Blue World City Islamabad is unquestionably a gold mine for investors and real estate owners. Sitting on the prime location of M2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway, it draws in the attention of every savvy investor. It vouches for high promising returns on relatively inexpensive rates. A dream house with impeccable ambiance easily achieved through a meticulously desigfour-year payment plan. Yes, there’s no catch! 

The “Seal the Deal” Factor:

Every society has its unique, distinct features which set it apart from the rest. Blue World City Islamabad synonyms with “Pakistan’s first tourist destination”! Imagine living in a house which is surrounded by Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab, World’s tallest Horse Mascot, Pakistan’s biggest Cricket Stadium, Water Themed Park, One Stop Commercial, artificial lake, Seven Star Hotel with the provision of state of the art amenities and incredible accessibility. What more can one desire for? But wait, here comes the “Seal the Deal” factor, the price to this life changing investment is unbelievably economical as compared to the other housing societies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Did we catch your attention? Now let us walk you through the details of this gem of a society. 

Blue World City Islamabad Owners

It holds immense significance when it comes down to the credibility of the owner of a housing society. You would hesitate tons before investing in a society whose owner has a shady past. Blue World City Islamabad is owned and developed by a huge reputable name, Mr. Saad Nazir who happens to be the CEO of the Blue Group of Companies (BGC).The same Blue Group of Companies which redefined the parameters of triumph.  

History of Blue Group of Companies:

BGC started its operations back in 1998 in Lahore, Pakistan introducing itself in the architecture and construction industry. Within a brief amount of time, it succeeded in achieving market dominance. It caters to the needs of its clients in the areas of real estate acquisition, construction, development, design, marketing and robust IT support services. BGC expanded its size to a total of 300 employees in order to meet their ever-increasing market demand. 

Structure of BGC:

BGC is Pakistan’s biggest conglomerate; its composition is listed below:

  • Blue Palms 
  • Blue Properties
  • Brands Square
  • Artimmix
  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Media
  • WPZ
  • Mart Blue

The NOC Status and All the Rumors Around It:

We won’t be surprised if you heard it from a couple of sources that Blue World City Islamabad is yet to acquire No Objection Certificate (NOC) from RDA and District Council. To address these rumors, we would like to bring it your knowledge that the first batch of Blue World City Islamabad is approved by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) and District Council. To be precise, RDA approved it against Vide Letter no. 532/10/DC on 07-08-2018. 

The second batch of Blue World City Islamabad for NOC approval is in process and will be achieved soon. Therefore, these rumors are baseless and serve no benefit to the wise but conspiracy mongers. 

Location and Accessibility

What gives any housing society an edge over the others is its accessibility. Blue World City Islamabad flaunts its extensive connectivity to Rawalpindi-Islamabad via numerous routes. 

Different routes to approach Blue World City Islamabad: 

  • Hopping onto Islamabad-Lahore M2 Motorway, the first interchange you will cross is Thaliyan Interchange. Drive past it to reach the next one, Chakri Interchange. Exit from this interchange to reach Blue World City Islamabad in a 10 mins drive.
  • Driving your way from Benazir Bhutto Hospital to Saddar, land onto 22 no. chaungi. Keep on travelling forth to reach Dhamial Road. Within a 30 minutes drives, you will locate the splendid Blue World City Islamabad standing tall on Chakri road. 
  • From new Islamabad airport, this society is distanced at a 25 mins drive.   
  • With the addition of the latest block, Sports Valley, to Blue World City Islamabad, a grand separate entrance gate is added to the ultimate features of this block. This unique characteristic helps broaden the level of accessibility to Blue World City Islamabad as the gate opens on the main location of Adiyala Road.   
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road is an under construction process. Its completion will open windows of opportunities for the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Furthermore, it will open another prime route to access Blue World City Islamabad.   

Landmarks Around Blue World City Islamabad:  

Numerous housing schemes can also be spotted in the vicinity. The biggest names include Capital Smart City, Mumtaz City, Khanial Homes, Top City, University Town and Star Argo farms. 

The nearest accessible roads include Chakri Road, Islamabad-Lahore M2 Motorway, Rawalpindi Ring Road and Chakri Interchange

Blue World City Islamabad Master Plan: 

The master plan of the society is meticulously designed by a team of detail-oriented experts. They brought in their A-game to embellish the society with state-of-the-art amenities and a supreme modern lifestyle. They diligently added unique features to each block to ensure each of them stands out and retain an excellent individual touch. 

The project is alienated into residential and commercial plots ranging from 3 Marla to 2 Kanal together with stunning farmhouses and apartments. 

Listed down is the sub-division of the Blue World City’s plot for sale.

The Ravishing Roads: 

One of the key elements of a residential project is the design and quality of its infrastructure. Here in Blue World City Islamabad, it has been made a primal focus. The roads are carpeted smoothly and intelligently. Every part of the society is made easily accessible for the residents. The exquisite main boulevard is stretching 120 ft. wide. Main roads are over 80 ft. wide whereas streets are kept at the width of 40 ft.  

Its telling of how committed the developers are to make Blue World City Islamabad Pakistan’s finest society to ever exist.  

Blue World City Islamabad Blocks and Their Significance:     

The gigantic 60,000 Kanal area of Blue World City Islamabad is broken down into following blocks:

  • Blue World City Sports Valley Block
  • Blue World City General Block.
  • Blue World City Overseas Block. 
  • Blue World City Hollywood Block.
  • Blue World City Waterfront Block. 
  • Blue World City Awaami Complex.  

Payment plan for both residential and commercial plots is systematically spread over a period of 4 years to enable a higher purchasing power of people.  

Blue World CitySports Valley Block: 

Blue World City Sports Valley is all the rave among investors since it is the latest addition to the society. It bears unparalleled attributes across this housing scheme. The crown of Blue World City Sports Valley is the proposed Pakistan’s biggest cricket stadium which will have the capacity of over 55k people. As cricket lovers, the love for the game runs in our blood. With the revival of cricket in future on national and international level due to the creative thinking of Blue World City Islamabad’s developers, Sports Valley has certainly become the game changer in the market. 

Who Should Invest in Sports Valley:

Blue World City Sports Valley block is definitely for those who have piled up their savings in their accounts. Relatively higher savings and now they are in search of an opportunity to get the great value for their money. Sports Valley’s NOC is approved by RDA and it is the only block where construction process began even before the official announcement of this block. Another outstanding element is Blue World City Sports Valley’s connectivity to Adiyala Road as this block boasts its enormous separate entrance gate.  

Furthermore, the spotlight stealing details include: 

  • Torch Hotel 
  • Villagio Mall 
  • Bowling Alley 
  • Blue Mosque 
  • Gymnasium 
  • Cricket Academy 
  • Sports Club 
  • Apartments 
  • Parks 
  • Hockey Field 
  • Basketball court 
  • Football Field 
  • Volleyball Court 
  • Badminton Court 
  • Cycling Track 
  • Hiking Trails. 

Blue World City plot for sale:

The smallest cutting in here of 125 sq. yd. (5 Marla) amounts to a total of Rs. 2.2 Millions. You can book this size of plot with us with a down payment of Rs. 150k, followed by 40 monthly installments of Rs. 23,750. Residential plots of 8, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal are also available whereas commercial plots will be announced soon. Blue World City payment plan of Sports Valley is exhibited below:





Down Payment


40 Monthly Installments

8 Semi Annual Installments 

Possession Charges

5 Marla







8 Marla







10 Marla







1 Kanal







Blue World City General Block:

As the name suggests Blue World City General block is dedicated for the general public with much affordable rates. It gives serene lifestyle, ease of access and elevated returns on investment. 

Who Should Invest in General Block:

If you’re a salaried person who is looking to invest some of his funds into a capital investment, this opportunity is for you! With monthly installment beginning from 11.9k for a 5 Marla plot in Blue World City General Block, this is a dream investment for our public. 

Blue World City plot for sale:

Residential plots of 5, 8, 10 Marlas, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal are up for sale in this block whereas commercial plot of 5 Marla is available for sale here. Plots are balloted in this area which makes them even more desirable. 

Blue World City payment plan for General Block is allocated below:

Blue World CityOverseas Block: 

Each housing scheme devotes one block for its overseas clients. Blue World City Overseas block is fashioned in a manner to serve the same purpose. Bringing the word luxury to life, this block has world class amenities and an ultra-modern lifestyle to meet the needs of our overseas clients. 

Who Should Invest in Overseas Block:

First and foremost, our industrious overseas Pakistanis should grab this opportunity and make the most out of it. Locals are also encouraged to invest in Blue World City Overseas block if a unique and modern way of living is what they desire for. 

Blue World City plot for sale:

Residential plots of 7, 10, 14 Marlas, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal and commercial plots of 5 and 10 Marlas are up for sale in Blue World City Overseas Block

A detailed Blue World City payment plan guide for Overseas Block is shown below:

Blue World City Hollywood Block:

Blue World City Islamabad’s developers aim at developing this block to live up to the hype of the LA’s Hollywood sign. Every amenity is planned and designed to reach that level of fabulous lifestyle. An Arts Complex is proposed to be built here which will exhibit the endless talents of our Pakistani artists. This Arts Complex promises to become a hot spot for tourists and locals. 

Who Should Invest in Hollywood Block:

Artists! Especially artists from across the country should invest in this block. As it promotes the ambiance of art and modernity which is pivotal to the lives of our artists, this is a golden opportunity for them.   

For details have a look at the Blue World City payment plan for Hollywood Block.

Blue World City Waterfront District:

In the scorching heat of June and July, it becomes almost unbearable to survive the temperature. So we usually pack our bags and head to the Northern Areas or Murree to kill the heat. But wait up, you don’t have to go that far to cool down your body temperature. Blue World City Islamabad plans on drawing a beautiful blue water lake on the map of Blue World City Waterfront District. This fascinating feature is the head-turner of this block, attracting the attention of investors who are nature enthusiasts.

Who Should Invest in Waterfront District:

If you love enjoying scenic views, Blue World City Waterfront District is especially for you. The effortless flow of this proposed blue lake will bewitch the residents of this block and tourists.  

Blue World City plot for sale:

Residential plots of 6, 12 and 18 Marlas are available as Blue World City plots for sale.

Blue World City payment plan for Waterfront District is displayed below: 

Blue World City Awaami Complex:

The most economic block of Blue World City Islamabad is The Awaami Block. It is sliced in a manner to enable the “Awaam” to enjoy high end luxuries of this magnificent society. It contains single, independent and duplex units.

Who Should Invest in Awaami Complex:

People who are barely earning the minimum wage can pave a way to secure a cutting of land for themselves in Blue World City Awaami Complex. A 3-Marla monthly installment amounts to Rs. 6.9k. It is pretty affordable if you plan on buying your own house in the future. 

Blue World City payment plan for Awaami Complex is laid out below:

Residential Plot

Registration Cost

Down Payment


40 Monthly Installments

8 Semi Annual Installments

Possession Charges

3 Marla







4.5 Marla







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