When you are looking for luxury Sri Lanka holidays and don’t want to spend fortunes on the vacation, it is smart to plan for Sri Lanka family holidays during the off or low season. For global tourists, it is suggested to visit Sri Lanka during the dry months from December to April. But since this is the peak season and the weather is outstanding, it may not be the best time to visit when you want to enjoy the place on a budget. So when talking about the budget luxury holidays, visiting between May to October is an ideal choice as this is the low season of tourism in Sri Lanka due to the start of monsoons. In this blog, we’ll help you discover why the low season is actually a preferable time of the year to travel in Sri Lanka.

The reduced price – When you want to explore international travel destinations without making a bigger hole in your pocket, it is always good to plan your vacations smartly and not visit the destination during the low season. the low season offers various significant advantages and great opportunities available for accommodations on a budget. The reason here is that not many tourists visit the place during the low season, which is why accommodations are available at lower rates and you can also get the best deals with up to 50% reduced prices on adventure activities and restaurant menus. Many hotels also offer up to 80% discount to visitors to survive during the low season. This lets you enjoy a stay at the luxurious hotel at very attractive prices. Apart from offering reduced costs on accommodation, many hotels also offer tourists extra nights if they book a certain number of nights, thus enabling you to stay longer for the same cost.

The less crowded – Are you the person who does not prefer roaming around the travel destinations with much of the crowd? If yes then you would surely love visiting Sri Lanka during the low season as the crowd is significantly less in the low season. If talking about the normal season, the beaches and other travel destinations across the country are bombarded with locals as well as tourists, which may hamper your view of stunning beaches like Unawatuna and Tangalle. Just imagine how the picture-perfect coastal line would spread out for miles without any visitors. It’s going to be the perfect family or romantic beach holiday. So it’s clear that opting for luxury Sri Lanka holidays during the low season offers you a more peaceful visit. Apart from this, you can also enjoy taking endless quality photographs during this time. 

Great elephant gathering – For the wildlife lovers who would like to enjoy the real-life wild animals in their natural habitats as they are most likely to roam around the forest areas during the low season. The reason is that the months from May to October are the drought season in the dry zone, which forces the wildlife animals to congregate around the water tanks in search of water. So if you are lucky, you can also explore the herds of elephants or other wildlife animals during this season. It is also claimed that hundreds of elephants can easily be observed near Minneriya and Kaudulla tanks. This makes low season the ideal choice for wildlife lovers to see elephants in Minneriya or Kaudulla National parks.

Lush green landscapes – Another great advantage of choosing Sri Lanka family holidays in low season is that it enables the vegetation to become greener and lusher. Since the low season is the beginning of monsoon, the mild rain allows nature to shine to its fullest, displaying more intense green vegetation. You can experience the different shades of green that make up vivid and contrasting landscapes. When you want to explore the best of natural wonders and try your hands on some amazing photographs, the low season is the right time to visit to capture some epic photogenic sceneries. For those who would like to travel across the hills, May can be an ideal time as this is the end of the spring festival and there won’t be any crowds and you can enjoy the beauty of the environment peacefully. 

Full flow of waterfalls -When talking about the natural wonders, we cannot skip the waterfall as they flow in their full form during the low season. So when you visit Sri Lanka during this season, you can experience the majestic view of waterfalls in full flow, which is quite thin and narrow in the dry season. It happens due to the heavy rains in the hill country. So if you are planning to visit Sri Lanka for waterfall hunting, you will better appreciate the low season for those gorgeous views. One of the greatest examples of this is St. Clair’s Falls in Nuwara Eliya, which is dry during the peak season but turns out to be majestic during monsoon. This is also called the “Little Niagara”, and it very photogenic and awesome waterfall during the rainy season.

Esala Perahera festival – One interesting thing about visiting Sri Lanka during the low season is that you can still engage in some of the local festivals. One of them is the Esala Perahera festival, which gives you a good chance to witness the greatness of Sri Lanka. This festival is held for 10 days from July to August in the Sacred Temple of Tooth Relic in Kandy and is known to be the longest Perahera festival in the world.

Final Words

So when you want to make the most of your visit to this beautiful country, while saving a lot of your money, visiting during the low season still makes sense. You can explore the best luxury India holidays that allow you to save up to 80% on expenses and you can also enjoy amazing natural views of this country. Make sure to discuss everything with your tour guide and also do some research to make better decisions.


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