The term “podcasting” has won numerous awards and has been used in the marketplace for close to ten years now. People are openly using this word to advertise their tech skills to their friends and followers. Do you know what this word actually means, though?

I will make a login account and submit one podcast recording in exchange for Rs 40*5.

The use of RSS to guide and distribute audio or video materials is known as podcasting. It is sent to subscribers by miles, who can easily download it to their computer or mobile device. It is typically provided in an episodic format and is compatible with many portable media players. In reality, anyone may produce and release their opinions, views, or thoughts in the form of a podcast and make it available to the public. It requires a simple technology to record the podcast and the internet to distribute it.

Increasing Podcast Use in Business:

The use of numerous products and technologies in business has increased significantly with the passage of time, and marketers are looking for new strategies to combat the fierce competition in the market.

Podcasts have become a potent marketing tool, and organizations are using them significantly to increase their opportunities. The opportunity to create videos has grown significantly, and it has turned out to be a huge benefit for small businesses who lack the resources to shoot, edit, and produce a video for marketing and advertising.


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