When people hire call girls, they want to explore their sexual fantasies with limitless fun and excitement. But if you don't know how to do that, your money will be wasted. That is why knowing the secrets to enjoy in bed is essential before hiring a call girl. Keep reading to find out about the top 5 unique sex positions to try with Call Girl In Aerocity for maximum pleasure . 

5 Sex Positions to Try With Call Girl In Aerocity

Pretzel Missionary

As with a typical missionary, the Call Girl In Aerocity needs to position herself at the bottom. The name of the position comes from having your partner bend over you with their hands on either side of your face. Then, wrap your legs around their back and cross them at the ankles to resemble the salty snack. This small adjustment in position will allow the penetrating partner to gain deeper access, which will increase the amount of internal G-spot stimulation you receive. 

Ankle Choker

Are you looking for some energy and a good stretch? Ankle Choker is the best position for you then. Lay on your back with your lover on their knees. Wrap your ankles around their head as they hoist you up. Then, create a pattern and tempo that will allow you to outpace your alarm. For pairs who appreciate dominance on both ends, this is an ideal position. Your hips can be raised or lowered as they like, and you can offer instructions by tightening your ankle grasp. 

The Cross 

The cross may not immediately conjure images of the other sex positions on the list. It can also be a little challenging for you to pull off. But if you can pull this one off, it can be really beneficial for you and your spouse.

The name of the pose comes from the way the partners' bodies form a cross: the woman is on her back with her legs up, while the guy is lying on his side. Then the man steps in, pushing against her and opening her legs. Deeper penetration and increased pleasure are experienced by the woman in this position. The man will be less likely to leave the party quickly if he moves less.

Lazy Girl

In this position, you get down on your knees and kneel on the floor as the Call Girl In Aerocity sits on a chair with her legs spread wide. It will be very exciting for her to be able to see you between her legs, and you can practically ensure that she will orgasm. Gently massage her feet to start, and then work your way up her calves with nibbles and kisses.

One of the strongest nerves in her body, the ilioinguinal nerve, is located at the top of her inner thigh. Once she's writhing in pleasure from kissing and nibbling this area, begin stroking, licking, and sucking her clitoris and vagina until she has an orgasm.

Coital Alignment Technique, or CAT,

In order to better stimulate the clitoris, the Coital Alignment Technique, or CAT, modifies the missionary position by placing the penis in the vagina downward as opposed to upward. Here you need to be on top of the girl, who is lying on their back. 

The penetrative partner, in contrast to the missionary, raises their body a few inches such that the strap-on or base of the penis presses against the clitoris. Here, there are a few adjustments: Legs can remain together for the Call Girl In Aerocity while you need to keep them apart. The coital alignment technique, or CAT, is highly popular among my clients. Its primary goal is to raise the area just beneath the hips and buttocks.

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