Emirate City Islamabad Overview:

Emirate City Islamabad is going to become the 1st technology hub in Pakistan, a state-of-the-art residential project offering luxurious and modern lifestyle in Pakistan. It is the next biggest ‘hub of emerging technologies’ in Pakistan. It is becoming one of the most popular housing societies in Pakistan due to its smart features and modern living standard. The location of the society is not revealed right now. But it will be disclosed in the coming month.

Owner & Developers of Emirate City Islamabad:

Emirate City Islamabad is a solely project of Al Raheem Builders. The Al Raheem Builders (Pvt.)  is a well-known name in the real estate industry in Pakistan especially in Islamabad, they are developers of couple of projects in Islamabad. This is the first biggest self project of Al Raheem Builders.


Al Raheem Builders

Al Raheem Builders are one of the top Pakistani real estate developers and asset management company, that assists in developing futuristic smart residential projects to not only provide a modern living but also profitable contributions to its clients.

Al Raheem Builders is a group association registered under Companies Ordinance 1984 and SECP. Multiple National and international business entities have come together to form this organization. Al Raheem Builders is a combination of international onboarded organizations – two of the leading companies with expertise in leadership and technical skills.

Al Raheem Builders is devoted to providing advanced modern living experience in its residential and industrial zones.



Karsaaz engineering is a construction and development group based in Pakistan which has been responsible for some of the most prestigious construction and engineering projects over the past five decades. Its achievements have been the direct result of pure dedication and obligation to their customer demands and needs in Pakistan as well as abroad. It also earned ISO 9000 certification due to its quality management process.

Karsaaz Engineering has been the pioneer in revolutionizing the face of housing infrastructure and development and is now considered in the most respectable and well-known names in the market.


The mere name Karsaaz Engineering is considered equivalent to honesty, trust, quality, and professionalism; any real estate development group associated with Karsaaz Engineering consider themselves extremely privileged and lucky.

Karsaaz Engineering is responsible with complete work including the responsibility of all the infrastructure of these societies i.e. construction of houses, roads, electrical work, mechanical work, water storage, gas pipelines and also the planning services.


Master Plan of Emirate City Islamabad:

The Master plan of the society is not revealed yet. As per guidance of top management, Emirate city master plan is in progress and they onboard international firm to make this master plan.


A cohesive planning methodology was implemented in creating the master plan of Emirate City Islamabad. The plan includes an exclusive range of facilities to accommodate new commercial, residential and entertainment aspects in the housing society.

Emirate City Islamabad | The Upcoming New Project in Islamabad

A large part of the master plan of the Emirate city is focused on technology and hitech features of the society and the plan includes new infrastructure such as a public transport network with strategically placed stations, Central Boulevard and a cascade of high-rise buildings are all integrated into the master plan of Emirate City Islamabad.

The concept of this project revolves around the idea that the innovative new destination will provide an opportunity to live, work and play, and attract foreign investment.

Emirate City Islamabad Location:

The Emirate City Islamabad is located in the Rawalpindi Region of Islamabad, the location is not revealed yet, but it will be near to Islamabad International Airport or Express Highway.

The project might be located near Lahore-Islamabad Motorway near Thalian interchange or Express Highway near Gulberg Green.

The location of the society is not revealed yet, as the management wants to cerate a curiosity among the citizen to find out the location of the society.


Emirate City Islamabad Map:

Emirate City Islamabad | The Upcoming New Project in Islamabad

Emirate City Islamabad Total Area:

Emirate City covers a quite big area, the location have natural landscapes itself. The master plan given by society at this moment is provisional and will be extended over time. Additional land will be added to the project and several other blocks will be added to the project in the future.

Access Points:

It can be easily accessed through Main Chakri Road from M-2 Motorway, Srinagar highway and via Ring Road in the near future. Meanwhile it can also be easily accessed through Express Highway and via Peshawar Road. The housing society is also directly accessible to the surrounding areas via the National Highway, Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2). 

Emirate City Islamabad | The Upcoming New Project in Islamabad

NOC and Planning Permission:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Emirate City Islamabad will be approved soon by (RDA) and it will become one of the legal housing projects in that area. However, the society is currently under revision due to the additional land acquired so the housing society is awaiting its NOC

Salient Features of Emirate City Islamabad:

This housing society offers its occupants a unique and modern living experience to enjoy ahead of its time facilities. By incorporating advanced technology and introducing smart features this housing society will become the very first Technology hub in Pakistan. We are listing below some of the salient features of this society:

  • Eco-Friendly City

  • Advanced Security

  • Green and Clean environment

  • Shutter bus system

  • Underground Electricity

  • 24/7 Water, gas & electricity

  • Smart apps i.e. traffic, weather, electricity, internet

  • Hotels, Shopping centers, and Sports clubs

  • Smart and modern Housing plan

  • World Class infrastructure

  • Overseas block

  • Mosques, Parks, lakes

  • Recreational Activities

  • 18-Hole Golf Course

  • Moven Pick hotels & Resorts

  • Designated interchange from M-2

  • Close proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Facilities in Emirate City Islamabad:

The Emirate City Islamabad is striving to promote and develop strategic growth in the area along with attracting future investments. The concept for Emirate City is to achieve a smart radial growth pattern keeping in consideration the major facilities and services incorporated to maximize efficiency in the lives of its residents.

The major key factors introduced in the housing society are listed as follows along with their features stated by the Emirate City Islamabad:


Elements of a Emirate City:

A Emirate City comprises these elements to cultivate a modern community. A Emirate City aims to provide a unique, sustainable development and services in its surroundings:



The Emirate City in Islamabad will enable the investors or clients to get huge profits as the project is all about a smart economy.

Emirate City Islamabad | The Upcoming New Project in Islamabad


The Emirate City offers modern residential opportunities to the residents as it provides them with all the modern and up-to-date facilities.


The environment of the Emirate City Islamabad is up-to-date. It offers a very modern and luxurious lifestyle to the residents.

Emirate City Islamabad fulfills all the requirements of an enthralling modern city including the following:


The housing society will facilitate its residents by becoming the first commercial center in the region and attracting international businesses and investors to invest in the sensational housing project. Emirate City Islamabad will also create a variety of commercial and service sector job opportunities hence contributing to the economic condition of Pakistan.


The society is designed in a way that creates a resilient social environment in the region so the people can enjoy an alluring and peaceful living and the society can become a hub for commercial, residential and recreational opportunities.


Emirate City Islamabad is striving to achieve a sustainable transportation system to ensure a network for road users, pedestrians, cyclists, and other mobility need. The society will introduce a state of the art transport infrastructure with higher efficiency.


The society will become an iconic destination for both international and residents, with new landmarks build in the society with new religious and cultural centers, Emirate City Islamabad will become a trademark of uniqueness and heritage.


The master plan of Emirate City Islamabad is planned in such a way that the infrastructure of the society is built to enhance the natural features of society and keeping the development as eco-friendly as possible. The advanced solid waste management system integrated into the society as well as the adequate supply of water and electricity is one of the most important provisions of this innovative housing scheme.

Emirate City Islamabad | The Upcoming New Project in Islamabad


The society is planned in a way that makes the conservation of natural resources a priority and ensures that the natural areas of the surroundings are not disturbed and Emirate City Islamabad becomes a society where the residents can truly experience an environment of peace and tranquillity.


Emirate City Islamabad Blocks:

The Blocks of Emirate City are not revealed right now, As per strategy of higher authorities. They want to create curiosity among the public about emirate city. So if customer want to get known about emirate city updates, visit official website of emirate city https://emiratecity.pk/

Due to the supreme location & facilities, Overseas Block has immediately become the heart of Emirate City Islamabad.

Very soon this block will become the desired future destination of Pakistanis living abroad. To book a residential or commercial plot in the  Emirate City Islamabad, please visit our Head Office: suite no. 25, 3rd Floor, Al Anayat Mall, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad.


Plot Sizes & Price Plan of Overseas Block:

The Plot consists of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 1 Kanal & 2 Kanal plots that will cater to the needs of Overseas Pakistanis.


Plot Size

Total Price


5 Marla



7 Marla



10 Marla



12 Marla



1 Kanal



2 Kanal



Why Invest in Emirate City Islamabad Overseas Block:

The overseas block holds a high significance in the Emirate City Islamabad housing project. It depicts acknowledgment and appreciation for all the hard work and effort Pakistani citizens living abroad have provided for our country. Emirate City Islamabad is providing a safe and profitable opportunity for overseas Pakistani citizens to invest in their homeland.

To make the process easiest as possible online booking has been made available for the people who wish to invest in this project from where ever country they are currently living in.

Required Documents for Booking in Overseas Block:

These are the documents that are required for booking a plot in Emirate City Islamabad Overseas block

  • Fill in your Application Form for Booking

  • Attach CNIC and Nominee Copies

  • Attach 2 Passport Size Applicant Pictures

  • Pay down payment in favour of “Emirate City Islamabad” via check or payment order

  • Approved Cash Payment

  • Send and receive a receipt of your documents and payment

  • Collect your file or have it sent to your address after 7 to 10 working days

  • You can do the following procedure if you live outside Pakistan or any other city within Pakistan:

  • Contact us to discuss options via email, WhatsApp, or phone call

  • We will share plot numbers available to choose from

  • Till you finish the booking process, choose your plot and reserve

  • Deposit down payment on Emirate City Islamabad’s registered company account and share receipt

  • Give us a scanned copy of the application form, CNIC applicant & candidate copies, and the applicant’s passport size photo

  • Your payment receipt will be given until the payment is checked.

  • Within 7 to 10 working days, your file will be ready and sent to your given address.


Possession Updates:

The possession of the plots of the society is expected to be granted by the third quarter of 2023. The investors should keep up with the payment plan and pay the instalments of the booked plan to avoid any delays in the possession and allocation of your plots.

Smart Villas:

Emirate City Islamabad is going to joined hands withInternational, leading property development and investment in the foregin to launch Pakistan’s first-ever Smart Villas in their housing project. The modern development in these villas will feature the best smart, up-scale and revolutionary features to provide an ahead of its time living experience to its occupants.

Emirate City Islamabad | The Upcoming New Project in Islamabad


Location of Smart Villas:

The smart villas will be situated on the main entrance of Emirate City, covered with green shrubs and long trees. Perfect and Convenient location for Executives.

Special Features and Facilities:

These smart Villas are classified by features in three categories modern, premium and exclusive each category offering smart features as well as smart technology to its occupants. 

Classic homes have attractive features such as custom tiles, windows, cabinets, doors, a furnished kitchen and much more as per preference.

If you want to make your villa according to your own choice you can go for a premium villa because premium invites you to decor your home on your terms.

If you wish for an extraordinarily lavish lifestyle then you have another choice to go for an exclusive villa. These villas are smart in a true sense, your home is connected to your cell phone and you can also track traffic on roads and parking areas through it.

Following are some of the smart features of the villas:

  • Smart switches

  • Temperature and humidity sensor

  • Automated door lock

  • Gas sensor

  • Smart doors and windows

  • Magic box

  • Remote access via mobile phones

  • Smart motion sensors

  • CCTV outdoor & indoor cameras

Emirate City Islamabad Payment Plans:

The payment plans of Emirate City Islamabad are as follows:

Emirate City Islamabad Residential Villas Payment Plan:

The society offers a variety of plot sizes in residential, commercial blocks and Luxury Villas ranging from now sold out 7 Marla to 1 & 2 Kanal Plots in easy Quarterly instalments. Kindly contact our sales team for rates and details


Emirate City Islamabad Executive Block Commercial Plots Payment Plan:

The commercial zones of the society are offering plots ranging from 4 Marla to 8 Marla plots on easy instalment plan. We are attaching a full payment plan for your review down below:


How to book your plot in Emirate City Islamabad?

In order to book your plot in Emirate City Islamabad, you will be needing the following documents

  • Copy of your CNIC

  • Copy of your Next to kin( father/mother/brother/wife/sister)

  • Passport size photograph

  • Booking amount (Cheque/ Pay order/Cash)


Difference between Overseas and General Block of Emirate City Islamabad:

There are a few differences between Overseas and General Block of the society, we are mentioning a few for your better understanding.


Latest Development in Emirate City Islamabad:

The development in Emirate City Islamabad is undergoing rather speedily. The society has signed a number of agreements between the world-leading companies to bring futuristic technology and high-end features in the society.

Upcoming Hotel and resorts in the society to offer the paramount hospitality serves in the society. MOU with Universities has also been signed for the construction of the latest campus of the university in this exquisite housing project.

The development work at Emirate City Islamabad will start in first quarter of 2023.

The Emirate City Islamabad is going through fast-paced development progress. The management is taking every step to make sure that there should not be any kind of compromise on the quality of work that is being carried out day and night. The officials have decided to start development work in the first quarter as soon as possible

Carpeted Network of Roads:

To make the transportation and traveling in the society easier the construction work of the concrete carpeted roads has been made a priority and construction work of 300 feet long main Boulevard is near to completion.


Official Launch of Emirate City Islamabad | 2022-23:

Emirate City Islamabad was officially launched on dec, 2022 in an exclusive launch ceremony held at the site of Emirate City Islamabad.

Site Offices Allocation:

A meeting was held by the officials of Emirate City Islamabad in which they to build operational and site office both in same building.

International Companies to make amusement park in Emirate City Islamabad:

An MOU will be between International company & Emirate City Islamabad in 2023 for the construction of an amusement park in the vicinity of Emirate City Islamabad. Freij Entertainment International is well known for being the world’s largest traveling entertainment company that organizes fun carnival rides, funfairs and skilled games all over the world.

The agreement was signed by International and top management of Emirate City Islamabad to build many of the first amusement parks in Pakistan at the site of Emirate City, Islamabad in collaboration with Future developments holdings, and the real estate development company responsible for the master planning of Emirate City Islamabad.

Mr. Mubashir Mushtaq Cheif Executive Officer of Emirate City Islamabad stated that this is a significant step towards providing much-needed entertainment and amusement facilities throughout Pakistan as well as improving economic growth in the country.

These recreational parks will provide job opportunities, improvements in the lives of people and bring economic stability in the region. The interest and investments of foreign companies in Pakistan will improve the economic situation of the country as well as will open doors to future investments and business opportunities. This step is highly commendable and will help soften the image of our country making it more attractive and appealing for tourists and the local population alike.

Updated – Development Status in Emirate City Islamabad

As of january 21st, 2023, new land has been purchased by Emirate City Islamabad. This extension area will be added to the site of Emirate City Islamabad soon and the management has started the work on its master plan.

  • Extension Land

There has been a significant advancement in the development work observed at the site of Emirate City Islamabad. The progress includes:


Map of Overseas Block of Emirate City Islamabad:

The cutting and map of Emirate city is in progress and 


Ballot Details:

After the selection of plots is over, remaining eligible files will be included in the first ballot. The computerized ballot to allot numbers to residential and commercial plots will be held.

After the selection process, the remaining plot files will be included in the first ballot which will not be held in the past ballot. A computerized ballot will be used for the allotment of residential and commercial plots.



Benefits of Investing in Emirate City Islamabad:

  • Next Biggest Technology Hub in Pakistan

  • Reliable & Trustworthy

  • Upgraded and modern living

  • Safe Investment

  • Easy Instalment plans

  • Attractive Facilities

  • Grade AAA Development

  • Investment of Foreign Companies

  • International Standard Universities

  • Good return on Investment

  • Android apps

  • Nearness to M2 Interchange

  • Diversity of jobs and careers

  • Efficient Resource Management

  • A new destination for Entertainment

  • Load shedding free zone

  • Electric bikes for easy & eco-friendly transportation

  •  Voice Optimization




FAQs Emirate City Islamabad

Q1- What is an Emirate City Islamabad and how is it different from other cities?

Emirate City Islamabad is an innovative new housing project built with futuristic technology and advanced development and modern infrastructure. It is different from other housing societies for its high standards, smart apps, never before seen facilities, eco-friendly smart environment, and strategic planning.

Q2- Why is it called Emirate City Islamabad If it falls under Rawalpindi Development Authority?

The layout plan of Islamabad city is under revision and this society might be included in the newest plan as it just falls on the border of the current Islamabad area, hence it is referred to as Emirate City Islamabad.

Q3- When will the work on interchange start?

The society soon got approval from RDA for interchange from M-2 and the construction work will start by the end of 2023.

Q4- Is the Emirate City Islamabad a legal society?

Yes, Emirate City Islamabad is a 100% legal and secure society to invest in. Its NOC is in progress, soon it will be approved by RDA  and you can verify it from official website of RDA

Q5- When will the development work start in society?

As Per announcement the documentation is in finalizing stage. The roller and cutting will be expected in the start of 2023, meanwhile It is expected that the development will be started the mid of 2023. The construction of the mosque has also commenced among other developments. For more details kindly visit Emirate City Islamabad Head Office.

Q6- When will the society grant possession of the plots?

The possession of the plots in the overseas and executive block is expected to be granted by the first quarter of 2020 to the investors who will have cleared their due payments by then.

Q7- What unique and smart facilities are this society going to provide?

The Emirate City Islamabad will be a self-sustainable housing society with plenty of unique features such as BRT system, Climate control apps, free Wi-Fi hotspots, traffic control apps, surveillance systems, appliances control apps and much more.

Q8- Is this society good for short term or long term investment?

Emirate City Islamabad is a society worth investing in, it is a golden investment opportunity for the long term as well as short term investment plan.


Many features contribute to making a housing project a success but the most important one is the reputation of the owner and developer. Al Raheem Builders are one of the most trusted names in the Real Estate industry in Pakistan so naturally, the investors have full confidence in the project. The majority of plots in the society have already been sold out and are now resold with profit.

The development and the master plan both look extremely promising and will contribute to making Emirate City Islamabad a very prestigious project. It will be a unique and complete package for all individuals of society. With all the upgraded features and facilities there is no doubt that Emirate City Islamabad will be one of its kind and most successful housing schemes in the region.

With all the advantages and privileges this a society is offering there is no doubt that it is worth investing in from short to a long term investment plan for maximum return on investment.

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