The global pet tech market is growing fast. It’s set to hit $20 billion by 20271. This huge increase shows how much we love our pets. It brings new ways to take care of them, making them happier and healthier. Smart collars and interactive toys are just the start of this tech revolution.

We’re diving into the latest pet tech here. This tech is changing how we care for our pets, even when we can’t be with them1. We’ll share gadgets and apps that make pet care easier. They help us check our pets’ health, keep them safe, and entertained.

Key Takeaways

  • The pet tech industry is booming, with the global market expected to reach $20 billion by 2027.
  • Pet tech gadgets like smart collars, GPS trackers, and interactive toys are transforming the way we care for our pets.
  • These advanced technologies help pet owners monitor their pets’ health, safety, and well-being even when they’re not physically present.
  • Innovative pet tech solutions are enhancing the overall quality of life for our furry friends by promoting their health, happiness, and engagement.
  • The adoption of pet tech is driven by tech-savvy pet owners who prioritize the well-being and convenience of their beloved companions.

The Rise of Pet Technology

In recent years, the market for pet tech has greatly expanded. This growth is due to more people getting pets and a willingness from pet owners, especially millennials, to buy top-notch products. The American Veterinary Medical Association notes that 70% of households in the U.S. had a pet by 20222. Many got pets at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with financial challenges, pet owners are keen on happy, healthy lives for their pets. This has led to more demand for advanced pet tech2.

Growing Pet Ownership and Willingness to Spend

The shift toward using technology among pet owners, especially millennials, is pushing the pet tech field forward. This group loves technology and is looking for new, helpful ways to care for their pets2. Both new and existing companies have responded by creating a variety of tech products and services. These include gadgets, wearable tech, and health apps, meeting the changing desires of pet owners2.

Tech-Savvy Pet Owners Driving Innovation

Smart collars are a great example of this change. They offer features like GPS tracking and keeping an eye on your pet’s daily activities. This change points to a goal of making pet care both easy and effective2. Interactive toys have also become more advanced. They now allow you to play with your pet even when you’re not at home. These advancements help pets stay active and can help with any anxiety they might have when you’re away2.

A study shows that pet tech and wearables, which are electronic items that help monitor and better your pet’s life, are gaining in popularity. Devices like GPS trackers stand out as major steps forward in pet safety2. They help owners find their pets quickly if they go missing. There’s a growing need for these safety-focused products. Health monitors, which can track things like heart rate and activity, are also becoming more popular. This shows the increasing interest in keeping an eye on pets’ health to catch any problems early2.

Connected Pet Products for Convenience

Connected pet products have changed how we take care of pets, making things easier. Tech-savvy pet owners can now find joy in interactive toys. These toys help keep pets both physically and mentally healthy. There are also new systems to keep our pets safe, connecting us in unique ways with our animal friends3.

PupPod Interactive Dog Game

The PupPod Interactive Dog Game shows us how technology is perfect for our dogs’ playtime. It’s a fun, interactive toy. It uses a PupPod along with a treat dispenser and an HD camera. There’s also a mobile app for easy control. It’s great for dog owners who are always on the go but still want their pups to be sharp and entertained3.

PetSafe Containment System

The PetSafe Containment System is another smart gadget for pet lovers. It stops pets from going too far by using GPS. It has a transmitter and a collar that sends alerts. With this system, pet owners can set a boundary. This way, pets can move freely but safely, not wandering too far from home3.

eufy Pet Dog Camera D605$199.994
Tractive Smart Collar$49.994
PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor£253.994

These gadgets don’t just make life easier for us; they make our pets’ lives fun and safe. As more people welcome technology into their homes, the pet tech market grows. It offers many ways to make our pets happier and get more engaged5.

“Connected pet products are revolutionizing the way we care for our pets, making it more convenient and engaging to ensure their happiness and safety.”

Robotic Litter Boxes: A Game-Changer

Cleaning the litter box every day is a big job for cat owners. But now, robot litter boxes are changing the game. They have sensors that spot when a cat has used it. Then, they use a motor to scoop and get rid of the waste6. These high-tech litter boxes also connect to Wi-Fi and apps. This makes taking care of your pet easier and better6.

The Litter-Robot 4 is the top pick among self-cleaning litter boxes6. It’s made with a big space to keep cats comfy. They can easily get in with its large opening6. Plus, the inside is designed to keep the litter from spreading everywhere6. A special system knows when the cat is inside, making it work without any trouble6.

The Litter-Robot Connect app makes using this litter box even easier6. Cat owners can check the waste level and get updates from anywhere6. The app also shows how often your cat uses the box. This can tell you about your cat’s health6.

The Litter-Robot 4 cares about the planet too. It suggests using eco-friendly litter to cut down on waste6. And its special OdorTrap system keeps smells away6. This litter box uses less plastic and creates less waste than regular ones6.

Value4.4 out of 5 stars
Quality4.7 out of 5 stars
Ease of Use4.8 out of 5 stars

Customers love the Litter-Robot 4. 94% would tell their friends to get one7. It has 327 reviews in total7. Some reviewers mention they got bonuses for their reviews7. People praise its time-saving, ease of use, and impact on cat care7. The price for the Litter-Robot 4 is $699, not including taxes7.

There are more options than just the Litter-Robot 4. The Whisker Litter-Robot, for example, is good for cats of all sizes. It can go without scooping for 14 days and has smart features for cat care8. It’s quiet, creating a calm place for cats and owners8. This model uses weight sensors to tell when it’s time to clean8. Right now, the company is raising funds to make their litter box even better8.

Robotic litter boxes have made pet care easier and cleaner for cat owners. With these smart devices, taking care of pets is more convenient and less messy. As pet tech gets better, we can expect more ways to take care of our furry friends that fit our modern lives.

Pet Wearables for Health Monitoring

pet wearables

The world of pet tech has seen big changes, thanks to new wearable gadgets. These tools offer us crucial details about our pets’ health and happiness9. They can watch heart rates and keep up with how active our pets are. This new tech is changing the way we look after our animal friends.

Wagz Smart Dog Collar

The Wagz Smart Dog Collar is a leader in pet wearable tech9. It has a GPS so you always know where your dog is. There are also sensors that check your dog’s health, activities, and habits around the clock9. This collar lets you talk to your pet from far away and even has a camera. It helps you be there for your dog any time, any place.

Inupathy Smart Harness for Emotional Well-being

The Inupathy Smart Harness goes beyond the usual health features. Its focus is your dog’s feelings9. This smart harness reads your dog’s heart rate to tell you how they’re feeling. It shows these emotions through colors on the harness and a phone app9. This way, you can check on your dog’s mood. It adds a whole new layer to keeping our pets healthy, looking at their mental health as well as physical activity.

Pet wearables show that pet health means a lot to owners everywhere10. With the smart pet market growing fast10, these gadgets are set to change pet care. They give us the data we need to keep our pets happy and well.

The future is exciting for pet health tech9. Imagine being able to track your pet’s health and feelings from a distance. The industry is working to offer even more ways to care for our pets. With the right tools and knowledge, pet owners can make sure their furry friends are living their best lives.

Pet Tech: Gadgets and Apps to Keep Your Furry Friends Happy and Healthy

The pet tech world keeps growing. It brings us cool gadgets and apps for our pets. You’ll find everything from smart feeders and GPS trackers to fun toys and activity watches. These new tools help pet owners care for their pets better and more easily.

Take the Biscuit Pet Care app. It gives points to dog owners who do well with their pets. How? By doing things like taking walks and making sure their pets are okay. Then there’s the Tile Bluetooth trackers. They have special gadgets to help find your pets. It works through an app that’s just for pets11.

The Catit PIXI Vision Smart Dry Food Feeder is another cool thing. It lets cat owners set up feeding times. Plus, it checks on how much the cats eat. This helps owners keep their cat’s mealtime in check11. The PetsApp platform is doing great too. Since it started in 2020, it has handled over $12.4 million in transactions. And, it has info on more than 720,000 pets. It shows how much people need and want digital tools for looking after pets11.

Thule is big in the pet tech scene. They have dog crates in ten sizes. These crates are safe for pets because they have special protection. For more, there’s the DuePet app. It’s all about making sure your pet is well. It has tracking and watching features just for pets11.

Pet Tech ProductKey Features
Biscuit Pet Care AppRewards dog owners for caring for their pets through activities like walks and routine care
Tile Bluetooth TrackersVariety of trackers to help pet owners locate their pets using a dedicated app
Catit PIXI Vision Smart Dry Food FeederAllows scheduled feeding and monitoring of cats’ eating patterns
PetsApp PlatformFacilitates pet care management, including $12.4 million in transactions and over 720,000 registered pets
Thule Allax Dog CratesOffers ten different sizes of dog crates with built-in crumple zones for safety during travel
DuePet Mobile AppComprehensive pet care management with tracking and monitoring features for pet well-being

These new pet tech ideas show how much we care for our pets. They help pet owners give the best care and love to their animals111213.

“Interacting with pets can help reduce stress levels by decreasing cortisol levels, a stress hormone, as per studies.”11

The pet tech world is always getting better. We will see even more cool gadgets and apps soon. They will help pet owners and their pets have a great time together.

Telemedicine and DNA Testing for Pets

pet telemedicine

The pet tech revolution is changing how we care for our pets. It brings new solutions into the healthcare field. Now, pet owners can connect with vets easily and learn more about their pets’ health14.

VetNOW Pet Telemedicine Platform

The VetNOW Pet Telemedicine Platform plays a key role in this change. It lets vets and pet owners talk in real-time. This platform is great for check-ups with its high-quality video, and it works well with other vet tools14.

It also keeps all medical records in one place. This makes caring for pets smarter and easier for everyone involved14.

Orivet Pet DNA Tests

Orivet offers DNA tests for pets. Their test kits tell you more about your pet’s breed and health risks. This helps owners make better health choices for their pets14.

Orivet includes an app to track your pet’s health based on the DNA results. This way, pet owners get a full picture of their pet’s health. They can use this to improve their pets’ lives14.

These new tech tools are making a big difference. They give pet owners custom care and more health info for their furry friends. Now, keeping pets healthy and happy is easier than ever15.

Video Monitoring and Social Media Platforms

Today, connecting pets and their owners online is big. Services like the Petcube Video Platform offer high-tech monitoring for pets. This platform makes it easy for pet moms and dads to keep an eye on their pets and even play with them, from anywhere16.

There’s more than just watching though. Platforms like The Dodo mix fun pet content with real help. Now, it’s not only about watching cute videos but also getting useful advice based on different pet breeds17.

Petcube Video Monitoring Solution

The Petcube Video Platform is super advanced. It connects pet owners with their pets using smart features. It works with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, making it super accessible16.

One cool feature is the app’s ability to record when it senses movement. It won’t miss your pet’s antics, even the very small ones16. This keeps pet lovers in the loop without constantly watching.

The Dodo: Pet-Focused Media Platform

The Dodo is a favorite spot for pet data and expert advice. Now, it’s not just about watching pet videos. It’s also about learning how to keep your pets happy and healthy17.

This platform stands out because it offers personalized tips. No matter your pet’s breed, The Dodo can give you advice to keep them in top shape17. It’s a go-to place for pet lovers who want the best for their animals.


The pet tech world has changed a lot18. It now offers many cool ways to improve our pets’ lives. There are things like smart products, health services, and even DNA tests for pets. This change will keep growing as more people look for ways to keep their pets healthy and happy18. By using these new tech tools, pet owners and their animals become closer. This makes owning a pet even more rewarding18.

There are so many new pet tech ideas coming soon18. These will change how we look after and interact with our pets. Imagine devices like the Dogness Smart Robot Dog Sitter, equipped with a camera that connects to your phone19. Or, the PetSafe Smart Feed that can feed pets on a schedule and warns you if they’re missing a meal20. These are just a start to the clever ways we’ll care for our pets in the future1920.

The market for pet care is always growing18. This means the pet tech business will do very well. More and more, pet owners will find new tech tools to make sure their pets are joyful, in good health, and looked after18. As technology like smart collars, fun toys, and high-tech health checks get better, our connection to our pets will only strengthen2018.

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