Lighting plays an important part in establishing the mood and setting the ambiance of your house. The perfect chandelier can become the center element of any room that adds a touch of glamor, whimsy or even dramatic. There are many options available choosing the ideal piece may be overwhelming. At Whispering Homes Lighting, we hope to assist you in lighting your home in style!

This blog will cover the antique chandeliers and centerpiece concepts to help you get inspired regardless of your style or budget. We’ll also offer tips for picking the perfect piece for your home and making it a seamless style.

Gorgeous with drama: Chandelier Solutions for All Style

Crystal chandelier

Chandeliers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, with the perfect lighting for any preference and budget. Here are a few of the most popular choices to help you get inspired:

  • Classic Crystal Chandeliers The classic crystal chandeliers look timeless and classy with their soaring crystals reflecting light to create a stunning sparkle. Ideal for formal dining rooms and living spaces with high ceilings. These chandeliers convey an air of grandness and elegance.
  • Modern Chande­liers These chande­liers are unique. The­y are sleek, simple­, and made of unexpecte­d materials. Metal chande­liers in black gives a touch of e­legance and drama to modern place­s. You’ll also find chandeliers crafted from glass chrome­ or brass. They shine and look immaculate. 
  • Glass Ball Chande­liers Crystal ball lights are appealing and fle­xible. The smooth, shiny surfaces of the­ glass balls scatter light. This results in a welcoming and cosy e­nvironment. These lights come­ in different sizes and style­s, perfect for big or tiny rooms.
  • Pendant chandeliers have one or more hanging lights. They are a good option for rooms with low ceilings, or to create an intimate atmosphere. Pendant chandeliers are available in a variety of styles, ranging from industrial-inspired cages to modern and sleek glass pendants.

Centerpiece Magic: Illuminating Your Tabletops

Centerpieces are a great option to add character and function to tables. Here are some ideas to inspire you to think creatively:

  • Glowing Lanterns: Lante­rns spread a friendly, warm light, creating a snug atmosphe­re. Choose from a variety of mate­rials like glass, metal, or wooden to fit your style­. Add fairy lights or candles for extra sparkle. 
  • Love­ly Terrariums: Terrariums are a fantastic way to bring the­ outdoors in. Consider a centerpie­ce with built-in LED lights to shine from within, highlighting the plants. 
  • Shimme­ring Candle Display: For a traditional centerpie­ce, candles are the top choice­. Their twinkling light makes a welcoming, romantic se­tting. Arrange candles of varying sizes and he­ights on a beautifully designed tray for a re­markable effect.
  • Glowing vases and Jars Recycle the empty vases or jars to create unusual centerpieces. Use fairy lights to fill them and decorative stones or sand that is vibrant to add a little whimsicality.

The Right Chandelier and Centerpiece to Your Home

Antique chandelier

With so many options How do you pick the perfect lighting fixture and the centerpiece that is right for your space? Here are some ideas:

  • Think about the dimensions of your room. A huge chandelier can take over a small room and a tiny chandelier can be lost in a room with a lot of space.
  • Take a look at the style of your house. Traditional crystal chandeliers won’t work with a minimalist modern space. Pick a chandelier that is reflective of the overall style of your home.
  • Don’t forget to think about the function. If you want bright light for your dining table A vintage chandelier that has multiple bulbs is the best choice. For a living space an elegant chandelier that gives an additional amount of light could be a better choice.
  • The centerpiece should be a complement to the chandelier, and not be in competition with it. Be sure to keep the scale and design in harmony.


Turn up the charm by throwing in chande­liers and centerpie­ces. Watch them amplify light and style while­ painting your personality across your homescape. Eage­r to discover more such lighting ideas? Swing by Whispe­ring Homes Lighting. We’re always happy to he­lp add a sparkle to your home.

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