There are numerous alternatives available to Washington Memorial Headstones, and there is definitely a lot to consider, depending on how you want your loved one to be remembered, your financial situation, and any cemetery constraints. However, as long as you are aware of your alternatives, there is always one that will make sense for you:


The most typical kind of burial site marker is a headstone. The traditional headstone is an upright chunk of rock (often granite) placed on the ground to let passersby recognize the deceased. Any information you choose, including a person's name, birth date, death date, a quotation or phrase, an engraving, or inscription, may be carved into the headstone. There is often a sign or emblem representing the deceased person's military unit or division during funerals for service members. A headstone is sometimes smaller and less elaborate than a genuine monument. One headstone is often present for each family (mother and father).


Usually, when people talk of monuments, they mean gravestones that are bigger (think "monumental"… aka "big"). Despite the fact that monuments often have the same form as headstones, you have probably encountered other monuments that have completely varied sizes and shapes. The lion memorials at certain gravesites are twenty feet long by 10 feet high. Other graveyards are marked by enormous obelisks or long, slender spindles (think "The Washington Monument" in Washington, D.C.). Any emblem or picture may be depicted on a monument, usually in three dimensions. If you go around a cemetery, you will discover a lot of monuments, from saints and angels guarding graves to various creatures that symbolize the deceased. You may have almost any kind of monument made for your departed loved one, but verify the cemetery's particular height requirements beforehand since they may apply (which any experienced monument dealer can do for you). To create and choose an image, emblem, animal, or anything else as a memorial for your deceased loved one, however, is often not a problem


A marker is a less elaborate memorial alternative that, because of its little size, will not draw as much notice as a monument or headstone. Often, grave markers are flat, so reading them requires standing directly above them (although some markers have a slight angle designed to them that makes it easier to read). The simplest monument to keep is this one. If you're unable to go to the burial site, most cemetery grounds employees can do this for you. They often cut down any unwelcome plant or grass growths nearby. It is ideal that the monument permits the printing of the same essential data as a headstone. This is also a great choice if you want to conserve money and don't have the resources to erect a substantial monument (or if the dead person just doesn't want anything substantial built over their burial site).


The urn is the preferred container for storing the ashes if your loved one requested cremation as their last wishes. The urn is an elegant decorative object to keep the ashes secure, whether you choose to distribute them elsewhere or preserve them as a monument for your loved one. Of course, urns come in a wide variety of styles, so it is possible to choose one that best suits the owner's preferences and personality.

We advise you to take the time to consider what is best for your loved one's desires… and what works within your budget—because choosing the ideal memorial to honor their life is a choice you shouldn't make hastily. Never feel compelled to acquire before you're ready and able. You definitely don't want to second-guess your choice. more

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