Forza Horizon 3 scores a Metascore of 91. This shows the game’s outstanding quality1. The game stands out for its ultimate open world racing experience. Car lovers and gamers find joy and freedom in these games. They explore different terrains, from detailed city streets to wild off-road tracks. With fast cars and huge worlds, these games give an intense rush of freedom and speed.

Open world racing games are about more than just racing. They invite players to explore and go on adventures. Forza Horizon 3 brings Australia to life with amazing detail. Test Drive Unlimited 2 takes you to Oahu and Ibiza12. These games have become very popular for their fun play and big worlds. They are essential for gamers who love constant car excitement.

Key Takeaways

  • Open world racing games offer unparalleled freedom and exploration.
  • These games feature diverse landscapes and real-life inspired locations.
  • Titles like Forza Horizon 3 and Test Drive Unlimited 2 are fan favorites.
  • The genre promotes a blend of competition and adventure.
  • High-performance vehicles and expansive maps create an adrenaline-packed experience.

Introduction to Open World Racing Games

Open world racing games have become a major part of the video game world. They offer vast, sandbox environments for racing. This is different from traditional racing games that have set paths and goals. Players can explore at their own pace and enjoy various landscapes freely.

These games mimic real-world driving in a fun, virtual setting. Players make their own adventures behind the wheel. Since the 80s, open world racing games have grown a lot. Games like “Test Drive Unlimited” from 2006 helped shape today’s open world racing.2

Players love choosing any vehicle and driving in huge game worlds. Take Forza Horizon 5 as an example. It has the biggest map in Forza history, with cool places like Mayan temples and volcanoes in Mexico2. This freedom in driving makes these games super popular and fun.

Reviews vary, but many games get high praise. Forza Horizon 3 scored a Metascore of 91, loved for its beautiful Australian scenes1. The Crew offers a massive map that spans the USA2. SnowRunner, known for its off-road action, has a Metascore of 811.

The genre boasts great mechanics and big worlds that mix real with virtual. Players can race in various vehicles through cities, wild areas, or pretty scenes. Driver: San Francisco stands out with its unique gameplay, like swapping cars while driving. It got a Metascore of 801.

Open world racing games keep getting better, offering deep driving fun. Every new game enhances this blend of freedom and racing joy. With huge worlds and detailed car customization, these games thrill players. They deliver the perfect mix of excitement and discovery.

The Forza Horizon Series

Forza Horizon open-world

The Forza Horizon series shines in the world of open-world racing games. Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Horizon 5 are especially notable. They offer large maps, thrilling races, detailed car customizations, and engaging stories.

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is loved for its sandbox driving in Australia. It presents a world full of top races and car customizations. Players enjoy diverse landscapes, from the Outback to cities, making it a fan favorite.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5, the series’ latest, launched on Xbox Series X and Series S34. It takes place in Mexico, showcasing 11 different biomes like deserts and jungles34. Every Thursday brings new races for all, thanks to dynamic seasons4.

The game offers over 500 real cars, many side missions, and activities like sightseeing34. It runs smoothly at 60fps on Xbox Series consoles but can also run at 30fps3. Available on PC, Xbox consoles, and Xbox Game Pass, it reaches many gamers3. EventLab enhances customization and event creation, enriching the driving experience4.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive Unlimited 2 invites players into an engaging mix of stunning sceneries and a wide array of vehicles. Launched in 2011, this game brings the islands of Oahu and Ibiza to life. These real-world islands enhance the depth of exploration15. Let’s take a closer look at what makes it special.

Open World Exploration

The game shines with its vast open world. It lets players dive deep into exploration. The islands offer breathtaking views that feel like the real thing. This immerses players into a rich environment5.

While its graphics were seen as less than perfect in 2011, the game’s expansive world makes up for it. It provides many chances for adventure5. Think of it like Burnout Paradise but with its own unique twist.

Vehicle Variety

Test Drive Unlimited 2 stands out with its varied selection of vehicles. Players can choose from classic cars, motorcycles, and more. The game features licensed vehicles that add a touch of reality. It appeals to fans of racing5.

Despite getting mixed reviews, with a Metascore of 68, it has found its audience. Fans of open-world driving games have much to enjoy here1.

The game gets complex with its level-up system. But, the multiplayer mode brings players together in an online world. It feels like Burnout Paradise but offers unique experiences every time you play depending on the servers and the players you meet5. These features keep the game fresh and engaging for its community.

The Crew Series

The Crew expansive racing

The Crew series stands out in racing games by mixing vast racing areas, different racing events, deep vehicle customization, and smooth multiplayer racing. This mix makes the game dynamic and fun for players worldwide.

The Crew Motorfest

Launched recently, The Crew Motorfest takes players to the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawaii6. It offers more content than before, with lots of races in this exotic place6. The game is praised for its solid racing play and real car sounds, getting a Metascore of 7616. It has over 600 cars for deep customization, letting players create their racing story6. Even though famous brands like Alfa Romeo and Rolls Royce are not in the game, the huge selection of cars makes up for it6.

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 builds on the legacy, offering a wide range of vehicles. Players can switch easily between cars, boats, and planes6. This step up brings more freedom and strategy to the race events. It moves away from the chase scenes of the past to a story about getting social media fame6.

Some people have mixed feelings about this new focus. However, the game’s vast content and huge racing environment keep it at the top of open-world racing games. It also offers lots of car customization and multiplayer races, which fans really enjoy.


SnowRunner shines in the world of off-road simulations, giving a super-real trucking adventure. It starts you off with maps in Michigan, Alaska, and Russia, each bringing its own tough spots and views.7The game’s physics take your truck’s weight and load seriously, changing how you drive through deep snow and mud.7Driving through thick snow, icy lakes, and muddy roads makes the gameplay truly absorbing.8

The game lets you pick from over 80 distinct vehicles, each with smooth yet complex controls.8You can upgrade your truck with bigger tires and lifts, making it easier to tackle difficult paths.9Adding fun, SnowRunner’s co-op mode lets up to four friends help each other out and share missions.9This boosts the game’s community feel.

In SnowRunner, gathering money and experience helps you unlock new trucks and areas, making the game even more exciting.9You can also sell and rebuy trucks with no extra cost, giving you freedom in choosing vehicles.7Finding watchtowers to unlock more of the map is key to discovering new challenges and upgrades.7

SnowRunner’s slow, deliberate gameplay sets it apart, attracting those who love off-road simulation and real truck driving.8Thanks to its detailed terrain and varied weather, SnowRunner offers an addictive, immersive driving challenge.8

Best Open World Racing Games

Digital racing adventures offer thrilling open worlds with endless possibilities. Forza Horizon, The Crew, and Test Drive Unlimited stand out. They mix competitive driving with customization, giving top racing experiences.

Drive.RS’s public beta has a huge 64km² map with 256km of roads for races and drifting10. It features many vehicles like supercars and offroad trucks10. Plus, realistic traffic and physics make driving feel real10.

OWRC, set in Hawaii, presents a big 10×10 km world ideal for races11. Its high PC-quality graphics and gamepad support enhance the racing adventure11. Players share their moments online with #OWRC11.

Forza Horizon titles are known for bright worlds and varied races. Forza Horizon 3 explores Australia’s beauty, whereas Forza Horizon 5 introduces EventLab for custom events. They are perfect for fans of deep racing worlds and customization.

The Crew series boasts sprawling landscapes and different driving challenges. The Crew Motorfest offers exotic Hawaiian races. Meanwhile, The Crew 2 focuses on social media fame, giving vast customization and various races.

All these games blend large open worlds with thrilling racing. Whether exploring city streets, lush islands, or tough terrains, these titles provide immersive racing adventures.

GameWorld SizeVehicle TypesHighlight Features
Drive.RS64km²Supercars, SUVs, OffroadRealistic AI Traffic, Physics, 60fps Support
OWRC10×10 kmDiversePC-level Graphics, Gamepad Support
Forza Horizon 3ExpansiveVariousDynamic Racing Challenges, Customization
Forza Horizon 5ExpansiveVariousEventLab, Multiplayer Mode
The Crew MotorfestO’ahu IslandDiverseExotic Backdrops, Robust Mechanics
The Crew 2ExpansiveExtensiveCustomization, Social Media Fame Concept


Open-world racing games offer the best in racing fun. They combine the excitement of driving with stunning, endless landscapes.12 Forza Horizon and The Crew are top examples, offering deep immersion and exploration. These games became really popular after the 2000s.

Forza Horizon 5 was named the best video game of 2021. This shows its huge success and how much players love it1213.

The Crew 2 lets players explore a huge American landscape and take part in various events12. It includes social media features, adding more fun and competition. However, with a Meta Score of 69/10013, opinions on the game vary.

Snowrunner focuses on realistic off-road experiences and truck driving13. Released in May 2021, it got a Meta Score of 82/10013. These games stand out for their engaging open-world gameplay. They highlight the genre’s appeal and ongoing innovation, making them favorites worldwide.

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