Did you know that 80% of people keep track of their fitness through apps?1 Today, many apps are available to help us stay healthy. They make it easy to monitor workouts, food intake, relax, and check our health stats. These beneficial apps come with highly praised features. They cover areas like meditation, sleep, management of menstrual cycles, and mental health. Many celebrities and wellness influencers recommend them too.

Health and wellness apps are like having a tech friend for self-care. They help us find moments of peace every day and can improve how we feel. With a focus on privacy, these apps are designed for everyone’s unique health journey. They offer insights into mental and physical health that are just for you.

Key Takeaways

  • 80% of the total population track their workouts and nutrition through fitness apps.1
  • Meditation apps like Headspace lead to improved attention spans and instant calm.2
  • Personalization features are major highlights of popular wellness apps.
  • Apps focus on various health metrics, including sleep tracking and mental withstanding.
  • Celebrity endorsements often boost the credibility of these apps.
  • Many health and fitness tracking apps emphasize privacy and security for users.

Meditation and Mindfulness Apps

Meditation and mindfulness apps help people deal with stress and find peace inside. They are easy to use and can help you care for your mind. Many people love these apps because they make feeling calm and mindful simple.


Headspace was made by ex-monk Andy Puddicombe. It offers guided meditations, animations, and more3. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow are fans4. You can try it for free or join for more content.

Memberships cost $12.99 a month or less if you pay for a year. There’s a special price for families and students4. Headspace helps improve focus and relax.


Calm offers guided meditations, music, and exercises for relaxation3. It’s known for Sleep Stories, told by stars like Harry Styles4. This helps users sleep better at night.

Subscribe annually for $69.99, monthly for $14.99, or pay once for lifetime access4. Calm is great for kids, offering special content and more breathing exercises than others5.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer has the biggest collection of free guided meditations. With over 150,000 options, it’s excellent for reducing stress4. There’s also a paid option for deeper learning at $59.99 a year4.

These apps are top choices for self-care. They offer quick sessions, detailed guidance, or various relaxation techniques. They help users find calmness and mindfulness in their busy lives.

Fitness and Exercise Apps

Now you can easily keep up an active lifestyle, thanks to many fitness and nutrition apps. In this section, we explore two top fitness and exercise apps. They provide helpful options for every level of fitness.


Jefit offers a complete workout tracking system. Users can tailor their workouts and view instructional videos. This helps maintain a steady progress in fitness6. The app is available in over 70 languages, including English, French, and Chinese, reaching a broad audience7. For $69.99 a year or $12.99 a month, Jefit Elite members enjoy an ad-free experience and extra perks6.


Wakeout provides over 300 exercises for quick workouts. These exercises can be done in 30-second bursts and are perfect for any location8. It’s great for people who need simple ways to include exercises in their day. It helps maintain fitness and encourages constant movement, even for those with busy lives.

AppKey FeaturesPricing
JefitCustomizable routines, instructional videos, supports over 70 languages6$69.99/year or $12.99/month6
Wakeout!300+ free exercises, 30-second bursts8Free8

Specialized Health and Wellness Apps

guided visualizations

In today’s digital world, specialized wellness apps are essential. They meet the unique needs of users. Meditopia and Exhale stand out by focusing on self-care and emotional wellbeing for different communities.


Meditopia is loved by over 7 million people around the globe. It offers a wide range of meditations and visualizations to reduce stress, increase happiness, and boost focus9. The app aims to help users grow personally and find emotional balance. Whether unwinding or seeking mindfulness, Meditopia has something special for everyone’s self-care routine.


Exhale is a revolutionary wellness app, focusing on the needs of black, indigenous women of color (BIWOC). It features meditations, affirmations, and breathing exercises designed for them. Exhale creates a comforting space for BIWOC to improve their mental and emotional health. It highlights the significance of inclusivity in wellness apps, showing how practices like guided visualization can make a big difference.

Nutrition and Diet Apps

nutrition and diet apps

Nutrition and diet apps are changing our health and wellness. They give us tools to watch what we eat. They also offer advice to make lasting changes in what we eat.

Feel Better

Feel Better is made by Deliciously Ella. It aims to improve health in many ways. Users get lots of plant-based recipes and a plan for wellness.

This plan includes keeping track of food, water, and mind. Focusing on a plant-based diet helps users find a nutritional balance. It also supports a way of living that’s good for our planet. The app combines diet advice with being mindful to boost health.


Nourishly focuses on a healthy view of food and ourselves. It lets people monitor their hunger, activity, sleep, and mood. This helps users understand themselves better. It also encourages good eating habits.

The app includes personalized plans and tracks a plant-based diet. Nourishly is great at giving a full picture of wellness. It uses technology to guide users on eating better.10

Apps like Noom bring in $70 per month. Cronometer charges $9.99 a month but both get high marks from users. LifeSum has many diet options and over 50 million users. These facts show how important these apps are for health today1110.

Self-Care and Mental Health Apps

Today, self-care apps and mental health trackers offer a new way to handle our well-being. These range from simple relaxation techniques to complex tools for mood tracking and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). They are perfect for dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress12. With anxiety on the rise, all adults are recommended to be screened12.

Popular apps like Calm and Headspace have become essential for many. Calm boasts over 100 million downloads, and Headspace has helped reduce depression in three-quarters of its users1314. They offer guided meditations and relaxation exercises, making great self-care additions12. Still, it’s crucial to remember they don’t replace professional care during serious mental health issues12.

The cost of these apps can vary. Basic versions are often free, while premium features might cost up to $14.99 a month1214. Apps like MoodKit and Bearable use CBT and mood tracking. They help users fight negative thoughts and build better coping skills14. Talkspace offers direct sessions with professionals, starting at $69 weekly13.

These apps not only enhance mental strength but also offer an affordable and private way to seek help. However, they might not fit those with severe mental conditions12. Studies show that apps like Calm and Headspace are effective in managing anxiety and stress for many14.

CalmMeditation, Sleep$14.99/month, $69.99/year
HeadspaceMindfulness$12.99/month, $69.99/year
SanvelloStress Relief$8.99/month, $53.99/year
HappifyMood Boosting$14.99/month, $139.99/year


Health and wellness tech keeps giving us new ways to watch and improve our well-being. These tools are becoming more popular, with health apps aiming for a $3.17 billion revenue by 202615. This shows how important digital tools have become for our health.

MyFitnessPal and Calm are leading the charge in the market. MyFitnessPal made $128 million in 2020, with over 200 million users1516. Calm reached 100 million downloads and was worth $2 billion the same year15. They offer trusted health support that’s backed by both experts and users.

During the pandemic, mental health apps saw a 13.8% increase in demand15. Headspace, for example, surpassed 70 million downloads and is valued at $320 million15. Fitness apps like Strava also show how technology is changing our approach to health, with 100 million people signing up by 202015.

The digital health scene keeps growing, offering more apps every day. This evolution lets us take charge of our health in new ways. With so many options, there’s a health app out there for everyone, ready to change our health for the better.

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