She is the epitome of accomplishment and independence, despite having had a difficult life and a difficult career. The most appealing aspect of this individual has been how she balances her life while yet keeping her figure in shape and slaying for ages! Without "Moving in with Malaika," we might not have learned that her ability to balance her life isn't the only thing that makes people want to be around her; it's also her gorgeous home!

You heard us correctly, yes!

You and the rest of the nation were in wonder after watching the trailer for "Moving in with Malaika" and taking a look around her house! There hasn't been a single moment when you didn't comment, "Wow!" whether it was her living room or the door of her home! Malaika has been able to hold her head high with some elegant home décor items by showcasing her particular preferences and loves through the décor of her home. It's time for you to borrow ideas from how brilliantly she has furnished each area of her home with chic and gorgeous items.

Here are the home décor items from Whispering Homes for those of you who are ready to shop Malaika Arora's style and make something similar by drawing inspiration from the greatest!

Dried Flowers & Grasses – The lovely and vibrant dried flowers and grasses are here to save you from the stress of having to water them every day or worrying about them deteriorating with each passing day! All you need to add some bright and aesthetic vibes to your space is some naturally occurring, unique-looking flowers and grasses!

Discover and Buy Malaika Arora's Gorgeous Home's Look!

Pendant lights, ceiling lights, or simple wall sconces—Whispering Homes has everything you need to make your house look as gorgeous as ever! Watch Malaika Arora's new show, "Moving in with Malaika," for inspiration on where to put the lights and how to pick the correct ones.

Round-shaped lamp shades are available in a variety of materials and designs, giving you the exquisite appearance you desire! You are free to pick from the range of possibilities there to make your home gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing, just like the Bollywood diva!

We could spend all day listing the features of her room that we adored the most, but, in all honesty, there were a few things that won us over. The stunning flower vases on the center tables, the vibrant pampas grass and dried flowers, the elegant candle stands, the round table lamps, and the wall mirrors, to name a few, were unquestionably the things that caught the most attention in her home. We are all completely in awe of her home because of the pendant lights that dangle from the ceiling and the straightforward arrangements of all these things there!

You shouldn't feel bad if you acknowledge that you want a house like hers! Your home will shine just as brightly as hers if the living room, foyer, and corridors are put up the same way. So, what do you want to know—where to obtain these lovely items for home décor or how to acquire them?

Well, the solution is right in front of you in both circumstances!

You'll wonder why you didn't discover Whispering Homes earlier after browsing their selection of home décor goods! You may find everything you need in one place, whether you're looking for exquisite pendant lights or lampshades. The best aspect is that everything is available online, so you don't have to visit several stores to buy them.

In addition to being able to "shop the look" of Malaika's house, Whispering Homes' store offers a variety of additional items that will give you the impression that you are residing in a luxurious and lovely home.

Be ready to experience what it's like to live there only on "Moving in with Malaika" while you're eager to view the intricate details of Malaika Arora's residence!

Grab all the fashionable and opulent products from Whispering Homes to make your house seem and feel just as luxurious as hers! You will not only make your home beautiful with the ideal setting and arrangement, but you will also set a beautiful example of how to live with grace!


  1. 1 ‘Moving in with Malaika’!

    Discover and Buy Malaika Arora's Gorgeous Home's Look!

    Get hold of the trendy things and all the luxurious items from Whispering Homes to make your home look and feel no less than hers! With the perfect setting and arrangement, you are also going to set an example of how to live with grace that will make your home stunning!

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