Introducing all the new and ravishing handwoven baskets for the walls of your living room, bedroom, entrance or even the hallways of your home! The colorfully designed handwoven baskets give a different look to your home—making it aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the eyes. No matter what type of home interior décor you have, these handwoven baskets have the magic of blending in precisely with any home décor to give you the best outlook of your home! Grabbing a piece of your heart, the handwoven baskets from Whispering Homes mesmerize everyone with their intricate details and detailing of the handwork done by the professional craftsmen and artisans.

Guide for A New Wall Décor Item – Handwoven Baskets

Trending as number 1, apart from the sleek wall vases and wall plates for decoration, the handwoven baskets have the power to capture people with their good looks and beautiful color schemes! Whether you want to have them as a wall décor item for your Bohemian home décor, monochromatic or even minimalist décor, you have the liberty to choose your favorite pick from the lot in our store. Another great thing about these handwoven baskets is that they are available in different sizes. The variety of sizes makes it easier for you to choose for your home—the one that will be the most suited for the walls of your room!

  1. 1 Kabilar handwoven sabai grass basket

    Guide for A New Wall Décor Item – Handwoven Baskets

    A unique wall hanging basket to experiment with your home decor theme and introduce a dash of eclectic colors. The simple design tightly woven together using quality Sabai grass looks stunning on the center walls of your living room, bedroom, or hallways. This will work wonderfully as a home decor gift for your loved ones.

  2. 2 Awiti handwoven sabai grass basket

    Guide for A New Wall Décor Item – Handwoven Baskets

    An authentic Sabai grass wall hanging basket to add a nice visual interest to your home decor. Give your walls a stylish boho look by displaying these in a set of 2 or 3. The unique floral pattern gives a symmetrical look to your home and adds an intriguing texture to the interior palette. The sober color combination is versatile enough to blend in with any wall color. perfect for display in the living room, indoor balconies, or halls. Also, great for gifting.

  3. 3 Fisnor handwoven sabai grass basket

    Guide for A New Wall Décor Item – Handwoven Baskets

    For a chic boho set-up in your living space, this magnificent wall-hanging basket is just the right pick! It's made out of quality material and showcases a nice symmetric pattern. Its sober color with a touch of nice Scandinavian charm, looks aesthetically pleasing. Use it to decorate the walls of your living room, dining room, or hallways. You can also consider gifting your loved ones in a pack of 2 or 3.

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