She would have thought about the dress, the venue, the food, her hair and makeup and also her bridal bouquet. As it is her special day, she shouldn't be settling down for anything but perfect. So a little help wouldn't harm anyone. Whispering Homes has the perfect solution for bridal bouquets. It has a unique collection of bridal bouquets made up of dried flowers and pampas. The colors of these bouquets look authentic and gorgeous. Varied in flower choices, arrangements etc you can choose your perfect bouquet from their website. 

Choosing the bouquet won't make the bouquet special. Personalizing it will make it special. It would showcase your personality. Don't forget to tweak your bridal bouquet just a little. Here are a few ways you can add a little touch of you to your bouquet. 

  • Color combination 

 While choosing the bouquet, think of all the colors that would look on you as well as with the theme of the wedding. It shouldn't blend into the style but should look odd as well. It should have the right color with just the right quantity. 

A perfect way to nail this is going for a white bouquet with a bright color. Have more white flowers and little flowers of another color. Or go for something that adds texture. This way the bouquet will look as if it was made specially for you. 8 Ideas for making Personalized Bridal Bouquet

  • Say no to huge wedding Bouquet 

 Big flower bouquets could look a bit heavy on the bride. You could opt for bouquets with a larger number of smaller flowers. This way the bouquet will look big but not heavy. This could be one thing you could follow. 

Choosing a smaller bouquet would mean it would look delicate and beautiful just like the bride. We don't want people forgetting the bride and looking just at the bouquet. Hence select a bouquet which will look good with your dress and your style. This way the bouquet will enhance your elegance instead of stealing the show. 

  • Add crystals and stones

 If you like a little drama, add a few crystals and stones on your bouquet.You could add some stones to the stem and also on the flowers. This will make your bouquet look majestic as well as luxurious. These gems and stones on your bouquet will really stand out. It will add a shine to your bouquet. 

If you are planning on wearing a wedding dress with some glam on it, then this type of bouquet will go perfectly with it. It will highlight the crystals on your dress and enhance the glam as well. 

8 Ideas for making Personalized Bridal Bouquet

  • Go with one type of flower

 Having many types of flowers in the bouquet could create a little bit of a mess. It could also create an imbalance. Different flowers have different sizes and colors. At times they might not blend in just the way you thought it would. So choose one type of flower which would go with your style. 

This way your bouquet will look balanced and beautiful at the same time. It will create a nice visual. Having the same type of flower, you could experiment with their sizes and colors. But the overall look will be of one flower. 

8 Ideas for making Personalized Bridal Bouquet

  • Different sizes

 Different sizes of flowers look unorganized in a bouquet. Having random flowers with random sizes could look a little messy. Nevertheless, if you do want to play around with the sizes, you could select 2 or 3 sizes and experiment with them. But these sizes should be of one or two flowers. It could ruin the loom if you go overboard.

So to organize it properly select 2 different flowers of different sizes and arrange them in a pattern. This will look good with different colors or with the same color. It will turn out to be a beautifully arranged bouquet. 

  • Monochrome 

 Sticking to just one color could be boring. A bridal bouquet with no drama or no glam is just plain boring. Have a wow factor in your bouquet. You complement one color with a different color. Or play around with the sizes. 

If you still want to experiment with just one color, you could use flowers with different tones of the same color. So having some dark and light tones will create a nice depth in your bouquet. 

8 Ideas for making Personalized Bridal Bouquet

  • Long ribbon ends

 Choose any bouquet of your choice. It could be of any color, size, texture. Now to customize it, add a nice long ribbon to it. This ribbon could be a part of your dress or your wedding theme. It could have some resemblance or a memory. 

So at the end of the bouquet, tie a beautiful looking ribbon to it. It will also add a bit of grace and elegance to the bouquet. It will look good if you have long flowing dress or a veil. Ribbons to the bouquet will be the perfect addition. 

8 Ideas for making Personalized Bridal Bouquet

  • Accessorize it

 This could be done in so many ways. You could attach rings, photographs ans even charms. You could attach anything which means the world to you. It could be a gift from your parents or loved ones as well. But adding that small element will make your bouquet very special.

These are a few ways you can personalize your brid bouquet for the most important day of your life. 

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    8 Ideas for making Personalized Bridal Bouquet

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