Want to take your Canva skills to the next level in 2024? This article introduces the top 12 Canva apps. They will change how you create amazing visuals.

Canva started as an online design tool. Now, it’s a full creative suite for all kinds of projects. From designing to marketing, it has everything you’d need.1Using Canva’s apps can make your designs better, your work smoother, and your brand stronger. Get ready to mix and match apps to improve how you share your stories.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the top 12 Canva apps that can boost your design game in 2024
  • Understand the concept of “app smashing” and how it can enhance your creative workflow
  • Learn how to find and connect integrated apps within the Canva ecosystem
  • Discover the powerful features and capabilities of the Canva platform beyond its app integrations
  • Uncover the benefits of leveraging Canva’s AI-powered tools and features

What is App Smashing?

Defining App Smashing

App smashing means using several apps together for one goal or project.2 It was first introduced by teacher Greg Kulowiec. This method lets people combine different apps to make better and more engaging content on Canva.2

Benefits of App Smashing with Canva

Canva is great for app smashing because it’s easy to use with many apps built-in.2 When you mix Canva apps, you make designs better, work faster, and create top-notch content easily.2

For instance, Genially and Canva work together to make cool interactive stuff like presentations and infographics.2 With Microsoft Flip, you can have video chats in small groups, made even cooler with Canva’s creative frames.2 Adding Bitmoji to your Canva designs brings in personal avatars. Google Maps in Canva helps with maps and charts. Wakelet works well with Canva for organizing and sharing web content.2

By taking advantage of app smashing in Canva, you open up more design and workflow options. This boosts creativity and improves your final projects.23

How to Appsmash in Canva

To fully use Canva’s creative power, you should mix it with other apps. This mixing is called app smashing. It lets you blend different apps’ features with Canva’s tools.2

Finding and Connecting Integrated Apps

Canva has over 24 apps that work together with it. Each app serves various design and teamwork purposes. To get these apps, go to the “Apps” section in your Canva account. You’ll see many types of apps there, from tools for work to ways to make fun, interactive projects.2

Since many of these apps are made by different companies, you have to link them to your Canva. You do this by signing up for the app outside Canva and then connecting it inside Canva’s settings. After the link, you can easily use both Canva and the app together.

Leveraging External Platforms with Canva

Canva’s app connections help you do more with different platforms. For example, Genially is good for making dynamic presentations and graphic designs. It’s a top choice for working with Canva.2 Microsoft Flip lets students safely watch videos in small groups and talk to each other online.2

Also, you can use Bitmoji to make personal avatars and special graphics for educational work. Then, add Google Maps if you need locations in your designs. For organizing or saving web content, use Wakelet. All these tools can fit smoothly into your Canva projects, boosting your creativity and making your designs more engaging.

Top 12 Canva Apps in 2024

Canva apps

Canva, the popular online design platform, is loved for its integrated apps. Looking to 2024, we’ve selected the top 12 Canva apps for designers, marketers, and creators. These apps work well with Canva, boosting productivity and creativity.


Genially lets users make interactive presentations and infographics. When added to Canva, it brings dynamic elements like hotspots and quizzes. This makes your designs more interactive and engaging.2

Microsoft Flip

Microsoft Flip is great for video discussions, and it works with Canva. This combo lets you record videos, host virtual meetings, and work together in real-time. Plus, your Canva designs stay visually consistent with your projects.2


With Bitmoji and Canva connected, you can make your designs more personal. Use custom Bitmoji avatars to show your unique style in graphics and presentations. It helps you connect better with your audience.2

Google Maps

By linking Google Maps to Canva, you can easily add maps to your designs. This is great for showing locations, data, or adding context. It makes your designs more engaging and informative.2


Wakelet is perfect for collecting and organizing content, and it links with Canva. This makes it easy to add articles, videos, and social media posts to your designs. It helps your content be more varied and interesting.2

Exploring Canva’s Powerful Features

Canva Design Tools

Canva has more than just app connections; it also comes packed with features. These help users make better visuals. They include video editing and AI design help. With Canva, anyone can make professional designs easily.

Video Editor and Photo Collage Maker

Editing videos in Canva is better than ever. You can make videos more interesting by turning designs into scripts4. It also lets you cut videos into parts and add your voice. The photo collage maker makes putting pictures together simple.

Professional Templates and Documents

Canva has lots of ready-to-use templates, from Rollout Plans to Professional Emails4. These make it easy to look professional and stay on brand. They save time, allowing for quick but top-quality documents.

AI Magic Built-in Tools

Canva uses AI to make design easier. The Magic Write tool makes written content unique4. It even pulls in real-time data for reports with its Automatic updates4. And with Bulk Create, you can work on many files at once, saving time.

Social Media Design Tools

Creating posts in Canva is simple and fun. The Resize tool5 makes designs fit different social media sizes. Animation can also be added for more interest5. With the Content Planner, scheduling posts is a breeze.

Brand and Logo Maker

Canva helps keep your brand looking good. The Brand Kit5 and Background Remover keep visuals sharp. It also has many templates tailored for marketing, making your designs coherent and quick to produce.


The top 12 Canva apps we covered here are great for boosting your creativity in 2024. They help you make designs that stand out using a mix of different apps. This process, known as “app smashing,” brings together Canva’s tools to create amazing work.4

Canva is always moving forward. It now offers cutting-edge features like AI-powered tools. These let you turn designs into editable documents, change text into cool graphics, and even rewrite text to sound like you.4 Its simple-to-use interface and huge selection of templates also make it perfect for everyone, from small business owners to students, who want to make attractive designs quickly and easily.6

With Canva getting better all the time, the addition of apps like Genially, Microsoft Flip, and Bitmoji is a major plus. These tools add new ways to make your designs more engaging and efficient. By mixing different Canva apps, you can push your creativity and productivity further in 2024 and the years ahead.4

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