Mobile devices have drastically changed the digital world during the last decade. They now demand more than twice as much of our attention as conventional computers, and in many regions, they are the sole method of accessing the internet.

New input techniques and smaller form factors led to the creation of native apps at first. In addition to resolving many of the problems associated with using the internet on mobile devices, these downloaded apps also brought new functionalities such as push notifications, offline access, and permanent settings and preferences.

However, developers must now support many operating system versions, and customers may pay high data charges while downloading and upgrading software.

Advancement in the internet has lately led to the emergence of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) – mobile websites that give an experience closer to that of a native application while used on a browser. PWAs combine the convenience of an app with the reach and searchability of the web, allowing them to work even when your internet connection is spotty or intermittent. They also include familiar features like push notifications and add to the home screen.

Progressive web applications are a cornerstone of the next generation of online development, and here are seven reasons why.


Service workers—a JavaScript file—run independently of the main thread in progressive web applications, blocking network requests and caching or retrieving resources to send push notifications even when the connection is limited or nonexistent. It speeds up code execution and the application's load time. This is the prior reason why many firms hire a PWA development agency in UK.

It's simple to maintain

Prior to developing any application, it is important to take into account the costs of both production and ongoing maintenance. The cost of maintaining a mobile device or web application is about 20% of the total cost of development. The cost of maintaining progressive web applications is the same as it is for native apps since the development of progressive web apps is cheaper.

PWAs are lighter

Native apps are larger in size than Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWAs such as Twitter Lite for Android and iOS devices are roughly 600 KB, while Twitter apps are larger in size.


The app-shell concept separates the application's functionality from the application's content. Using app-shell to separate information gives consumers a native-like app experience and smooth switching between different views. Content is cached and re-rendered on subsequent visits, regardless of the user's internet connection.

Participation Rates

Using the Web App manifest, mobile app developers may fine-tune their apps' appearance and performance. Additionally, users have the option of customizing their browser's home page, screen orientation, and other settings. Because of this, decision-makers can keep tabs on individual purchases as well as the general patterns in customer behaviour.

Exceptional Interaction with the End-User

Approximately 80% of smartphone users prefer to keep their applications on their home screen. PWAs establish a shortcut to the website right on the home page, so all a user has to do is touch on it once to go there. This improves the user engagement of apps to a large extent. You can see from the data that PWA Development has had a big impact on the businesses that have implemented it.

Reduced Rate of Bounce

When a website takes more than three seconds to load, most consumers will leave. The progressive web app has a 42 per cent bounce rate on average. Since they are smaller and load faster than native applications, progressive web apps rank higher in search results.

Offline support

The most important fact is that progressive web apps may be accessed even when there is no internet connection. Using the Smart caching function, the user may get the information they need.

Making the Change: Progressive Web Apps

With the help of progressive web applications, web developers now have more options than ever before. Now, they're being considered the next big thing in app development. Progressive web applications have gained popularity as a viable alternative to native apps, especially to avoid mobile-only apps. Companies can now hire Magento Agency UK to get Progressive Web Apps developed.  

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