Singapore remained one of the world's leading technologically advanced countries for many years. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacted a significant toll on the Singapore economy; the business sector, especially SMEs, is also being affected. The government supports them and provides them with the tools and support to get through this. To help SMEs stay successful in the market, the IMDA has launched the SMEs Go Digital Program with Productivity Solutions Grant. Innovation and technology need not be unreachable and costly. For SMBs interested in taking the jump, the PSG helps support companies accepting IT solutions.

The PSG programme aims to help SMEs approve technology to increase sales and efficiency and smooth their operational processes. To do that, you might require an ERP system to enhance your sales team's productivity. To help businesses on their digital transformation journey, the government introduced the PSG. Read on to find out more about PSG.

What is a PSG?

The PSG solution is a grant that allows companies to accept IT solutions. PSG Solution provides various solutions to boost business and HR systems. The HR solutions can be applied to all types of industries like food, retail and beverages, logistics, construction, landscaping, etc. Moreover, it allows SMEs to start their digital transformation at the company with a minimum to low budget, as there is financial help.

Who is Eligible for PSG Funding?

The PSG's maximum support level has been increased to 100%. To be eligible for the PSG grant, a company must be registered and operating in Singapore, have less than $100 million in annual revenue and have at least 30% local ownership. If you fulfil these conditions, you are the ideal candidate to claim up to 100% PSG.

PSG Solution Packages

However, if your business needs several digital solutions, it is better to sign up with a PSG Solution vendor that offers a complete suite of services. Businesses can select from a list of pre-scoped solutions permitted for their sectors.

The Bottom Line

Boost your business productivity to the supreme level with the best ERP solution. You can also change your business by executing the best-in-class ERP software to develop your business.

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