Although it is a straightforward process, article submission can occasionally be challenging.

When using this SEO method, there are several things to consider. Taking into account all the important factors, the following essential recommendations are provided:

(I) It is essential to compile a list of high-quality and high DR websites for article submission.
(ii) Filling out the registration form on every website is a need. Your email address is extremely important.
(iii) It's also important to identify the category that your blog falls under, such as fashion, politics, education, etc.
(iv) It's usually a good idea to put your website's URL and any relevant keywords in the author description box.
(v) Writing an engaging article with few grammatical errors is the most important aspect of article submission. It has been observed repeatedly that most readers tend to avoid lengthy content. Therefore, it is essential to write a concise, uncomplicated text.
(vi) Since keywords are crucial to drawing readers to your website, they should be used in every piece. Therefore, one must ensure that the article uses those chosen keywords.
(vii) Once the content has been written, revise and proofread it before submitting it to the article submission websites you have chosen.
(viii) The moderator will review your article and decide whether or not it should be posted online. If your piece is accepted, the website will email you to let you know.


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