You’ll need three things to succeed in eCommerce: in-demand products to sell, marketing abilities, and the desire to succeed.

You already have a winning mindset since you’re constantly studying, researching, and planning for success. However, finding popular things to sell might be difficult. That’s why we update this list every year to assist you to find fresh product ideas that are currently trendy.

You’ll find 6 trendy products in 2020 on this list that will spark fresh company ideas or a wonderful product to add to your existing store. We’re also giving niche-specific methods for gaining new buyers because each trendy product is aimed at a certain group.

The products on this list are the most popular product categories right now, based on market demand. These are only a few of the most popular goods in India. More high-demand products will be added to this list as we continue to research the consumer market. So save it to your bookmarks and keep an eye out for it!

Check out our list of the best-selling products in India for 2021 so you may start your own online business.

1. Peel-off face mask

Are you looking for a hot item to offer in the beauty industry? Peel-off face masks are becoming more popular, according to Google Trends, Oberlo, and Amazon.

According to Keywords Everywhere, the term “peel-off face mask” receives 30,000 monthly searches, followed by “face peel” with 27,100 monthly searches, “charcoal face mask” with 41,000 monthly searches, and “facial mask” with 81,000 monthly searches.

The top 20 YouTube videos for “peel-off face mask” had an average of 5.3 million views, according to Keywords Everywhere, with topics ranging from how to use a peel-off face mask for the first time to how to make your own at home.

Focus on visual media like Instagram and YouTube when selling popular health and beauty items. You may team up with industry influencers and launch Instagram advertisements to swiftly increase sales. Create your own Instagram account and post content about your face peels and masks for a more long-term solution.

You could, for example:

Make an Instagram Q&A. Watch a live demonstration on how to use your face mask for the first time.

  • Repost user-generated material and hold a competition.
  • Create Instagram Stories that emphasise the product’s qualities.
  • Use shopping tags on your product posts.
  • Make amusing Reels to promote your goods.
  • Carousel posts should be published.
  • Use the trending hashtags

Why are product trends like this beneficial to online sales? To increase your potential sales, you may easily expand your product line to include additional popular beauty products.

2.  Nail polishes

According to recent data from Grand View Research, the global nail polish industry is expected to reach $15.6 billion by 2024, rising at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5 percent, thanks to a new trend in designer nails among the younger generation.

According to Google Trends, the phrase “nail polish” resumed its upward trend in March 2020, with an average of 246,000 monthly searches.

Demand for nail products such as enamel, varnish, and lacquer is increasing as the younger population begins to experiment with new nail trends. Because of the novel textures and effects, this is predicted to be the fastest expanding color cosmetics segment. We’re also spending more time indoors and are all seeking for small modifications to make.

Market this popular beauty product on Instagram and Pinterest if you want to make your nail paint a bestseller. You may locate influencers to partner with and run different social advertisements to different target segments to promote sales, just like with peel-off face masks.

For potential customers, you may use Pinterest to build inspiration boards for various nail experiments and trendy styles.

Focus on carousel posts on Instagram, which are useful for two reasons:

  • You may display all of your store’s numerous nail polish styles and colour shades.
  • According to SocialInsider’s research, carousel posts earn up to 5.13 percent higher engagement than ordinary posts, regardless of the size of your following.

3. Exercise bands

To no one’s surprise, exercise resistance bands have swiftly become one of the most popular online products. Due to government-mandated gym closures around the world due to the coronavirus, a growing demand in at-home fitness equipment has emerged. Exercise bands, of course, are the simplest of them all!

Top searches, according to Keywords Everywhere, are:

  • Bands of resistance: 673,000/mo
  • 25,000 per month for exercise bands
  • Resistance bands for exercise: $5,300 per month

You may produce a blog, video, and social media content around at-home workouts by focusing on specialty products like exercise resistance bands. As a result, your store will attract higher-quality leads who are more inclined to purchase your goods.

Because at-home training is likely to be popular for a long time, you may create a fitness brand and optimise your product pages to rank in Google and get organic visitors. To target high-intent shoppers and drive rapid sales, you may bundle resistance bands with other trendy products in your store or conduct Google Shopping and Facebook advertising.

4. Water bottles

As of 2018, the global reusable water bottle market was worth $8.1 billion, and it is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 3.9 percent until 2025. The following search volume is based on data from Keywords Everywhere:

  • 103,000 bottles of water per month
  • Water bottles that can be reused: $27,100 per month
  • 14,800 per month for a sports water bottle
  • 22.200 per month for custom water bottles

Google Trends data also reveals a constant growth in interest for water bottles, indicating a rise in demand for this hot item you may sell on your website.

This movement is fueled by growing environmental dangers posed by non-reusable bottles, as well as a growing desire among people to live a healthier lifestyle. Your target market is more likely to be health-conscious and aware of the dangers of single-use bottles.

You’ll want to show these water bottles in action to market this best-seller. You could, for example, hold a contest in which consumers submit photos of their water bottles in the woods. Alternatively, staged images of the water bottles in an environmentally beneficial context might be posted on social media and used in advertisements.

In Facebook Ads Manager, you may create a Custom Audience to target certain groups of people. Alternatively, use Google Ads for the keywords “reusable water bottles” to reach people who are actively looking for comparable items.

5. Blankets

Consider selling blankets if you wish to sell a product with a big profit margin.

Consumers are increasingly spending money to keep their homes warm and comfy during the winter months. According to Future Market Insights, the blanket market, which was valued at $6.6 billion in 2018, is expected to reach $9.9 billion by 2027, rising at a CAGR of 4.6%.

This research is backed up by Google Trends, which shows a substantial upward trend over the last few years, with sharp increases in the winter.

People are also gravitating for sustainable blankets that are also trendy, decorative, attractive, and comfy, such as wool, which retailers make more money selling than cotton or polyester blankets, according to research. You can also sell custom-made blankets by partnering with one of the numerous print-on-demand companies and allowing new consumers to design their own.

Using a paid search strategy, you may sell products like blankets online. Run Google advertising for terms like “wool blankets” or “fleece blankets,” which yield 40,500 and 49,500 searches, respectively. You can even target more particular phrases, such as “wool camping blanket” or “blue and white throw blanket,” depending on the style of blanket you sell, to narrow in on higher-intent buyers.

You can use video footage to demonstrate the benefits of your blankets on social media. And demonstrate how they may be used for more than just keeping you toasty in bed. Seasonal giveaways can also be used to advertise new blankets and bestsellers. Alternatively, advertise on Facebook for folks looking to buy a new blanket.

6. Yoga and pilates mats

Yoga mats have been popular for a long time. The yoga mat business is expected to reach $17.3 billion by 2025, thanks to expanding popularity and awareness of its health advantages.

Pay attention to what your target audience is looking at on social media while marketing top-selling commodities like yoga mats. For yoga practitioners, the trend is toward bright, natural-lit settings that have a more organic feel.

Take pictures of people utilizing your yoga mats in a simple and relaxing environment, such as your living room or home office. Use social networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest to share them. Then, to assist promote your items organically, partner up with influencers in the space. To assist attract the proper clients, consider posting yoga routines on channels like Instagram and YouTube.

Consider the seasonality of yoga mats if you want to run ads but have a limited budget. The following are some good times of year to promote yoga mats:

In June, the outdoor lifestyle trend begins, and in November and December, the gifting season begins.

During peak shopping seasons, you’ll probably want to look into Facebook ads to attract traffic to your website and increase sales. If you want to grow your product range, a product sourcing tool can help you identify new yoga clothes and accessories to offer.

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