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Content writing is not easy as it seems. Content is the soul of verbal and non verbal creations. If you look out for errors and maintain the basic aspects needed to present in a content, yours can be the show stealer. But where should I share my content ? In this blog, we are being introduced to some link sharing sites that would be a support for your content Promotion.

Imagine that you are bringing up a marketing content for your organization or a brand. The content seems to be so perfect. But you are not aware of promotional platforms in the internet. Then what is the use of such well cooked content that is limited only to few social media platforms? If you want your content to be published in a wider range, you should have a good knowledge about promotional websites.

If your content irrespective of market, brand, product etc.. lacks reach towards the public, promotion is that missing piece. As we know, most of us have the access to internet, it is not hard for a content to travel from one continent to another. If you promote content through the internet, you can create recognition for yourself. This recognition would stabilize your brand. The awareness created by this recognition would circulate in the public.

As fast your content gets to public, faster it gets shared. This brings to you in competitive market in which your brand survives only based on your content. If you want to stick on the board, you will have to analyze and improvise your content compared to others.
So let me guide to some websites that would be very useful for your promotional purposes.

There are many sites that would aid for your content sharing if you go for a deep search. But, the sites mentioned below, are enlisted only after a keen research, We ensures you that these sites would be a backup for your content sharing and promotion.

1. Facebook

This is one of the famous social platform which has been commonly used. From daily news to creative contents, everything is available here. You can post your content in forms of images, audios, videos and text.


You can upload your content in twitter which is the another popular social media platform. In both Facebook and twitter, you can influence the public with your content and gain popularity through your work. These would increase traffic in your page or content.

3. Dribble

It is the best aid for graphic designers as social bookmarking site. For  good visual quality, it ensures the best backlinks

4. Digg

Digg is the major bookmarking website, which helps to improve your content quality. It helps to browse on different topics and trends.

5. Growthhackers

A trustworthy site for promoting your content. It increases traffic in content and helps in strategic building. All you need to do is join a community and just share your content. The only downside for this website is that not every community won’t accept your content so find your relevant community and share your content.

6.Biz Sugar

Focusing on the  startups and new business strategies, the social bookmarking website supports in stabilizing the brands.

7. yarabook

Helps to deliver news, interesting contents that would excite the readers. You can either post or search for the respective category.

8.Scoop it

If you are professionally related to content development, Scoop it is your right choice. It also guides in the field of social marketing and strategy. Free and paid accounts are the some of features of Scoop it.

9. Diigo

Engages with content and news regarding the educational and academic fields.

10. Bibsonomy

Most popular sites for publishing content related to scientific research. It manages publications and bookmarks regarding business related to the science research field. If you are looking for a place to share your science related content then this is the best place for you.

11. Pearltrees

Advanced sites that could categorize the contents into different collections for ease reference of the users.

12. Dzone

Promotes the contents related to the field of software development. Publishes the news and trends regarding the software development.

13. Folkd

Social bookmarking site with benefit of a search engine. More you save the content, higher it gears in the search results.

14. Pocket

Allows you to access the content even it is offline as soon as it is bookmarked.

15. Fark

A social news sharing site, publishing contents on the basis of the quality.

16. Slashdot

The bookmarking platforms publishing contents based on the modern technology. If your content development is related to technology, you can claim your place here.

17. We heart it

Appreciates the visual content such as images, graphics and infographics. It focus on features like quality, inspirational touch etc…

18. Medium

One of the top online sites for the unique and exciting content published by the best writers. If the quality of the content is best, it would be exhibited in the website.

19. Slide Share

A great supportive site for office presentations and conferences. The specialty of the slide share is that your developed content would be  in the form of slide show.

20. Quora

The most famous site, in which you can post questions , and also answer the questions related to your knowledge.

21. Instapaper

Helps in saving articles which were left out while online, saving it for later.

22. Mastodon

A free and opensource Social platform for any niche. Mastodon allows you to share content and meet new people. Toot Your content in Mastodon.

Rest of the sites are mentioned below. Please go and check out.

23. Pinterest

Pinterest, the first social bookmarking network, has 175 million monthly users, with women constituting more than 80% of them.

Pinterest has received over 50 billion pins during the duration of its existence.

24. Mix

Mix is a personalized discovery platform. The company purchased StumbleUpon, a well-known content aggregator, in 2018. Connecting to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allows users to personalize their feeds. Prior to the transition, StumbleUpon had over 35 million active users. Not everyone, though, has stayed. Nonetheless, this social media platform might be ideal for small firms wishing to disseminate timely or viral content. But unfortunately now we cannot post anything from pc you need to download mix app to share content.

25. Reddit

What isn’t available on Reddit?

Reddit, often known as the “First Page of the Internet,” is a website where users may submit questions, links, and photographs, discuss them, and vote them up or down. Users create a bookmark list by commenting on, upvoting, or downvoting anything posted on the network. Almost everything has its own subreddit (i.e. dedicated forum) (and above). Subreddits, on the other hand, have varied levels of activity, so do some research to see if there are any prominent subreddits in which your company may engage. For example, r/self is normally rather tranquil, therefore we seldom visit Reddit.

26. Flipboard

Flipboard curates news from across the world, allowing you to focus on investing in yourself, being informed, and becoming involved.

27. Feedly

It has to be at the top since it is without a doubt one of the best news aggregation websites on the internet. Because of its simple, clean design, Feedly is an excellent way to stay up with news. I like the vertical arrangement over the grid organization found on other sites. With over 15 million users, Feedly is the most popular RSS blog reader, as well as a news aggregator for a range of internet browsers and mobile devices.

28. LinkaGoGo

LinkaGoGo is yet another bookmarking site that lets you browse bookmarks utilising dynamic bookmark toolbars. It has its own set of specialties under its deck.

29. Disqus

Join Communities and share you content its that simple other than that disqus 

30. Listly 

Listly supports bloggers and publishers in attracting readers by utilizing the community’s continually developing viral lists.

31. Tumblr

Tumblr, which Yahoo has owned since 2013, is a social networking / micro blogging platform that may be used to find and follow articles of interest. It may also be used to upload anything, including multimedia, to a short-form blog. Furthermore, you may personalize almost anything with it.

32. Dropmark

Dropmark is yet another website where you may save your URL and subsequently share it with a group or individual of your choice. Dropmark is a tool for collaborative sharing.

33. Social Bookmarks Now

SocialBookmarkNow is a free social bookmarking and sharing network with a rapid content submission option. For all submitted content, they have a quick approval procedure. It may reduce the threshold for quality material on the site, but it makes it faster and simpler to publish new stuff you generate. Essentially, a high-quality SEO bookmark submission service to publish your company, products, deals, and material on the internet so that potential buyers may find them. However, one drawback is that it has a low DA.

34. SocioPost

SocioPost is a social bookmarking platform that includes a community-based voting mechanism allowing users to vote on their favourite bookmarks. They let their community vote on the internet’s most-bookmarked articles, movies, and photographs.

35. Techdirt

TechDirt is a website where users may post their own news reports. They are news content aggregators focused in the technology business. It also enables registered users to post their own news. If your firm is technologically oriented, you may use it to broadcast news pieces you’ve written or public relations announcements about new goods you’ve created.

36. Metafilter

MetaFilter is a communal blog where anybody may publish a link or comment. There are also comment sections where you may interact with other users, share your expertise, and link to own courses.

37. Hubpages

HubPages is a community-based content aggregator that is also the best place to write thorough, instructive articles on topics you are interested in. It has a submission process that has a rather high threshold for quality before it is published. You may also work with others to develop free joint material, which will help you identify their websites for outreach.

38. Bloglovin

Feedly is the finest replacement. Bloglovin’ is a blog management tool. Then, when you log in, you’ll be able to see the most recent posts from all of the sites you follow in one place. It is also a blog content promotion platform, which is an excellent technique to build a readership. You just enter your blog’s URL, post fresh content, and notify your followers when you do so.

39. Scribd

A free and premium document and book sharing website that allows anybody to upload and view documents and whole books. Scribd is a free document-sharing website where you can publish your articles, blog posts, and other text-based content. It may also convert your articles to PDF files and vice versa, allowing them to be included on other websites for backlinks.

40. Steemit

Steemit is a social network where users are compensated with bitcoin. It’s a blockchain-based blogging platform, and each post generates a hash. Users can publish on a wide range of topics. Following that, other members can make comments and vote up or down. The voting system is similar to that used by Reddit and other well-known websites. This is a blogging and social networking site that compensates users with STEEM for creating and curating content.

41. Triberr

Triberr is a free blog sharing and promotion platform. You may use your RSS url to aggregate postings to triber in the same way that you can with feedly and other RSS providers. It may help you not only improve traffic to your articles, but also find new influencers and bloggers to add to your outreach list.

42. Addwish

Addwish allows you to create a wish list. Basically it allows you to create a wish list and share it with your family or friends so that they will know what you really want for a special occasion like a birthday. But you can also create a list and add your links in the list and you will get a backlink which has a DA of 47 so don’t miss the opportunity if you are into creating high DA backlinks.

43. Minds

Minds is a social platform where security is the first priority for them. The platform is end-to-end encrypted so just in case if you are worried about security issues then you should use minds. Just like any other social platforms, minds also allows you to share contents, share links, join rooms etc. users can also earn money by using minds or you can earn some cryptocurrency.

44. Bublup

Bublup is one of a kind website where you can share your content, save links, share links, save photos, documents you name it you can save it in bublup and they have their own feature called rolls where anyone can create instant web pages. Rolls will make our content look cool and you can share your content to the public. 

45. Urlsuggest

Urlsuggest as the name says you can just share any kind link on the website. You can share product links, stories, ideas, blogs etc.  It is a pure link sharing website just put your link and you are done. A very easy to use website.

46. Padlet

Padlet is a platform that is basically for students, teachers. It allows you to create a padlet which is kind of a  board where you can publish. You can share videos, links, documents, images and many more in the padlet board.  It’s also collaborative, as it allows students, other teachers, and even parents and guardians to take part. For a free user you can create 5 boards for free after that you have to buy a premium subscription. But even with the 5 boards you can save your links, documents and share it with the public.


47. Netboard

Netboard is similar to the padlet you can create a board and customize it as you like and add contents to the board. Netboard can be used to create a single beautiful webpage with links, documents, videos, images, Rss and many more things from the web.

48. Storeboard

When it comes to promoting your business, the storeboard has everything in its pocket. You can write blogs, share links, save bookmarks and keep notes. Storeboard is basically a social media platform just for the business.

49. Alltop

Alltop is a content aggregation website. They aggregate all the top stories from the internet and put them into one single place. In a more simple way we can say it as a shelf of blogs. It is a very clean looking user friendly website you can easily find what you are looking for and also You can submit your Rss url in alltop. So go on check out alltop and share your views on what you think of alltop.

50. Refind

Refind is a website that allows you to save articles to read later. You may follow subjects and read whenever you want, as well as store your own links that will be useful in the future. You can also discover what others save and locate everything when you truly need it. Refind is another bookmarking site, however this one is more modern.

51. Plurk

Plurk is another social platform that allows users to post anything in the form of quick messages or links of up to 210 characters. Plurk is more similar to Twitter, yet it offers several unique features that Twitter does not provide. Visit plurk to find a link-sharing opportunity.

52. Dekut

Dekut is a simple social bookmarking website where you can add your url, title, description and that’s it. Dekut allows you to vote on others bookmarks so just in case if you get more votes you may get more visitors too.

53. Gab

Gab is a microblogging platform that allows users to post their ideas, photos, and other media. Gab prioritizes the free flow of information online to emphasize its dedication to free speech and individual liberty. Anyone can join and share your amazing articles or blogs in gab and reach out to more customers.

54. Ello.co

Ello is a unique social platform as it is focused on art to communicate with your friends. So if you need to get a backlink from ello you need to share an image in the website to add your URL. 

55. Updatesee

Updatesee is very easy to use link sharing, social bookmarking website you can easily share your content and it is a very easy to use website.

When you’re wanting to get the most traction for your content, Ttlink is an excellent place to start.

57. Tutpub

Sharing your link in Tutpub  is very easy as any usual social bookmarking websites. Tutpub have very huge visitors as it is a very good link sharing website. Submit your link in tutpub and get your link shared on their website.

58. The Dots

the-dots.com is a networking platform that connects, collaborates, and commercializes everyone involved in the creative process, resulting in a stronger, more profitable, and diversified creative sector.

59. Netvibes

Netvibes is for everything, you can save notes, Rss Feeds, Bookmarks. There are a lot of apps inside netvibes that you can explore and make use of. You can customize your personal dashboard as you like, it is easy to set up and easy to use. You can share your link in netvibes and get a quality backlink. So what are you waiting for  go ahead and check out Netvibes and let us know what you think of it.

60. Yoomark

Yoomark is one of the many social bookmarking website where you get link sharing opportunities to get a good quality backlink and to get backlinks. Yoomark is one of good backlink website to get your content on the web.

When you’ve written a wonderful content, don’t just sit back and wait for SEO to work its magic and drive traffic to your site. Share your content on the 60 sites listed above to broaden its reach and visibility. If you broaden your search, you will come across a plethora of websites. The information supplied is only the top of the iceberg. I hope you find this information beneficial.

Did I leave out any of your favorite sites for sharing content? Please leave a remark below in the comment section with your ideas.

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