Horizon Forbidden West contains a wide range of weapons, some of which are significantly more powerful than others. The best of these will be legendary weapons, which have an orange backdrop in your weapon inventory and offer extraordinary stats. In addition to bows, you’ll find tripcasters and a number of other weapons, and the legendary variety is difficult to come by—you’ll usually need to complete a difficult quest—but it’s well worth it for the high-end gear Aloy acquires. Here’s a running list of all the legendary weapons we’ve found in Horizon Forbidden West so far.

Legendary weaponry from the Horizon Forbidden West

This list will undoubtedly grow as more legendary weapons are discovered and earned in Guerrilla’s enormous sequel, but so far we’ve found seven that can be earned by exploring the open world and performing some of the game’s various activities.

  • Fall of the Forge (sharpshot bow)
  • The Forge of Blast (boltblaster)
  • Shadow of the Death-Seeker (hunter bow)
  • The Tenth Wings (blastsling)
  • The Return of an Ancestor (shredder gauntlet)
  • The Skykiller is a character in the game Skykiller (spike thrower)
  • The Scourge of the Sun (hunter bow)
  • Bane of Carja (warrior bow)

Medals can be used to purchase Forgefall, Blast Forge, and Death-Shadow Seeker’s at The Maw of the Arena, southwest of Scalding Spear (in the middle of the map). Medals can be earned by performing well in hunting grounds or fighting arenas, and then purchasing weapons like these from the arena vendor.

Meanwhile, The Wings of the Ten is rewarded for tracking down all black box voice recorders around the world. There are a total of 12 collectibles, and you must have started the chain of items by chatting with a woman quest-giver in Memorial Grove. After you’ve destroyed all rebel camps and outposts, you can claim the Sun Scourge. The Sun Scourge will be unlocked once you complete a side quest that serves as the mission’s conclusion.

The Skykiller spike thrower can be obtained by finishing the task The Way Home, which can be obtained by chatting to the women on the boat at Legacy’s Landfall, albeit you must first complete the Gemini cauldron in order to unlock a specific horse for the quest.

To obtain the Carja’s Bane warrior bow, you must first locate the Gauntlet races, which can be found in the deserts outside of Scalding Spear.

Finally, discovering all nine ornaments in the open world, which are the rewards for completing all Relic Ruins, earns you the Ancestor’s Return. However, in order to fully complete this chain, you must also finish the objective Nights of Lights in The Stillsands.

If we come across any more legendary weapons in Aloy’s vast realm, we’ll post them here, along with instructions on how to obtain them. In the meantime, brush up on your Horizon Forbidden West knowledge with our beginner’s guide, a look at the greatest early skills and Valor Surges, and a look at all of the game’s rides.


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