Ever get a call from a number you don’t know? You’re not alone. With today’s tech, scammers and telemarketers are everywhere. But there are ways to find out who’s calling. We’ll show you some great tips to uncover the mystery behind those unknown numbers1.

Use apps and services to track down unknown callers. You deserve to know who’s calling and protect your privacy. Here’s how to stop wondering and start identifying who’s on the other end of that line2.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilize mobile payment apps like Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, and PayPal to identify unknown numbers
  • Dial *69 to trace the last incoming call, even if it was from a blocked or hidden number
  • Use the *57 code to trace harassing calls and alert your phone service provider and law enforcement
  • Explore third-party apps and services for comprehensive reverse phone lookups
  • Report scam calls to the authorities to help combat the rising tide of phone-based fraud

Use Mobile Payment Apps to Identify Unknown Numbers

Unknown phone numbers can be a pain to deal with. Yet, apps like Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, and PayPal can help. They need users to put in their real names and phone numbers. This means you might figure out who’s calling from an unknown number if they’ve used these apps before3.

Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, and PayPal

Looking into the transaction history or contacts on these apps can reveal who’s calling. It’s a good way to find out about unknown calls or texts3.

Still, these apps let users hide some personal information. It’s wise to check your privacy settings. This keeps your own number safe from others3.

Enable Privacy Settings to Prevent Sharing Your Information

While these apps can help, it’s key to protect your privacy. Make sure your settings don’t share your number or address publicly. This keeps your info safe3.

Using these apps and guarding your privacy can work together well. You can handle unknown numbers safely without revealing too much about yourself3.

“Mobile payment apps can be a helpful tool in identifying unknown callers, but it’s crucial to manage your privacy settings to prevent your own information from being shared.”

Mobile Payment AppPotential for Identifying Unknown CallersPrivacy Considerations
VenmoHigh – Venmo requires users to provide their real names and phone numbersModerate – Venmo allows users to control their privacy settings
CashAppHigh – CashApp also requires real names and phone numbersModerate – CashApp offers privacy settings to manage visibility
ZelleHigh – Zelle is linked to users’ bank accounts and phone numbersModerate – Zelle provides privacy controls to users
PayPalHigh – PayPal users must provide their real identities and contact informationModerate – PayPal allows customizing privacy settings


Dial *69 to Trace the Last Incoming Call

In 2024, there are many ways to see who’s calling, even with a hidden number6. When the caller doesn’t show their ID, it often means they’re trying to keep their identity secret6. Although not all hidden-number calls are bad, it’s a tactic used by some to avoid detection6.

To find out who recently called, you can use the *69 feature73. It’s a service offered by phone companies. Dialing *69 lets you know the number and time the last call came in7. The best part? It’s usually free, which is great for spotting unknown callers3.

How well *69 works can change based on your phone and who your carrier is. Sometimes, you have to use it within 30 minutes of the call. But, phone companies keep records for one to seven years, which could help if you ever need to look back7.

If *69 doesn’t do the trick, you can try something else to find the caller. Some carriers let you trace calls by using a different code, like *57 or #5773. While this might cost a little, it’s valuable for dealing with scam calls or threats3.

For a deeper dive, look into apps and services that do reverse phone lookups73. These can give you more info about a number, including the owner’s name and location7. Examples include TrapCall for unmasking private numbers, along with Spokeo, TrueCaller, and BeenVerified3.

How you choose to deal with unknown calls is up to you, depending on what you need and what your provider supports673. With these methods, you can manage your phone’s security better, avoiding harassment and scams673.

Using the *57 Code to Trace Harassing Calls

Call tracing

If you get a frightening, bothersome, or fishy call from a mystery number, don’t worry. There’s a smart way to trace the call and help if there’s a crime involved. You can use the *57 code8 offered by phone companies like CenturyLink. This tool traces the latest call, even if you didn’t pick up8.

Here’s how it works. Right after the troublesome call, dial *57 on your phone. Your phone company will then track the call. They might share the call’s origin number with you or the police, if necessary8. Remember, doing this might cost you up to $10 but it could really help identify the problem and help in a legal case8.

But, there’s a thing to keep in mind. CenturyLink and others won’t share the caller’s details easily. They need a court order, a subpoena, or a request from the cops. However, they can share the tracing data to help with issues like harassment8.

The calls need to come from the same number at least three times for action. This makes sure the trace is accurate and can help legally8.

Besides the *57 code, there are more options to find out who’s calling. Reverse phone lookup apps, like Spokeo9 and Intelius9, and Social Catfish9 can be used. Landlines have *69 which can redial the last number9. Using these together can really defend you against bad calls9.

Don’t forget these tips. Contact your phone company and let the FTC know about scam calls9. This not only helps you but fights off telemarketing scams for everyone1089.

Contact Your Phone Service Provider

phone service provider

Dealing with unknown callers? Your phone service provider can really help. You may know *69 or *57 for tracing calls. But did you know they offer more services for a fee too? These can help identify those weird or bothersome calls better.

Got questions about tracing calls? Just call your provider’s customer support. They can tell you about more tools or tips to deal with mystery callers. This way, you’re more prepared against telemarketing or scams11.

But it’s not just about what your provider offers. You need to do your part too. Use apps, block no-caller IDs, and report scams. Together with your provider’s help, you’ll have a stronger defense against unknown callers and stay in control of who contacts you.

*69 Call TracingTraces the number of the last incoming callFree12
*57 Call TracingRegisters the details of a threatening or harassing callFree12
Advanced Call TracingProvides more detailed information about unknown callersMay require a fee12

Use everything your12 provider gives for dealing with mystery calls. This, along with your own strategy, will help keep your private conversations safe. Take charge and reduce those annoying or risky calls11.

Third-Party Apps and Services for Reverse Phone Lookups

In today’s world, many apps and services help us know who’s calling from unknown numbers. They use big databases to offer information about any mystery calls13. Here, we’ll look into some top options for you.

TrapCall App

TrapCall is special because it can show who’s calling even from hidden numbers14. This lets users see if they want to pick up or not. With extras like reading voice messages and blocking certain numbers, it’s a full package against mystery calls.

Spokeo Reverse Lookup

Spokeo lets you search a number and find out a lot about the owner, even their social media15. It’s quick and easy for anyone to use, great for digging into unknown calls.

Besides TrapCall and Spokeo, there are plenty more apps and services that reverse lookup numbers13. Choices like Hiya, Mr. Number, and Truecaller have their own perks and prices. Whether it’s spam, scams, or just curiosity, these tools are key for finding out more about strange calls.

Many of these services have free basic searches available. But, getting deeper information might need you to pay or subscribe14. It’s wise to think about what you really need and what fits your budget before picking a reverse phone lookup tool141315.

Report Scam Calls to Authorities

If you think you got a scam call, tell the right people16. Scammers trick people in many ways over the phone. People can lose a lot of money, even their life savings, to these frauds16. Reporting to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or your local group helps fight these crimes. It stops future scams17.

The FTC says what to do about scam calls. You can ask for the caller’s name. Check their info with trusted places. Call the real number of the company. Block strange numbers and join anti-fraud programs17. To report a scam, go to the FTC site. If you lost money, report it on ftc.gov or use donotcall.gov17.

Scammers can seem nice, promise prizes, threaten, or say they’re from the police or government to trick you16. They might want you to pay with wire, gift cards, or apps. This makes getting your money back hard1618. Adding your number to do-not-call lists can help. Also, on mobiles, you can use apps that stop spam calls18.

Telling the FTC or your local group about scam calls is important. It helps find and stop the scammers. This protects you and others from these wrongdoings161718.


Facing unknown callers might make you uneasy, but you can make it better. Use tools like mobile payment apps and call tracing codes. Also, talk to your phone service provider and look into third-party identification services. These steps help reveal who’s calling from that strange number19.

Spam calls are a big issue, with over 50 billion hitting Americans in 202319. To protect yourself from scams and harassment, be proactive. Stay alert and use these strategies together. This way, your personal and work calls stay safer, and you choose who to talk to19.

It’s not just curiosity. It’s about keeping your personal data and money safe. When you get a shady call, tell the authorities. Your action can help fight scam calls, making your community safer20. Take a closer look at the options out there. Then, you can smartly deal with unknown calls that pop up19.

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