Based on the project title, Blue World Economic Zone it will be constructed considering the business industry. BWEZ is expected to become the next big thing to happen in twin cities as it is built to meet the demands and needs of contemporary businesses. The BGC has created the green World City Economic Zone to provide businesses from all over the world and entrepreneurs with a peaceful, safe, secure, and high-tech business atmosphere in one place, which allows businesses to grow and profit while operating close to the CPEC route.

A five-star hotel near some of the most sought-after tourist destinations will add to the pleasure of doing business. This commercial area is currently being constructed quickly and is vital to Pakistan's business industry. It is the first commercial zone in Pakistan that I will construct to provide entertainment for businesspeople.

Blue World Economic Zone Developers and Owners:

Only visionary and forward-thinking can come up with something truly unique and revolutionary. This is the case with this fantastic commercial venture, Blue World City Economic Zone, to be built under the creative direction of Mr. Saad Nazir. His transformation to transform this route into a trade route that runs along CPEC is incredible. Saad Nazir has shown grit and determination. Saad Nazir has shown his ability to transform barren terrain into an endless source of possibilities. This is why investors wait with anticipation for projects under Mr. Saad Nazir's direction. Saad Nazir. Saad Nazir has appointed famous developers and architects to construct BWEZ. The significant distinction between this project and other zones of economic development is the direction that Mr. Saad Nazir provides.

BWCZ RDA Approved:

BWEZ is the safest commercial investment as Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has granted Blue World Economic Zone NOC.

Features and Amenities in Economic Zone:

The idea behind the development of the BWEZ is to offer an unhurried, modern, and secure platform for business for international and local traders. People can conduct business without hassle through the CPEC route while seated within Blue World City. Blue World City. The administration of Blue World City is using money wisely to bring the ideal mix of peace and security. Let's look at some of the aspects below which make blue world city Blue World Economic zone one of the largest economic zones in the world.

Trade Center:

Blue World Economic Zone will be home to the latest trade center that will alter how businesses conduct business. The center will transform the old ways of conducting business and bring the business revolution that will transform the property market in Pakistan for the better.

Convention Center:

Convention Center will be the center of the entire economic zone since it will offer endless opportunities for investors.

7-Star Hotel:

Developing a seven-star hotel inside the Blue World Economic Zone will attract traders from abroad and investors who wish to do business with Pakistan or in Pakistan.

Economy & Luxury Apartments in BWEZ:

In addition to a seven-star hotel, Blue World Economic zone also provides the opportunity to own luxury and economy apartments. This is the perfect possibility for investment and residential.


The Blue World Economic Zone map also contains the potential for the development of warehouses, which could provide a competitive advantage for traders and business people.

Medical Centers:

As of now, there's nothing the Blue World City Islamabad Economic Zone can't be equipped with in the future. A fully-equipped hospital is also part of the plan for the economic zone.

Malls and Entertainment:

Blue World Economic Zone won't be just a place to conduct business but also a spot for leisure. This is why it will feature a variety of world-renowned cinemas and malls.

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