Is Blue World City Islamabad approved?

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the latest luxury developments to hit the Pakistani real estate market. If you’re interested in buying or selling a property in this city, you may want to know if Blue World City Islamabad is approved. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of this city, as well as answer some fundamental questions about whether Blue World City Islamabad is approved or not. So whether you’re looking to invest or just curious about this up-and-coming city, read on!

What is Blue World City Islamabad?

Blue World City Islamabad is a proposed megacity that is currently under development in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. The project has been met with criticism from many groups, including the environment and human rights organizations, because it would displace hundreds of thousands of people and negatively impact the environment. While Blue World City is still in its early stages of development, there is still much that needs to be clarified about the project.

Currently, it is unclear exactly how many people would be displaced by Blue World City Islamabad. According to reports, the project would involve the construction of up to 25 million square feet of office space and residential complexes. If completed, this would make Blue World City one of the largest urban developments in Pakistan.

There are also concerns about the environmental impacts of Blue World City Islamabad. The project would reportedly require large amounts of water for irrigation purposes and could cause significant damage to local ecosystems. Additionally, there are fears that the development may lead to increased levels of pollution in Islamabad.

Given these concerns, it appears unlikely that Blue World City Islamabad will be approved by authorities in Pakistan. If it does go ahead, it will likely face significant opposition from environmental groups and residents who are concerned about its consequences for their community

How to get a visa for Blue World City Islamabad?

If you're looking to visit Pakistan's capital city, Islamabad, look no further than Blue World City. This is an approved tourist attraction, meaning that the government has verified that it is safe and meets all necessary requirements. If you are visiting Islamabad for business purposes only, you will need a business visa. If you are travelling as a tourist, your stay will be much shorter and may not require a visa at all. Visas can be obtained from any Pakistani embassy or consulate.

What is the cost of living in Blue World City Islamabad?

The cost of living in Blue World City Islamabad is not cheap, but it is affordable for a city of its size. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment ranges from Rs10,000 to Rs15,000, while the average price for a three-bedroom apartment is Rs35,000. Grocery prices are also high, but there are several supermarkets and convenience stores available in the city. In addition, restaurants and cafes are expensive, but they offer good food and excellent service. Overall, the cost of living in Blue World City Islamabad is relatively high compared to other cities in Pakistan, but it's manageable thanks to the availability of affordable housing and high-quality food.

Is Blue World City Islamabad safe?

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the new and upcoming cities in Pakistan. The city has been in development for the past few years and is now ready to be rolled out to the public. However, there are still some questions that need to be answered before Blue World City can be certified as a safe city.

To date, no credible reports of crime or terrorism have been reported from Blue World City Islamabad. This lends credence to the city’s safety and its ability to meet the standards required for certification as a safe city by organizations such as Safe Cities Alliance (SCA).

Aside from crime and terrorism, another key area of concern for SCA is public health and safety. For example, there are no hospitals or medical facilities within Blue World City Islamabad’s boundaries. If an emergency arises and a person needs medical help, they will either have to travel outside of the city or find an alternative means of providing care. This could lead to serious complications or even death if something goes wrong.

Despite these concerns, SCA has yet to certify Blue World City Islamabad as a safe city. This is because there are still too many unanswered questions about the city’s security infrastructure, laws and practices, and how they will be enforced. Until all these issues are resolved, it would not be appropriate for Blue World City Islamabad to receive certification from SCA.

What are the benefits of living in Blue World City Islamabad?

The benefits of living in Blue World City Islamabad include:

1. A unique and cutting-edge lifestyle that is both modern and luxurious.
2. The convenience of being close to all the major commercial and entertainment hubs in Islamabad.
3. The city's expansive infrastructure that includes world-class schools, hospitals, and parks.
4. The city's strong police force that provides 24/7 security for its residents.

Are there any drawbacks to living in Blue World City Islamabad?

There are a few potential drawbacks to living in Blue World City Islamabad, although they are relatively minor. First and foremost, the city is located in a heavily populated area, so there is likely to be significant noise pollution. Additionally, while the facilities and amenities offered by the city are top-notch, they may not be suitable for everyone. Finally, it's worth noting that Blue World City Islamabad is not approved by the authorities, so you may face some challenges when applying for residency or obtaining official documents.

The Pros and Cons of Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad is a new city being built in the capital of Pakistan. It is a massive development that promises to be a huge economic boon for the city and its residents. However, there are also some concerns about the safety of the people living there and whether or not it will be approved by the authorities.

What are the Regulations for a New City in Islamabad?

The Islamabad Capital Territory Development Authority (ICTA) has announced that the new city of Blue World City will be built in the capital city. However, there are still many regulations that need to be followed before construction can begin.

The ICTA is currently working on a detailed plan for the new city and they have released some preliminary images of what it will look like. The new city will have a population of over five million people and it will be divided into northern and southern zones. The northern zone will include upscale residential areas while the southern zone will focus on commercial and industrial areas.

The ICTA plans to build a mass transit system for the new city and they are also working on a plan for parkland and recreational facilities. Construction of the new city is expected to take around ten years and it will cost approximately $15 billion dollars.

Is Blue World City Islamabad Approved?

The answer to this question is not entirely clear as the development of Blue World City in Islamabad has been met with a lot of controversy. While some people believe that it's a great idea, others are concerned about the environmental impact of the project.

To date, there have been no official announcements about whether or not Blue World City is approved by the authorities in Islamabad. However, according to various sources, it seems that the development may not be going ahead as planned. It's possible that the project is being stalled due to objections from local residents or officials who are concerned about its potential environmental impacts.

If everything goes according to plan, Blue World City would be an incredible development – a futuristic city full of luxury shopping and leisure facilities. However, if concerns over the environment are well-founded, then it could end up being a disaster for both residents and tourists alike. Thus, it's important to keep an eye on developments in this case – anything could happen!


We hope that this article on Blue World City Islamabad has helped you learn more about the company and its plans for development in Pakistan. While we cannot vouch for everything that is written on their website, it seems that they are a reputable company with good intentions. If you're interested in investing in Islamabad, or have any additional questions, be sure to check out our guide to investing in Pakistan. Thank you for reading!

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