IT service providers have every opportunity to diversify their business

The revenue of the top 60 participants in the ranking of the largest suppliers in 2020 increased by 14% and reached ₽370 billion. The top ten leaders account for 64% of this amount. The list of services most requested by customers includes everything related to the creation and support of computing infrastructure and clouds, information security services, digital resilience, digital consulting, implementation and support of Open Source , and the creation of private mobile networks and it services provider .

The list of the most popular IT services includes consulting, migration, integration, support for computing infrastructure and clouds . “Many tasks in these areas are becoming more typified, and clients from various industries have similar requests for related services, whether it’s software development or working with big data ,” says Victoria Bukhar , commercial director of LANIT-Integration ( LANIT group ). “This allows integrators to build expertise in in-demand areas, achieve high operational efficiency and provide customers with quality services at an attractive price.”

In second place in terms of popularity are services in the field of information security.

“Traditional services in the direction of information security are growing in volume from year to year. However, new expert services are growing at a faster pace and are likely to take up a significant amount in our portfolio of services in the field of information security in the coming years. Cyber forensics services, services for monitoring the external context and determining the cybersecurity landscape around organizations are growing noticeably – brand protection and cyber intelligence services, ”says Yulia Koshkina , director of the Jet Infosystems technical center.

According to Alexander Rozhkov , director of products and technologies of T1 Group, last year after the first wave of the pandemic, when everyone realized that in order to restore business, ensure flexibility and business continuity, and benefit in new conditions, traditional business tools have become ineffective , there is a growing talk of “digital resilience” that can be achieved with the help of IT and digital technologies. First of all, we are talking about office, corporate and analytical applications that have shown significant growth, smoothing out disruptions in business communications and supply chains.

In addition, CIOs were given many tasks at one time to ensure a seamless transition to remote work, create digital platforms and digital infrastructure , transform business models, personalize products and services, and create partner ecosystems. “Own resources were not ready for such a load, and IT managers were forced to turn to external IT service providers for help ,” notes Alexander Rozhkov . Thus, the digitalization trend contributes to the growth in demand for digital consulting services ., including services for developing digital transformation strategies, digital benchmarking, creating new business models, training in digital competencies, managing changes in IT architecture, optimizing and robotizing business processes as part of the transformation of customer operating models . For this, approaches and technologies such as Agile , Process Intelligence , Low-code , RPA , DevOps are used .

Interest continues to grow in solutions based on Open Source and, accordingly

services for their support and administration. “There are a lot of free software in the IT landscapes of companies, and expertise is needed to accompany each of them. It is unprofitable to follow the path of accumulating and developing internal expertise, so business is actively transferring Open Source services to the outside, ”notes Yulia Koshkina .

Sergey Melikhov , director of new projects at Greensight , also notes an increase in demand for flexible specialized services and evolutionary architecture, and not for large solutions that "can do everything at once."

In addition, there is a growing demand for the creation of private mobile networks and corporate virtual mobile operators, data centers , the introduction of networks of the new Wi-Fi 6 wireless communication standard , as well as artificial intelligence technologies for automating production processes.

“IT service providers have more opportunities to diversify their business: Open Source, platform services, intelligent digital workspaces, cloud -based security services, IT import substitution services (expert selection, compatibility analysis, testing, migration), IT lifecycle management in within the framework of the ESG agenda ,” sums up Alexander Rozhkov.

With the growing demand for customized solutions and the desire to reduce the cost of IT projects, the willingness of businesses to use the services of external IT partners is growing. In particular, the expertise of specialists from large cloud providers is in demand.

Cloud services have proven their effectiveness and are available today to both large companies and small businesses. Representatives of the latter choose "fast" SaaS services, and corporations, as a rule, build private and hybrid clouds. Providers, on the other hand, not only provide the infrastructure, but can also help with more complex issues, such as IT consulting, as well as implement deeply customized projects that require highly qualified IT specialists.

The most demanded areas of cloud partnership among large companies are as follows.

Strategic IT Consulting

Today, it is rare to find a business that plans its IT strategy without the use of clouds. At the same time, the company does not always have enough internal competencies.

In our experience, questions often arise related to how to build a complementary IT landscape, which processes should be transferred to the cloud, and which should be left in the traditional format. In this regard, the demand for strategic IT consulting services will grow.

Here, external experts come to the rescue, who will help shape the concept of working with data (cloud data estate) and develop the company's cloud strategy . The MTS cloud business is following this path: as part of the project solutions direction, experts provide consulting services and implement projects for business with a set of individual requirements.

IT infrastructure maintenance outsourcing

IT competencies do not need to be built up within the company, especially if it is a non-core business. As well as it is not necessary to maintain a staff of expensive technical specialists. Instead, you can focus on the technical development of the business, for example, by implementing new IT projects.

The main pool of work, especially if these works are often repeated, can be transferred to the technical support of an outsourcer or IT partner. This approach ensures that all work will be performed in strict accordance with the SLA (service level agreement), and the business will receive a comprehensive solution to its problems. We recently implemented one of these projects for a large manufacturing business with several factories around the country. At the same time, the team of MTS cloud experts continues to support the company's virtual and telecommunications infrastructure, as well as local data centers in factories. In fact, we "landed" our experts at the customer's site, deeply integrating them into technological processes. Previously, the company moved more than half of its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud, including critical services with business applications.

This example shows how an IT partner can take over the entire technology cycle: from consulting, designing and launching an IT project to maintaining systems and infrastructure upgrades.

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