Some people are more prone to unintentional planticide than others since they don’t have a green thumb.

plant to is for you if you forget to care for your plants or get into the trap of caring too much. Anyone who has been responsible for keeping a plant alive understands the concern that a failing plant can cause, especially when you don’t know why your cherished green kid isn’t flourishing.

I’ve spent far too many afternoons, like many other plant parents, scouring the internet for answers to questions about wilting leaves or probable pest infestations, only to be faced with inconsistent advice from the various gardening forums.

Here are five TikTok creators who can answer all of your houseplant queries and provide clearer guidance on how to care for your plant collection.

1. For delectable advice:

Check out these enticing tracks if you need some help with your succulents.

Paige, who goes by the TikTok handle 1sneakypete, is known for singing Dean Martin's "That's Amore" while presenting fun facts like death flowers and preventing root rot in succulents. The songs are both entertaining and educational, especially for people who overwater their succulents.

2. Reminders that are good for you:

Marcus Bridgewater, often known as Garden Marcus on the internet, is a motivational speaker as well as a garden enthusiast. His soothing movies about dealing with frost damage or sharing the harvest fruits inspire viewers to care for themselves and others as much as they care for their garden.

3. For help with dying houseplants, try these tips:

On TikTok, Jacob Soule, as a theplantprodigy, delivers frank advice on whether plants on their final legs may be salvaged. Soule will occasionally warn viewers that the plant is simply too far gone to save. In other circumstances, even if the mother plant is beyond saving, Soule will instruct viewers on how to grow whatever is left.

Theplantprodigy may be able to assist you if your plant is actually in need.

4. For repotting and rehab:

Myeshia Carter, known on TikTok as steeze365daily, will teach you how to break up root bound plants, make your own potting soil instead of relying on big box store media, and propagate plant babies with strong roots. Carter’s commentary is similarly hilarious, as she roasts homophobes and racists while educating viewers on the benefits of plant rehabilitation.

5. To deal with pests, use the following methods:

Pests are a gardener’s biggest nightmare, aside from root rot. Brandon, who goes by the handle br anaconda on TikTok and Instagram, demonstrates how to deal with fungus gnats and spider mites, as well as how to avoid them in the future. Brandon also teaches viewers how to assess their plants’ problems if they can’t figure out what’s harming them.

When in doubt, keep in mind the old plant parent adage: “Don’t mist your succulents.”

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