The right way to make is really complicated. That’s why some people involves the online scamming method. Last 3 months more than 10 lakhs of common people were victims of online scamming. Most of them lost their money for trying to get an online income. That’s why we made an analysis on work from Home Data Entry jobs and here is what we found.

Here, the scammers approach a variety of ways. The only thing they care about is your money, from the arrested records we found the scammers are well educated, skilled and they very well know how to make you convinced.

How They Approaches ?

Mostly they utilize what you need. Yes a Job, many of the people looking for an opportunity and everyone running without money. In this situation, it’s very helpful if they got something additional especially housewives and students. so many of them searching online jobs, 80 % of beginners start searching for data entry jobs. This is the area the scammers made useful for them.

They approach with opportunity, they know you won’t go to spend any amount for any new courses and they know you won’t pay anything to them for anything, that’s why they offer the Job in Different trustable ways.

You may see them in many Facebook groups, job hunting websites, newspapers, Street  Notices, Sometimes they call you instead and tells something conventional ways and make your trust by sending some fake proofs on WhatsApp, only to makes you trust them.

How They Made You to Belive ?

No one like to work for a local company, for that they show you a stunning website. By seeing that website you may believe it should be a top company. But, it’s not. Remember for creating a Simple good looking Website it’s just only 3000/- Rupees.

Then they publish an advertisement on Newspapers, Online Job hunting platforms and social media platforms. just keep in mind, for a one week running an advertisement on this platforms estimates 500 – 1000 Rs / Week.

We are pretty sure you won’t want to involve online scamming. But you will because they offer:

“ Hey !! You can earn 25,000 /-  to  50,000/- Simply is 2 weeks, 100 % payment Proof ”. and they will show some fake payment proofs in order to make you trust them. This will make you confused because you really need part-time work and you don’t want to be cheated. So definitely, you will contact them.

Once you contact them, they will never ask for the money directly, they will Say “ Register our Website, Fill your information,  and we will send you Work   ”

But forgetting those work you have to deposit a small investment, they will say its 100% refundable after the completion of homework. They didn’t ask too much amount, little price ranges from 800 – 1500 RS,  You may think it’s feasible. But It’s the  Scam.

Because they only invested in their website and advertisement, it’s all about around 4000, and the running thread in all around India. Consider a 100 people decided to pay for them on the very first week, they got 1,00,000 Rs for the very first week. 96, 000/- Rs profit from 4,000/- Investment. And they start making it again and again till you find it’s a Scam.

How They Avoid you without any Doubt ?

They are very clever minded people, that’s why they always make you believe they are genuine and they care for you too much. But, They know very well how to makes you quit yourself.

Once you registered and compleated your payment, of course, they give you a sample work. But, they say it’s too much error and try again. It Doesn’t matter how many times you compleated the work. They didn’t pay for your work they always find an excuse to avoids you.

At the same time, if you are a good writer. And your work seems like a professional, then they pay you little. Because they are intelligent people, they don’t want to be caught by the police and media. It doesn’t mean they pay you well. It’s only a technique to makes believe they are genuine.

We said they are very intelligent people because they didn’t make you believe they are scams. They make believe it’s your fault. You are not fit for this job, you need to improve more, it’s not a good job for you etc.

REMEMBER: If a company hire you for a job, they pay you for your work, and they RESELL your work to their customers with a higher payment than they give you. No one gives you money unless they looking for more profit from your effort. Then Why they ask for any security deposit from someone who is going to makes their profit?


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