Let us sneak a peek into vivid collections of gorgeous products across their site. They offer products in segments such as decor, plants and botanicals, wall decor art and lamps and lightings. All these segments have various products within them. They are segregated based on their materials, styles, colors and prices. 

Home decor is a vast segment. Underneath it, they have vases, decor accents, candles and votives, jars, furniture, cushion covers, pooja essentials, dining necessities as well as a few products for kids. 

Here are a few products from each category which are worth a buy.

  1. Vases

 They have vases ranging from ceramic to terracotta to glass to metal as well. Their designs and quality makes this product worth a purchase. These vases come in various sizes and colors. They would make the perfect addition to your decor collection. Their glass vases specifically look beautiful. Their form speaks volumes in terms of style.

All their vases are unique from one another. They would look perfect on your coffee table, your side tables and even in your bathroom. Just adding a couple of flowers in them will change the entire look and feel of your home.

Let's shop home decor products with Whispering homes

  1. Decor Accents 

 They happen to have very creative and unique decor accents. It includes desk decor, face figurines and decorative objects. They are all very creatively made. Most of these products are light on the pockets. Their quality is not compromised. They have come up with some beautifully inspired products. Desk decor includes products like desk planters and pen stand holders. 

They all make the workspace look amazing. Their products are sleek, elegant and radiate a bit of luxury. Their face figurines are very detailed and they make the perfect decor for your living room. All these products will definitely highlight your space. 

Let's shop home decor products with Whispering homes

  1. Candles and Votives

 Nothing is more calming and relaxing than lighting a candle and reading a book. Whispering home has a wide range of scented and aromatic 7

candles. They have such unique and calming aromas. Not just the aroma, they also have a variety of candles in different shapes, forms, style and color. 

Lighting a candle in your bedroom will instantly relax you. It will also be a great fit in your bathroom near your bathtub. Their various and beautiful shapes make it easier to place them anywhere in the house. They can be treated as decor pieces if you do not wish to light them. These candles and votives also make a perfect gift for your family and loved ones.

Let's shop home decor products with Whispering homes

  1. Jars

 These jars add a nice character to your space. Their prints look gorgeous. You can scatter them anywhere in your house and they will still catch a lot of attention from your guests. Their site offers temple and ginger jars as well. Previously it was used just to store your essentials. But today jars are more than that

Jars have become an integral part of interior design. They are used when your space needs that extra little element to bring your entire space together. They also happen to have glass jars which are also very beautiful and would create the same vibe as the temple jars.

Let's shop home decor products with Whispering homes

  1. Furniture 

Be it vintage or modern, Whispering homes has furniture for every style. They can provide furniture from many styles and designs. Their design language is amazing. All their furniture products are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They have center tables, console tables, accent tables and chairs and so much more.

They would add an amazing visual depth to your place. Their products also have a fusion of different materials. This also adds a little color to the room. All these pieces are carefully handpicked so that their design remains unique as well as their quality isn't compromised.

Let's shop home decor products with Whispering homes

  1. Cushion Covers

 The prints on these cushion covers are amazing. They are soft and very comfortable. They are bright and beautiful. They will not fade after washing as well. These cushions covers would look perfect in your living room. They would look gorgeous on your sofa set too. Whispering homes has indeed a beautiful collection of cushion covers. 

You wouldn't want to buy just one. Their prices are also very efficient. Having them in your home will brighten up your space and also create a sense of freshness in the room. Nevertheless these cotton cushion cover are definitely worth a glance.

Let's shop home decor products with Whispering homes

  1. Pooja Essentials 

 A pooja room is considered to be the most important and sacred room in every Indian household. You will not find a house which doesn't have a pooja room. This site has essentials such as brass lamps, plates, bowls and so much more. 

This will make your pooja room look luxurious as well as beautiful. Surround our sacred pooja room with brass essentials and watch the room instantly light up. The beautiful set of oil lamps will make the pooja room look very authentic. You could shop for many such pooja essentials from this website. 

Let's shop home decor products with Whispering homes

Make sure to give their collection a look and select the ones you wish to display in your kid's room.

These are all the options available in the decor segment. There are more options to look at as well. Do have a look at all their segments and buy what you desire. 

  1. 1 Animal Sounds Storage Box - Howl

    Let's shop home decor products with Whispering homes

    Every animal has a favourite hideout. Some like caves and others like trees. No matter where you prefer to be, you need a safe space for your belongings. Look at these cute, collapsible storage boxes that stand upright on their own or fit into square shelves. Comes in three different style with embroidered in the alphabets of a unique animal sound.

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