Slot games are really simple forms of entertainment but you need to know their various elements so you know how to find the best ones at an online casino.


Knowing the rules and parts of a game does more than help you start playing. It allows you to compare different titles with each other. You should tell them apart based on these elements and compare which one does the better job at the execution. Here are five of the most important slot game elements you should see before you start playing:


Number of reels and rows

Every slot game has a grid with dimensions called reels for vertical and rows for horizontal. The reels are also identified as the space where symbols move. These are typically rolling downwards but some game providers managed to make them work sideways. 

Online slots in top casinos like Casinodays can come with many creative ways to use reels and rows so you can develop a preference for certain styles. Explore new innovations of this element and find the ones that give you the best experience. 


Bonus modes or free spin

All slot games have special modes that you can trigger by hitting a certain sequence. Some of them bring you to a new grid where you play using free spins while others show you a new game entirely. Other games even have a combination of these special features that can be unlocked at different occasions. What you need to see is how much hitting it will amount in payout rather than how unique it is. Choose the game that pays the most on average instances. 


Payline or ways to win

Depending on where you are reading casino game reviews, slots can have a factor called either a payline or ways to win. The payline system refers to the traditional way that a slot game sequence is counted. There is a line running across between each reel where a sequence of matching symbols needs to fall to count as a win. 

However, the introduction of the megaway feature replaced that system for some game providers where symbols just need to be in adjacent reels. The total number of possible combinations is called ‘ways to win’ and more of it is always better. 


Volatility and hit rate

The most exciting element of an online slot game is the volatility, the game’s range of multipliers for winnings. Higher levels of it means you are more likely to win high payouts in combos and bonus modes. However, its height is usually contrary to the hit rate as higher volatility is correlated with a lower hit rate. Prioritising the latter factor lowers the win multiplier but winning is more frequent so it’s up to you which playstyle suits you best. 


Potential combo wins

All Casinodays slot games’ features are designed to interact so every spin can trigger fun combos that will eventually give you big wins. Some of them can continue indefinitely if you are really lucky or make it easier to unlock bonus modes. More features are often better but your choice should be focused on which gimmick is more satisfying to see.

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