Today, we will be discussing acrylic markers as well as how to use them to create the most effective and simple painting experience.

Can you use markers on canvas? We will tell you all the great tips and tricks that are important when using an acrylic marker such as the MOLOTOW One4all.


Five tips to paint with acrylic markers that are double-ended

Check the five tips to paint with acrylic markers below:

  1. Both ends of the acrylic marker should be pressed with the paper.

First, squeeze the tip of the marker. Next, use light strokes to ensure that the acrylic paint slowly flows down to the tip. This will allow you to apply acrylic paint to any surface. You have two tips of 1.5mm, and 4mm. You should use both!

It is different to use it horizontally. If you plan to paint on a wall, for instance, the paint tip will likely run out sooner because it doesn't flow vertically. It is easy to fix. It's very simple. Don't panic if this happens to you. You can put the marker back down, and then give it a few light taps to make sure that the tip is filled with paint …..


  1. Molotow One4all acrylic paint markers are refillable

It is refillable paint and interchangeable tips that are the main features and distinguish it from similar markers like Posca markers. It is a unique quality feature that distinguishes it from other markers.

Molotow's double-ended acrylic markers can be refilled with two types of paint. You can purchase 30ml or 180ml containers. The tips of the Tinta-Molotow-one4all-30ml can be also changed if they get worn out.

This is not all! is a marker that is 100% sustainable and committed to the environment. It is not just a "to throw away" marker. Molotow One4all will be your companion in all of your artistic and decorative endeavors.


  1. Acrylic liquid-based paint is suitable for all surfaces

Acrylic that includes this marker has high transparency. You can also choose from 50 colors. Acrylic paint can be used to paint any surface or object.

Are you looking for double-ended acrylic markers that can be used in a variety of places? These are the supports and surfaces where you can use double-ended acrylic markers:

  1. Cloth
  2. Clothing
  3. Crystal and glass
  4. Wood
  5. Canvas prints
  6. Paper
  7. Restaurant chalkboards
  8. Plastic
  9. Metal
  10. Wall
  11. Body Paint


  1. One4all Paint Refillable Marker

Reloading the Molotow acrylic markers is easy. Simply remove the cap from the marker's body, and then open the valve to pour the paint.

The Molotow double-tip comes with the refill adapter, so you can fill it quickly and paint with acrylic markers.


  1. Creative markers

This last feature is related to the most artistic aspect of the tool. This means that you can combine it with different inks, sprays, and markers.
The Molotow range has endless possibilities. The Molotow material can be combined with other materials.

You are now able to be creative with the tool. We recommend that you continue to read the official Molotow blog to keep up to date with all the latest information.

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