Do you feel like you’re stuck with making the same old graphics? What if you could access hidden Canva features? These secrets could take your designs to the next level. Let’s look at three special Canva codes that will make designing a breeze.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover Canva’s hidden gems, including features for building professional websites, incorporating dynamic GIFs, and generating customizable QR codes.
  • Learn how to leverage Canva’s advanced tools like the video background remover, content planner, and Brand Kit to streamline your design workflow1.
  • Explore Canva’s vast library of templates, colors, fonts, and design elements to create visually striking and cohesive branding2.
  • Unlock the power of Canva’s collaboration features to work seamlessly with your team, enabling real-time input and collective refinement of your designs2.
  • Discover how to utilize Canva’s free and Pro versions to their fullest, including accessing the full range of Brand Kit features3.

Build a Professional Website with Canva’s Website Templates

Use Canva’s website builder to make a top-notch site without knowing how to code4. This tool lets you create great sites easily. You can make one-page sites that scroll, which is great for users. Canva has lots of templates, graphics, and more to start your site design4.

Customize Colors, Branding, and Mobile Previews

Make your website match your brand beautifully45. Canva lets you pick colors, logos, and fonts to keep everything looking sharp. Plus, you can check how your site looks on phones, ensuring everyone has a great visit4.

Publish with Free or Custom Domain Options

Canva lets you share your site in several ways46. You might use a free .canva domain or pick one that’s unique to you46. It’s a good tool for groups too, like if you’re working with others on a website4.

Use Canva for many types of sites, like portfolios or landing pages4. You can add cool features, such as video backgrounds and selfie videos. This way, you can make an engaging website46.

Upgrading to Canva Pro gives you more tools and premium images45. Even so, Canva is simple and has lots of help for making a great site. It’s perfect for showing off your brand online4.

“Canva’s website builder is a game-changer for anyone looking to establish a professional online presence without the hassle of coding. With its user-friendly interface and vast array of design options, I was able to create a stunning website that truly reflects my brand’s identity.”


Enhance Designs with Animated GIFs from GIPHY

Canva’s partnered with GIPHY, making your designs fun and engaging. With just a few clicks, choose and add animated GIFs to your projects. This adds vibrancy and interactivity that your audience will love7.

Finding the perfect GIF is easy. Use Canva’s search bar to look for one that fits your needs. Selections range from showing a new product to just adding some fun. Introducing GIPHY to Canva has streamlined this process8.

Adding animated GIFs from GIPHY makes your designs pop. They are eye-catching, communicate well, and can make your audience smile. This makes your content more interesting and memorable to viewers9.

GIFs are great for marketing, social media, or any type of communication. They help your message stand out and connect with your audience. With Canva and GIPHY, your designs can reach new creative levels7.

“Incorporating animated GIFs into my Canva designs has been a game-changer. It adds a level of interactivity and engagement that truly captivates my audience.”

– Jane Doe, Content Marketer

Generate QR Codes and Integrate Them Seamlessly

QR codes are vital in today’s digital world for both businesses and people. With Canva, you can create custom QR codes for any need. This includes websites or social media profiles10.

Customize QR Code Aesthetics with Design Elements

Designing unique QR codes is simple with Canva’s tools. You can make them fit your brand’s style. This improves how they look and helps people remember your brand better11.

You can choose from different colors, logos, patterns, and shapes to make your codes eye-catching11. This way, they’re not just useful, but attractive too. It help enhances your brand’s connection with the audience.

Whether you’re promoting a business or personal project, Canva has you covered. Its tools bring interactive elements like QR codes to your designs. This improves user engagement with what you share1011.

“Canva’s QR code generation tools have been a game-changer for our business. The ability to customize the aesthetics and seamlessly integrate them into our marketing materials has significantly enhanced our brand recognition and customer engagement.” – John Doe, Marketing Manager, Acme Corp.

The global use of QR codes is increasing, making them more important than ever12. Canva’s design and QR code generator let you make codes that look great and work well. This can lead to better marketing and engagement opportunities.

QR Code Scans33%12
Consumer Engagement25%12
Conversion Rates30%12
Online Engagement20%12
Brand Recall20%12
Marketing Expenses15% Reduction12

Using Canva’s QR codes can benefit your marketing in big ways, as the numbers show12. You can expect more engagement, better sales, and lower costs with these codes. This is a great move for your business or projects in today’s digital age.

But safety with QR codes is important, because of privacy risks12. Help your audience use QR codes safely and protect their information. Combine Canva’s tools with knowledge about QR codes and you’ll be offering a trustworthy experience101112.

Align Text Effortlessly with Canva’s Centering Hack

Canva text alignment

Aligning text well is key to making designs that pop in Canva. The top hack for 2024 lets you center text easily13. Just drag the text box’s little handle to the edges. Then, copy it for more and bring them all down. This trick helps keep your text nice and centered. So, you can simply change what’s written in each box for a good layout14.

Canva also has a “Checkbox Hack” that makes styling elements simple, without using JavaScript14. With CSS, you can make your own radio buttons and checkboxes look different from the standard ones. You can use this in many places like tabs, dropdowns, or hiding answers14.

The options for aligning text in Canva go beyond just centering. You can curve text for cool effects and add gradients or change colors for a pro look15. These features help you make designs that draw people in and look great together.

“Canva’s text alignment hacks have changed how I work. Easy text centering and styling have made my projects better and saved tons of time.”

No matter your design skill, Canva’s text tools make it easy to create a polished and great-looking design. Using these features can really upgrade your work. You’ll create designs that stand out and are remembered15.

Remove Video Backgrounds with Canva’s Advanced Tools

Canva, a leading design platform, has introduced powerful tools for video editing. They make it easy to remove video backgrounds, much like removing image backgrounds. This feature lets users highlight the video’s main subject, creating engaging visual content16.

The process in Canva is smooth. Users can pick the part of video they need and use the “Remove background” option. It’s great for videos with simple backgrounds or a single color. Canva’s tools are AI-based and always getting better16.

With Canva, users can take their video projects to another level. It’s ideal for various types of video, like product showcases or social media content. Removing backgrounds is quick and saves a lot of time. This speeds up the whole design process16.

Besides background removal, Canva offers other impressive tools. These include Magic Edit, Magic Grab, and Magic Animate. With AI at work, you can change static images to moving ones or adjust objects easily. Canva is a great help for those who want to make eye-catching multimedia content16.

Canva’s innovation in design and video editing is clear with its background remover. It’s changing how people deal with visual content. If you’re in design, content creation, or just want to stand out online, Canva’s tools make it easy to turn ideas into digital reality16.

Canva StatisticsValue
Founded2012 in Australia
Stock Images Offered60 million
Canva Pro Templates, Graphics, and MoreThousands
Canva Pro Subscription Cost$9.99 per month with annual commitment
Total Canva UsersOver 15 million
Designs Created on CanvaOver 2 billion

In summary, Canva’s tool for removing video backgrounds is a big step forward. It’s user-friendly and uses smart technology. This lets people explore new creative paths easily. As Canva grows, this tool will remain a key part of designing and creating media16.

secret canva codes for design

canva hidden features

Canva has hidden features and secret codes to make your design tasks easier. For example, you can filter elements in the editor precisely17. You avoid looking through many options by using filters. This lets you quickly discover the exact image, graphic, or animation you’re seeking, based on various criteria17.

Filter Elements for Efficient Searches

Canva makes it easy to search for elements17. You can sort by free or pro status, simplifying your choices17. Also, the “Magic Recommendations” tool finds similar options for you17. It helps match the design or style of the piece you’ve chosen.

Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts for Layer Selection

Canva also supports keyboard shortcuts. For hidden layers, press CTRL while clicking to cycle through them. This makes finding specific layers faster17.

Create a “Brand Code Cheat Sheet” to organize your favorite elements. Canva provides templates for this. You can easily find and use your preferred elements in your projects17. Marking elements as favorites is also very useful17. It helps you keep track of the elements you use often.

Using these hidden features and techniques, your design work will improve. Be creative and use Canva’s special options to make impressive visuals17.

Canva Brand CodesUnique identifiers that allow users to find designs by specific contributors17.
Canva Element FiltersOptions to refine searches by free/pro status, color, orientation, animation, and cut-outs17.
Canva Magic RecommendationsSuggestions for similar elements based on the design and aesthetics of the selected item17.
Canva Keyboard ShortcutsAbility to cycle through hidden layers by tapping the top layer while holding CTRL17.

“Unlock the full potential of Canva by mastering its hidden features and search optimization techniques. Your designs will reach new heights of efficiency and creativity.”

To make the most of Canva, explore its hidden features. By knowing these secret codes, you can design like a pro with ease17.

Explore Canva’s New Shapes and Line Connections

Canva keeps getting better by adding new design tools for everyone. Now, you can make your designs more interesting by including different shapes and putting text inside them18. This cool feature lets you change the shape, add borders, and connect lines together. And, you do it all by just clicking where you want the lines to go19.

Add Gradients and Customize Colors

Gradients are another great feature in Canva. You can control the way colors blend and shine on your designs18. With this tool, designers can make their work pop by adding rich, colorful effects. It’s an easy way to make your designs more interesting and eye-catching.

Curve Text for Unique Typography Effects

Want to make your words stand out? Canva lets you curve your text for a cool look. Just pick the “Curve” style in the Effects menu, and your text will bend in different ways19. This makes your message look unique. It’s a fun way to get creative with your designs and be different from others.

Canva is always growing, offering more ways to make amazing designs. Whether you’re playing with shapes, lines, gradients, or curved text, there are endless ways to show off your creative side20. It’s great for all kinds of designs, like for social media, websites, or ads. With Canva’s latest tools, your designs can really shine182019.

Canva Design FeaturesKey Benefits
Shapes and Line ConnectionsAllows users to create unique and customizable designs by manipulating shapes and connecting lines
GradientsEnables designers to add depth and visual interest to their graphics through vibrant color transitions
Curved TextProvides a distinctive typographic flair, helping designers present their message in a captivating way


Canva has changed the game for creating visual content. It showed us secret features and codes that make designing easier. With Canva, making websites, adding GIFs, and creating QR codes becomes simple and fun. There are endless ways to be creative21.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new or experienced at designing. Canva’s clever tricks can help you work better and achieve more. It gives you access to lots of design choices, ready templates, and a chance to try Canva Pro for free. This means you can make eye-catching content without limits22. Explore these Canva tricks to get better at canva design tips, create visual content that stands out, and make your design workflow smoother.

Canva keeps getting better with new features. For designers and business owners, it’s a must-have for creating amazing visuals. By using the tips shared here, you can make better designs that people will love. Start using Canva’s secrets and improve your design skills. Let Canva help you tell stories through your visuals in new, exciting ways.

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