The festival is celebrated in the spirit of victory of good over bad and light over darkness. It is in this spirit of holiness, every Indian household believes that a clean and well-decorated home opens doors to Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. 

The festival certainly brings a lot of joy and excitement but let us not forget the stress that it creates in the family. Preparation for the festival starts with cleaning and re-decorating your homes. Flowers, rangolis, and lights are used to decorate houses. Getting your home Diwali ready is none other than a major task that requires a lot of time, and energy as well as a few ideas for decorating.  

Before you start decorating, make sure you have cleaned and dusted every corner of the house. This will make it easier for you to start the fun process of decorating. Here are a few tips and ideas which could be used or kept in mind while getting your home ready for the festival of lights.


Pooja room

With blessings from the almighty, let us start at the pooja room. Go all out while decorating this room. This is the best way to create a positive vibe during the auspicious festival. Brighten up the room by using a few antique brass lamps on either side of the room. If possible, also hang some traditional oil lamps on the sides. Complement light with colors by placing flowers around. You can always use a brass bowl or a plate and arrange flowers in them. Adding an authentic Pooja thali will complete the entire look.



Turn your bedroom festive by adding new and bright furnishings. Pop in a few extra cushions on the bed to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Place some festive-looking vases on your bedside table along with a few traditional-looking candle stands. You can place diyas along your windows. Add scented candles or flowers to make your room smell nice and festive. You can go all out by adding a few wall decors to enhance the overall room.


Your bathroom can also look and smell festive during Diwali. Let the joyous festival open doors to a fresh bathroom. Use decorative vases and put some fresh-smelling flowers into it. Let the smell of aromatic candles bless the entire space. You can also add a touch of personalization by hanging a few wall décors along the walls.


Living room

The room which sees the most festive spirit is the common family room. The living room needs to look lively during every festival and Diwali is no exception. Flower arrangements, diyas, candles, decor, and furnishings, collectively will create an inspiring space. Use a nice traditional bowl to place your flower arrangements. Light up the entire space with a lot of diyas, lamps, and scented candles.

Creative use of tea light candles will also create an eye-catching experience. Adding furnishings on your sofa could be a highlight. A nice and elegant chandelier could go a long way. Make sure not to overdo the decorations. Having bulky decorations could make your room look smaller. Remember to use bright colors and ample amounts of light to seal the entire space. 


Dining Room

Diwali is incomplete if no special food is served. Decide the type of table seating you would wish to follow. You can lay out some beautiful cutlery for your guests. Serve your food from mesmerizing brass bowls and plates. These would provide a very authentic yet modern setting for your guests.    



If you happen to have a balcony, don’t forget to decorate that as well. Use diyas and candles to create a festive look. Hanging lights from your balcony is also a good idea. The use of string lights can also be a good idea. Place some nice flower-bearing plants into some nice decorative planters to bring more life into your space.  



Always create a welcoming atmosphere at the entrance. A colorful rangoli at the door is a good start. You can either use the powder specifically used for making rangolis or you can use flowers as well. There is no right or wrong while making a rangoli. So go ahead and flaunt your creative side. There are ready

rangoli templates available in the market if you wish to use that as well. Hang a nice lamp from the top. You can also hang flower garlands and string across the entrance door.

There is no such thing as too many diyas during Diwali. You can use a variety of them. It ranges from clay to brass, oil to wax. Choose the ones you wish to use and don’t forget to get creative when you use them. There is a huge range to choose from at our website. People are also observed hanging lanterns at their entrances. The lantern would create a very festive vibe.

If you have a staircase at your entrance, you can play around in that space by placing diyas or candles. Adding petals of flowers will also enhance the look. Do make sure the burning candles or diyas aren’t a hazard to anyone who walks past.



Create a small corner in your house. Dedicate this place to keep your gifts and sweets. Don’t forget to decorate that corner as well. Use a nice table and place a bright tablecloth over it. Hang colorful flower garlands around it. Having burning diyas around it could be a Hazard. Instead, you could use battery-operated candles to keep the festive spirit high. This corner would be very useful to organize all the sweets you receive. 

  1. 1 Outside your home


    Decorate the outside of your house as well. Diyas and string lights scream Diwali. Lights on the exterior is a very popular choice in Indian households. Cover the exterior of your house with string lines running along the wall. Keep oil or wax diyas along the edges. 

    Diwali brings families and friends closer to one another. So don’t forget to make this activity fun with your beloved ones. There is one correct way to decorate your home. All it requires is planning and help from every individual in the family. Hence, plan it well and get quirky with your festive décor ideas.

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