroundings at home. Indoor accenting with botanicals and flowers has become the latest trend and the search for eco-friendly home decor products is always on. For such commitments, dried flowers do wonders! A perfect way to enhance the aesthetic appeal is by filling in the empty dull spaces in indoor balconies. Level up the indoor botanical display on your balconies by infusing a bunch of colourful dried flowers which are sustainable as well as decorative. A bunch of dried natural flowers is ever-lasting and maintains the look of a balcony for a long time with almost no or minimal maintenance requirements. Vanish away the boredom and rejuvenate the empty spaces by mix-matching different shades and textures of sustainably dried flowers. You can adorn these in tall vases or use them as fillers for other flower arrangements. A well-tied bouquet of dried flowers looks promising when made a part of an indoor balcony display. 

6 ways to Breathe life into your home with dried flowers

The Kitchen Wall Awaits Dried Flower Touch

Don’t miss out on the kitchen when it comes to revamping your home decor. A pleasant kitchen decor contributes to your well-being and enhances the experience of cooking. Apart from fresh herbs grown organically in small pots, you can also increase the interior of your kitchen by adorning beautiful dried flower decor on walls. Put these in charming wall vases or hang a few bunches of these on nails like paintings. Best way to set up a peaceful mood in your kitchen and make the most out of empty walls. You can also display single-stemmed dried flowers in small vases to decorate kitchen table-tops or working stations.

6 ways to Breathe life into your home with dried flowers

Experiment Looks With Favorite Vases 

Adorn your favorite vases made of quality ceramics, glass, or metals with colorful dried flowers to bring decorative versatility to your home decor. Create a bunch of dried flowers for each flower vase and proudly display them in different parts of your living space. Tall vases with large bunches of dried flowers are perfect to display as centerpieces in the living room. Theme-based vase looks can be easily completed by displaying a carefully mixed bunch of dried flowers. Small shola flower planters and vases containing soft dried flowers look wonderful as desk decor for your study table, workspace, or console tables. Ideal pieces to add a dash of color to any room’s decor or enhance the botanical displays indoors as well outdoors. Experimenting with different vases and mix-matching dried flowers near me will definitely give a new visual dimension to your living space and enhance the glory of interiors. You can also use these dried flowers for DIY projects and fillers for other vase arrangements.

  1. 1 Pressed Flowers Framed as Showpieces

    6 ways to Breathe life into your home with dried flowers

    Pressed flowers India when carefully put together in a framework wonderfully as showpieces. Ideal to display on walls, console tables, or above cabinets. These framed pieces add a colorful charm to the dull walls and also helps in revamping the boring dull corners of home decor.

  2. 2 Liven up Entrances with Large Dried Flower Bouquets

    6 ways to Breathe life into your home with dried flowers

    Large dried flower bouquets are perfect accents to decorate the entrance of your house. Adorned in tall vases made of premium quality material, a bunch of these beauties attract compliments and make a chic style statement among your visitors. Long-lasting in nature, these work wonderfully as entrance decor items.

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