Introduction: – 

Twitch commands give chat rooms a new lease on life and can make broadcasts far more enjoyable for both the channel owner and the Twitch viewers.

The channel owner and all appointed moderators can use Twitch commands to take a break from answering hundreds of queries during a broadcast. Commands are also handy for completing certain chores, starting raids, and much more.

If you’re a streamer who receives the same questions repeatedly, it’s far quicker to build a command that will pop out the response in chat rather than responding to each Twitch viewer individually.

You’re unlikely to be very familiar with utilizing commands or how to set them up in the first place if you’re new to Twitch.

It will be tough to picture streaming without chat commands once you’ve experienced all of the benefits, especially if you already have a huge following and a very active chat.

Twitch has also introduced pre-programmed chat commands that you may use straight now. These do not necessitate the streamer manually adding bots to their channels.


Chat Commands on Twitch 

Send a standard message to the conversation, such as “? Direct,” where “Direct” is the chat command’s name to use a chat command. It would help if you remembered that the first step is to type a “?” sign and that the name of the chat command will appear automatically after that. You may also use the control tool to send chat commands from your panel.

To add a chat command to your Twitch conversation, follow these steps: 

  • Select ” commands ” from the primary menu and select “custom commands” from the drop-down menu. 
  • In the “command name” field at the bottom of the menu, type the name of your chat command. We can offer you an example such as “Snapchat” if you need to utilize the Twitch chat command:”! Snapchat.”
  • In the “command name” field at the bottom of the menu, type the name of your chat command. Another example is: If you need to use the Twitch chat commands, type “! Instagram” instead of “Instagram.”
  • Once you’ve chosen and supplied a name for your chat request, click the Create button. Find the Reply section in the Edit menu of your new chat command and input the message you want the chat command to respond to in Twitch chat.
  • At the bottom of the menu, select the Save option.

That’s all there is to it. Your chat request is presently being created, and you can use it by sending a critical message to your Twitch chat using the command “! Command” (where “Command” is the name of the chat command).


Editing Chat Commands; –

  • Select ” commands ” from the primary menu and select “custom commands” from the drop-down menu. 
  • Find your chat request in the menu search bar, find it in the table, and then hit the pencil button (called Edit) in the table column of your request to edit it. The system will send you to the Edit menu at this point. 
  • Go to the reply section in the Twitch chat and type the message you want the chat command to respond to.
  • At last, select the save button from the lower part of the menu. 


Custom Twitch Commands: –

Custom Twitch commands can tell viewers how long you’ve been broadcasting, display your age, brag about personal fitness records, promote social media profiles, etc.

You’ll need a Twitch bot to use custom Twitch commands. There are various bots available, but we’ll utilize the Moo bot for this example, which is one of the most popular.

Another popular alternative is the Night bot, which is worth mentioning because it is used by thousands of streams across multiple platforms.


Steps to add commands: –

  • Click Connect with Twitch on the Moo bot homepage in your selected browser.
  • Type in your Twitch username and password to log in. You’ll be asked to give Moo bot permission to access your dashboard. To allow it, click Authorize.
  • You will be taken on a quick tour of the Moo bot dashboard, or you can skip this step if you are already familiar with the bot.
  • By clicking the green magic wand on your screen, you can make the Moo bot a moderator on your channel.
  • You’re now ready to begin generating your unique channel commands. 

Now to make your command, follow the steps: – 

  • From the main Moo bot menu, select Commands. In the drop-down menu, select Custom Commands.
  • Fill in the “command name” area with a name for the command. To activate the command, users must put this into the chatbox. Then press the Create button.
  • Type the command’s response in the field labeled “response.” When you’re finished, don’t forget to click Save. E.g., When a viewer writes, If you type “! age” in your conversation and the response is “35,” the Moo bot will inform them you’re 35 years old.
  • Rep this procedure for each additional command you want to develop. You can also select to have the command automatically post while the chat is open.


Conclusion: –

You now know how to make your own custom Twitch chat commands, which are pretty handy and can often take the role of moderators.

If you’re a lesser-known streamer, bots may manage your channel on their own and assist you in answering any frequently asked queries from viewers.

Use this knowledge to cut down on distractions to concentrate on what matters most: delivering high-quality content and entertaining your audience.

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