They will provide quick returns. Capital Smart City, Islamabad Park View City, and Taj Residencia are all well-known for their achievements over the years. Blue World City, Nova City, and Taj Residencia have brought the city to the streets. Below is a quick comparison between the two cities.


The Blue World City Islamabad and Nova City are two housing societies near Islamabad Airport. Both of them are located along the Rawalpindi Ring Road corridors. Both have been used to support the projects from both directions financially. They are close to the M1 and M2 highways, which makes it easy for travelers from all over the globe to visit the area. Let's look at the locations of both Islamabad housing societies. 

We'll let you decide which one, Blue World City or Nova City, is the most desirable. Who can reach it via the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Road? You don't need anything else to get to the whole city within minutes. Important to know is that Islamabad Airport is only 21 minutes from Nova City and Rawalpindi is only a 30-minute drive.

Societies Nearby:

Next question in the Blue World City vs. Nova City Debate: How does your neighborhood look?

Because they are in the same area, they will be neighbors. In 2018, what was widely discussed was the news of an airport relocation. It was to move to Chaklala Cantt, to a new location. Real estate professionals are considering airports as a branding opportunity. Prices for plots have increased significantly since the announcement that the airport was being built. These are the neighboring societies: Capital Smart City


A NOC is the last stamp of approval that a housing association must get to increase its customer base. Most people will prefer to purchase property in a building with a NOC, even if it does not provide many amenities. This is crucial to the Blue World City/Nova City dispute.

The RDA provided Blue World City with a no-objection certificate for 1500 acres.

The RDA also approved the development of 427 Kanal. Blue World City has just purchased 10,000 Kanal more land and presented all necessary documentation to the authorities for approval. You'll soon receive exciting news. Blue Group of Companies is known for its honesty and commitment to its investors. Have faith in the future.

Nova City's builders have also promised to make the Nova City NOC approval announcement as soon as possible. All the amenities are available in this community.

Nova City is also putting some plans in the region up for grabs. We are confident that they will receive their NOC certification soon, but we won't be able to leave this part in the Blue World City or Nova City debate up to you.


You may have noticed that both societies share the same place for their headquarters. However, it is not the same.

Nova City will have recreational areas such as an aviary and zoo. There will also be picnic areas for families. A children's amusement park and a skating rink will be available to make your life easier. Nova City will offer food streets, allowing residents to enjoy high-quality meals without leaving the city. Nova City has several courts and fields to encourage sports activities.

We can see that Blue World City and Nova City offer almost identical facilities and services. There are certain services that the city offers that no other residential company in Pakistan can match. Imagine a full-fledged public transportation system that allows residents to travel easily and affordably. Blue World City has pledged to build a road network that will make it easy for residents to save time and reduce congestion. You may not have heard of a housing association that has a police station attached to it. Blue World City will add it to ensure safety for residents.


Let's summarize the Blue World City vs. Nova City debate. Both housing societies aim to provide residents with the most luxurious lifestyles possible. Both could transform Islamabad's real estate market. Contact Sigma Properties today for more information.

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