The Internet is always changing. Search engines are constantly changing. Our online strategy must be focused on Google as the most popular search engine, with more than 85% of users using it. 


What is a Google Ads Campaign?

SEO positioning is naturally achieved in Google results due to content optimization. Our website responds to the search intents of Internet users. It is classified well by Google and placed in the top positions on the search results page. With a professional strategy and time, SEO positioning can be achieved.

Sometimes, however, it is necessary to strengthen, our search engine position plan through paid advertisements on Google to be prominently displayed in the results.

We must correctly design our Google Ads campaign to create a proper strategy. Google Ads is difficult to learn. It is more than just about the money. Many companies hire specialized agencies to help them design their campaigns and maximize their return on investment.

SEO can be a complicated technique. SEM, which refers to the positioning strategy using paid ads, however, is not.

Ads respond to user search queries and support Google campaigns. We must do keyword research and select the keywords we will pay. You will need to consider all possible variations and segment your ads according to the landing page or website destination.

Google provides several tools to help you create and analyze your ads. These tools are essential for ensuring that your Ad campaign succeeds and converts, as this is the ultimate goal when advertising money is spent.

Google Ads allows you to pay per click (PPC). Google will charge a set amount for each click on an ad we place.

We must do the following to ensure that clicks are qualified and converted.

  • Create the ads.
  • Analyze the data.
  • To adapt the campaign, make the modifications you need.
  • Find new words to replace the ones that don’t work and get rid of them.

It is a strategy that evolves throughout the campaign and must be adjusted according to the results. To achieve a high ROI and The best return on advertising investment. Or, will sell the most for the lowest price.


What questions should we ask Google Ads Agency?

You should trust a Digital Specialist agency that employs skilled professionals who are trained in SEO and SEM. Google is always changing, so it is important to continue your training in search engine strategies. It is impossible to know what is valid today and tomorrow.


Your agency should:

  • Create a clear strategy that will give you a high return on your investment. We insist on the objective of achieving the best results possible and improving our PPC.
  • A good client portfolio is a sign of the quality and value of your services. Only the best professionals will be able to compete in any sector.
  • Communicate the results and take initiative with your company. Good agencies have the technical expertise to modify the campaign and make any adjustments necessary. It is not worth performing a keyword search, writing ads, and then waiting to see what happens.


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