Is your home network acting up or slow? Your router might be to blame. It’s a common reason for internet troubles at home. Luckily, most issues can be fixed by resetting it. But what does this reset do? And how does it fix your connection?

Find out the steps to reset your router and solve many common networking issues. This guide will make everything clear.

Key Takeaways

  • Rebooting your router by unplugging and reconnecting can fix many minor issues12
  • Resetting your router to factory settings might be needed if a simple reboot doesn’t work1
  • Update your router every 2-3 months to keep it working well3
  • Getting a new Wi-Fi 6 router with more bands can make your internet better3
  • Using features like QoS on your router can make your internet faster by managing traffic3

Understanding Router Resets and Reboots

Technology can sometimes act up, and routers are part of this. As time goes on, routers might cause issues with connecting. This can be because they have old software, there are faults in the hardware, or different programs are not getting along4. When too many devices connect to one router, it might slow down or even stop working4. Hackers might try to get into routers to access private networks, which makes resetting your router important for security4. Sometimes, mistakes in setting up the router can cause connection problems. Resetting to the factory settings can fix these issues4.

What Is a Router Reset?

A router reset, known also as a factory reset, wipes all your data and settings away5. After this, your Wi-Fi network will vanish, and devices can’t go online. You have to set up your network all over again for things to work5. The time it takes to reset a router can vary. It depends on how complicated your router is and how many devices are connected to it4.

Benefits of Resetting Your Router

If you’re facing regular speed problems or outages, resetting your router can help. It clears out any bugs or issues4. A soft reset, or reboot, is an easy fix for small connection problems. You just turn the router off and on, either by hand or using its settings online4. For the more serious issues, there’s the hard reset or factory reset. This erases everything, including passwords and security settings. But, this should only be done when nothing else works45.

Firmware updates are often released by router manufacturers. These updates fix bugs, boost performance, and add new features. So, keeping your router’s firmware updated is crucial4. Where you put your router matters for its efficiency. Placing it in a spot away from walls and things that can block the signal is best4. It’s a good idea not to have too many devices connected to your router. This can help lessen problems and might make your network work better4.

Keep Connect, a smart plug, makes it easy for your network to reboot on its own if it detects a loss of internet. This can save you time and prevent headaches, especially if you’re far from home or in a smart home4. Choose a strong password for your Wi-Fi. Mix up lowercase and uppercase letters, add numbers, and symbols. This makes your network harder for uninvited guests to enter4. Using a virtual private network (VPN) is another way to keep your internet safe. It encrypts your data and adds an extra security layer4.

Step-by-Step Guide to Resetting Your Router

router reset

Preparing for the Reset

First, check that your router is getting power6. Look for a small hole, the reset button is likely there. You’ll need a paper clip or something similar to press the reset button7.

Make sure to have your router’s login details ready7. You might need them to finish the reset through a web browser or app. Also, update your router’s software. This ensures everything goes smoothly after the reset7.

Performing the Reset

To reset your router, do the following:

  1. Find the reset button on your router.
  2. Press and hold this button for about 30 seconds with a paper clip67.
  3. After 30 seconds, let go of the button. Wait a minute or two for the lights to restart6.
  4. You can also reset through a web browser or app. Use your login details then7.

Resetting your router will get rid of any personal settings. It will give you a new public IP address6. This is good for fixing internet or router problems.

If you’re having internet trouble, just restarting your router could fix it8. But, if the issues go on, think about getting a new router687.

How to Reset Your Router: The Quick Fix That Solves Most Internet Issues

router reset

When your internet acts up, a simple router reset can often do the trick. It’s like giving your device a fresh start. This can clear up any issues like slow speeds or trouble staying connected9.

A reset will remove your personal settings. But it’s worth it to have your internet working well again. Many times, this fix can take care of about 80% of the problems you might face with your modem9. And the best part is, it only takes a few minutes to do.

In rare cases, a factory reset might be needed. This will wipe out all your special settings, and you’ll have to set them again9. Keeping your router’s software up to date is critical. It prevents about 10% of the issues you might face9.

Issues with wireless signals can cause problems for about 15% of users. But, you can often fix this by moving your router or changing the channel9. Using tools that come with your device to check your network can help about 25% of the time9. Also, wrong DNS settings are behind about 20% of issues connecting to the internet9.

If your internet is acting up, a router reset can be a quick solution. It often solves the problem. And, don’t forget, doing a hard reset every two months helps keep your router running well10. So, why not try resetting your router next time you’re in a jam?

Troubleshooting Common Router Issues

If your internet still acts up after a reset, try a few more things11. Start by looking at where your router is. It should be in the middle, up high, for the best coverage11. Also, choosing a different Wi-Fi channel might help if yours is too busy12.

Slow Internet Speeds

Slow Wi-Fi is often because the router is in the wrong place11. Make sure it’s in a central spot and as high as you can put it11. Using the 5GHz band instead of 2.4GHz can also make a big difference12.

If that doesn’t work, a new router or a faster internet plan could help12. Also, check the cables. If they’re old or messed up, they could be slowing you down11.

Frequent Disconnections

Getting kicked off Wi-Fi all the time is no fun. But there are things to try11. First, see what the lights on your router and modem are doing11. Connecting with a cable instead of Wi-Fi can show if the issue is the signal or something else11.

Other devices might be causing signal interference13. Changing the Wi-Fi channel could fix this12. Also, keep your router and modem’s software up to date13.

If nothing works, reach out to your internet provider11. They can do more tests and help with bigger issues11.


Resetting your router often fixes slow speeds and disconnects quickly14. It lets your router start over, removing any hidden issues15. Though reset deletes your settings, it’s worth it to have smooth Wi-Fi16.

If just resetting doesn’t work, you have more steps to try14. Regular reboots keep your router working well and stop more issues15. Following a simple guide makes resetting easy, but save your settings first to avoid losing data16.

Ultimately, resetting your router is easy and solves many internet issues14. With a bit of your time, you can fix connection problems and have better Wi-Fi15. Keeping up with your router’s care and updates helps keep online life smooth15.

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