Netflix is now a top choice for those looking for amazing anime. It has a wide range of popular and iconic series, plus its own original shows. With1 over 100 titles in genres like sci-fi, fantasy, and action, there’s something for everyone. This article will show you the top anime on Netflix, from favorites like Cowboy Bebop to new hits like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

Key Takeaways

  • Netflix has a vast collection of over 100 anime titles spanning various genres
  • The platform offers a mix of classic series, new originals, and longtime favorites
  • Iconic anime like Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis Evangelion are available to stream
  • Netflix Originals like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Devilman Crybaby are must-watch titles
  • Netflix’s anime library caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences


The Rise of Anime on Netflix

Netflix has been putting a lot into anime, and it’s paying off with a wide variety of shows.2 It’s now a key place for anime, with popular and unique series. You can find old classics and new hits, meeting the tastes of many.

Why Netflix is the Go-To Platform for Anime Fans

There are more than 100 anime shows on Netflix, covering lots of genres.3 They focus on having top series and fresh, new ones, too. This effort, along with their tech and global reach, makes them a top choice for anime lovers globally.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Studio Trigger’s Acclaimed Adaptation

Studio Trigger’s anime series, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, became a hit in 2022. It’s set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. The show was named the best anime at the 2023 Crunchyroll Anime Awards.4 Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and with character designs by Yoh Yoshinari, it tells the story of David Martinez. He’s a kid living in the tough Night City. To survive, he becomes a mercenary known as an “Edgerunner.”4 Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is loved for its story, animation, and deep themes. It’s for anyone who likes Cyberpunk or anime.

Exploring the Dystopian World of Night City

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is in the same wild world as Cyberpunk 2077. It shows the dark side of Night City, exploring corporate greed and social issues.5 The main character, David, gives us a look into this tough world. We see him face the dangers of the city.5 Edgerunners focuses on deeper themes from the Cyberpunk universe. This makes it a very gripping show to watch.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, is a hit. It competes with popular titles like My Hero Academia and Naruto. This shōnen anime takes place in Japan’s Taishō era.6

The main hero is Tanjiro Kamado. He’s on a quest to become a demon slayer. His goal is to heal his sister, Nezuko, who became a demon. The story is full of action, mixes traditional and 3D animation, and has a heartwarming family theme.

Demon Slayer is loved for its visuals and its powerful message of overcoming life’s challenges. It’s a top favorite among many on Netflix.6

Maturity RatingTV-MA6
Number of Seasons467
Episode DurationMostly 24 minutes, with one episode at 27 minutes and another at 47 minutes6
Narrative HighlightsTanjiro’s missions, including the Final Selection, confronting demons, and facing challenges from upper rank demons6
Key CharactersNezuko, Inosuke, Zenitsu, Rengoku, Tengen Uzui, and others6
Genre and ToneAction, drama, supernatural with an imaginative and dark atmosphere6
Thematic FocusesFamily bonds, personal growth, and facing formidable adversaries6
Popularity FactorsEngaging narrative, unique characters, and intense fight sequences6

Neon Genesis Evangelion

neon genesis evangelion

A Seminal Anime Classic

Hideaki Anno created Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is a hugely important and well-loved anime series. The story is about Shinji Ikari, a young boy. He’s picked to drive a big robot called Evangelion.

This is to save the world from creatures called Angels.8

Deconstructing the Mecha Genre

Neon Genesis Evangelion changed the way we see giant robot shows. It looked at the dark side of fighting in robots. The series shows how hard it is on the young pilots mentally and emotionally. This made the show very deep and thought-provoking.

Evangelion’s new ideas have influenced many other animes. They, too, try to explore deep topics, revolutionizing the genre.8

9 The show first aired in Japan in 1995. It has 26 episodes and two special movies. These movies are called Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth and End of Evangelion.

Netflix got the show in 2019. They spent a lot, over $3 million, so everyone around the world could watch it. However, the new translations and dub upset some fans.9

10 Neon Genesis Evangelion has 26 episodes. On top of that, there are two movies made. The series started in 1995. It’s so good that it won the Best Anime Series award by IGN in 2018.10

Mob Psycho 100

A Psychedelic Coming-of-Age Story

Based on a webcomic by ONE, also known as the creator of One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 tells the tale of Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama. Mob is a young boy with powerful psychic abilities. All he desires is to have a regular life.11 Yet, his unique powers draw the attention of supernatural beings. This leads Mob and his mentor, the somewhat fake Reigen, to tackle ghostly issues around their city, Seasoning. The show, thanks to Studio Bones, mixes cool, offbeat scenes with really touching stories. Together, they show Mob growing up, facing the ups and downs of life, and realizing the true value of his incredible gifts.

Stunning Animation by Studio Bones

The animation in Mob Psycho 100 sets it apart, made by the famous Studio Bones.1213 This same iconic art style can be seen in other hits such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and My Hero Academia. With it, Mob’s adventures explode into a vivid, moving world that effortlessly shifts between wild action and quiet, thoughtful moments. This unique look fits perfectly with the deep, inner struggles Mob faces and the magical parts of the story, making the series a feast for the eyes.

Carole & Tuesday

Carole and Tuesday anime series

A Spirited Musical Drama

Directed by Shinichirō Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop) and produced by Studio Bones, Carole & Tuesday is a spirited musical drama. It’s set in a futuristic, terraformed Mars.14 The story follows Carole and Tuesday, two teenage girls from different worlds. They bond over a shared dream of making music. The series shows their journey, exploring themes of creativity, friendship, and how music changes lives. With original songs and great performances, it’s a heartwarming, stunning anime.14

Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe

Shinichirō Watanabe, known for Cowboy Bebop, directed Carole & Tuesday.14 His style and focus on music shines through. Music is shown as something that unites us all. You can see Watanabe’s anime expertise in the mix of genres within the show. Together with Studio Bones, the anime is both captivating and unforgettable.14

Total Episodes2414
Episode DurationApproximately 24 minutes14
DirectorShinichiro Watanabe14
Content RatingTV-MA14
GenreFeel-good and inspiring content14
Main CastMiyuri Shimabukuro, Kana Ichinose, Akio Otsuka, Miyu Irino, Sumire Uesaka, Hiroshi Kamiya, Mamoru Miyano, Kenyu Horiuchi, Tomoko Miyadera, Takahiro Sakurai, Maaya Sakamoto, Hiroki Yasumoto14
IMDb Rating7.8/1015
IMDb Ratings2.5K15
User Reviews3015
Critic Reviews1115
Original TitleKyaroru & Chûzudei15
Release Year201915
Episode Runtime22 minutes15
Top-rated SeasonSeason 1 in 201915
GenresAnimation, Drama, Music15
Top CastMiyuri Shimabukuro as Carole, Kana Ichinose as Tuesday, and other key roles15
Featured ReviewRating of 10/10 for Carole and Tuesday as a masterpiece, with a lengthy analysis and praise for the show’s music and characters15

Vinland Saga

A Gripping Norse Tale

Vinland Saga is a popular manga that comes to life on screen. It tells a story in the early 11th century.16 The main character, Thorfinn, is from Iceland. He’s on a journey for revenge after a tragic event. He faces the harsh Viking world and their battles.17 This show is different from other Viking stories. It shows that wars are not always about heroes. Vinland Saga looks deep into the dark sides of battles and why they happen.16 The show looks amazing, thanks to Wit Studio’s work. It brings the Viking age to life. The story is all about violence, revenge, and wanting a better future.

Exploring Violence and Revenge

Thorfinn’s revenge story is the focus of Vinland Saga. It shows how violence keeps coming back, harming people and societies.16 The series doesn’t say being a warrior is good. It takes a hard look at how chasing power and fighting hurt everyone.16 Thorfinn’s path highlights trying to find another way. The show is about stopping the violence. It aims for peace and a fairer world for all.

anime series to watch on netflix

anime series on netflix

Netflix’s Expanding Anime Library

Netflix keeps getting more anime, from old favorites to new hits.2 You can find everything, from classics like Neon Genesis Evangelion to new titles like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. It’s great for both long-time fans and those just starting.

From Classics to Originals

Netflix offers a huge range of anime, including all-time classics and fresh, new shows that break the mold.2 They mix well-known series with hidden gems, drawing in a varied crowd. This mix makes Netflix a top pick for all anime fans, offering a rich mix of the best old and new anime.


A Reimagining of Astro Boy

Pluto is a sci-fi series based on Astro Boy, a manga by Osamu Tezuka. It’s brought to life by Naoki Urasawa. In the story, AI detective Gesicht looks into murders of advanced robots and their friends.18 The anime scores 8.2 on IMDb, which means people love it.18

Exploring Artificial Intelligence and Personhood

This series takes a deep look into artificial intelligence and what it means to be a person. It mixes mystery with big questions. The first episode of Pluto is super popular, with a 9.1 rating.18 The show’s animation style might seem old, but this adds to its unique vibe.18

The show really gets into what it means to be alive and to think. As Gesicht looks into the murders, we see deep questions about ethics and life. Pluto also asks how artificial beings see themselves.18 A lot of people really like the show, as seen in its 8.1 IMDb rating, even though some find it challenging.18

18 Pluto’s story is complex, which might make it hard for some to follow. Some parts, like issues with what robots can do, might confuse people too.18

18 There’s a theme in Pluto that connects suffering and hate to highly advanced AI. Critics say this theme isn’t explored deeply.1819 The show came out in 2023, is for a TV-14 audience, and is now on Netflix.19

19 The episodes vary in length. For example, the first one runs 71 minutes, and the last is 68 minutes. There are many genres packed in, including Japanese, Mystery, and Sci-Fi.19

Pluto’s look and feel are amazing thanks to Studio M2. It’s a thrilling sci-fi show that respects its roots while finding its own way.


Monster anime

A Riveting Psychological Thriller

Naoki Urasawa’s manga, Monster, is now a spellbinding 74-episode anime series. It stands as one of the top works in its realm.20 The show tells the story of Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a skilled brain surgeon. He becomes a murder suspect, wrongly accused. As he hunts down the real culprit, the story delves into deep themes like morality and the nature of mankind.

Tenma’s journey is a gripping psychological thriller, questioning what is good and what is evil. Urasawa’s detailed story and the show’s careful pace draw viewers in, making it a show that’s hard to pause.

Naoki Urasawa’s Acclaimed Manga Adaptation

Monster comes from the manga by Naoki Urasawa, known for his rich, character-focused tales.21 His detailed storytelling and deep dives into the mind have found great success in the world of anime. The series is a true-to-form adaptation of Urasawa’s original work.

It stands as not just a great manga adaptation but also a standout in anime. The series’ focus on character growth and its methodical storytelling have made it a top choice. Monster is celebrated for how it brings Urasawa’s complex story to life on-screen.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

A Genre-Bending Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an anime unlike any other. It’s based on a manga by Hirohiko Araki. The show is loved all over the world.22

The story follows the Joestar family through the ages. Each story is a wild and unique adventure. They meet strange characters, use cool powers, and have amazing fights.23 This makes the show a mix of different genres. It’s both fun and thrilling to watch. The anime stands out because of its look, characters, and endless imagination.24

Hirohiko Araki’s Influential Manga Series

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure started as a manga by Hirohiko Araki. His creative ideas changed the anime and manga world.23 Araki has his own style of drawing. His characters are weird but interesting. The stories mix many types of adventures. This keeps people wanting more.24 The anime stays true to the manga. It brings the Joestar family’s strange adventures to new fans.23


Netflix is now a top pick for anime lovers. It’s got a huge range of beloved classics, new favorites, and fresh shows.2 Fans can enjoy everything from Neon Genesis Evangelion to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. There’s something for everyone.

From old fans to new watchers, Netflix is perfect for finding new favorite stories.2 Meet complex characters in Naoki Urasawa’s Monster, or dive into adventurous worlds in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Netflix is a dream for anyone who loves anime.

Netflix is not slowing down when it comes to anime. Their collection keeps growing, from well-loved classics to brand new gems.25 They offer a wide variety that includes hits like Demon Slayer and fresh takes like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Whatever you’re into, from deep plots to exploring AI, Netflix has it.

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