Whether you like it or not, social media is essential for both marketers and consumers across the world. When lockdowns brought people indoors and online in 2020, they rapidly understood how important it was to build a durable social network online.

And what about brands? The Brands wouldn’t be able to grow without social media and thorough digital strategies. 43 % of studies said they’re creating and sharing more content on their own, presumably to remain in touch with friends and family.

You already know how crucial social media is. That isn’t the issue.

The trouble is establishing which social networking apps use so you know where to spend your resources and time.

In order to increase traffic for your website, you must be active to top social media platforms and promote the contents of your website in different creative ways. Here are the top social media applications that score high traffics in 2021

What will be the most popular social media apps?

1. Facebook

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a must-have for any business (MAUs). Keep in mind that younger generations are ditching Facebook in favor of alternative social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

2. Instagram

Instagram will be a crucial platform in 2021. With 1.2 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms (MAUs). Instagram Reels, a new tool, suggests that the network has a lot of room to grow and expand.

3. Twitter

Twitter isn’t the most profitable platform. Tweets have an extremely limited lifespan. If you’re not in the media or the news industry, it’s difficult to stay awake. Twitter, on the other hand, excels in one area: customer service. It’s typically the first point of contact for customers who need help right away.

3. TikTok

TikTok has more than 700 million monthly active users (MAUs) and plenty of room for growth. The chance for rapid organic reach is too good to pass up for both businesses and users. In addition, the videos are simply enjoyable. That is unquestionable!

4. Youtube

YouTube is now more of a search engine compared to other social networking platforms. it is the world’s second-largest search engine. YouTube is an excellent channel for marketers with a sound strategy because of its SEO-friendly tags, descriptions, queues, and titles.

5. WeChat

Most people think of WeChat as a messaging app rather than a major social media site, but that perception has shifted over time. WeChat has evolved into a Facebook-like all-in-one social network. WeChat is expected to grow in popularity as more Facebook users get dissatisfied with the service.

6.  WhatsApp

Because of its groups, Stories, and page-style feeds, WhatsApp is enticing to brands. There is, however, one condition. WhatsApp gives high priority to security that’s why the WhatsApp team always maintaining security checkup for the application that’s why WhatsApp growing as one of the trending apps across the world.

Social Media Platforms Analysis for Improve Indirect Traffic for Your Contents.

Statistical analysis of Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms Analysis for Improve Indirect Traffic for Your Contents.

According to the statistics, we found these social media platforms got high traffics all around the world. While categorizing by gender Facebook and Youtube got different characteristics from different regions.

Because in Facebook we found the traffic of many female users than male category. While analyzing Youtube, the results seem to be the opposite. We found a male category of users than females.

For Curiosity, we categorized the results by country/region and we found both Youtube and Facebook got too much traffic from India, the USA, and Brazil.

Social Media Platforms Analysis for Improve Indirect Traffic for Your Contents.

But the question is Where is the country that has the highest population in the world? Where is China?

Why is Facebook and Youtube Not available in China?

 There is estimate of 1.4 billion people live in china [ around 1,445,509,135 people ]. Among them, more than 70 % of people use the Internet. Here are the results of the most popular social media apps in China:

Social Media Platforms Analysis for Improve Indirect Traffic for Your Contents.

The government’s apparent decision to block Signal strengthens the government’s grip on a public and private conversation in China, where several social media and messaging apps have been blocked.

Here is the list of popular social media apps Banned in China:

Social Media Platforms Analysis for Improve Indirect Traffic for Your Contents.
Source: Wikipedia

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