We’ve seen the styles of our favorite ’90s stars and fashion icons change over time, but there’s still something wonderful (and humorous) about remembering the decade’s biggest hits.

Like Rachel’s hairstyle or Cher Horowitz’s spectacular Clueless ensembles Overalls and crop tops can surely be styled in more modern, streamlined ways nowadays, but mastering its comeback is still all about fashion. There’s a narrow line between looking like a Spice World character and giving a classy reference to the 1990s.

Did you guys ever imagine our favorite premier league players show off with 90’s Retro style?

Well, here are some illustrations about our favorite Premier league champions :

Kevin De Bruyne : The  Drongen Lightning of Manchester City

What if Premier League players appear in Regional Retro Style?

The  Belgium player achieved ultimate records for Manchester city, now leading as a legend for the club. De Bruyne began the game in an unfamiliar striking role, and he was the first to confess that filling the shoes of Sergio Aguero was difficult. It was nonetheless a respectable performance that highlighted his natural ability as an attacker with the intelligence to play in a variety of places.

What if de Bruyne appears as their cultural retro look? 

 Belgium is a culturally diverse country that straddles the western European language families of Romance and Germanic. Belgium is divided between French-speaking people, collectively known as Walloons, and a minor German-speaking community in the eastern half of the country (approximately one-third of the total population)

Most of the 90’s Belgium people show up with short hair and beard, studies say these trends still attract most ladies in Belgium.

Hmmm… That’s Interesting.

Harry Maguire : The Trusted Sheffield Captain of Manchester United

What if Premier League players appear in Regional Retro Style?

Three seasons is the ideal amount of time for any player to adjust to a new club, and Harry Maguire has certainly grown since joining Manchester United.

He is still the most expensive center-back in the world, and it was assumed that because of his high price, he would produce immediately.

Think about how the English  Defender appears to be the 90’s bald head and  bulgan beard style.

 Not Smile. Bald Head is a trend in the United Kingdom.

Mohammed Salah: The Egyptian Gold for Liverpool. 

What if Premier League players appear in Regional Retro Style?

Mohamed Salah is confident that Liverpool can achieve even greater success, and he wants to remain a part of it for a long time.

With 17 Premier League goals this season, the Egypt international, who signed a new five-year contract in 2018, is the club’s leading scorer as they won their 19th top-flight title with seven games to spare.

But, the most interesting fact is, Egyptian peoples still follow their ancient style and traditions. Sometimes I see the same facts in salah too.

Son Heung-Min: That South Korean PlayBoy for Tottenham  Hotspur 

What if Premier League players appear in Regional Retro Style?

In the modern era, Son Heung-Min is Tottenham Hotspur’s Most Important Player. Son Heung-Min is one of the best players in the world and is Tottenham Hotspur’s most crucial player.

He’s a proven goalscorer whose lengthy driving runs have earned him Puskas awards.

We already saw Son in his retro style. But due to the requests from his fans, he still continues his modern style of appearances. 

Romelu Lukaku: The Belgium Classic Finisher   

What if Premier League players appear in Regional Retro Style?

In 2021, Romelu Lukaku returned to Chelsea as a striker with world-class talent.

Lukaku’s homecoming has been nothing but positive sentiments, and now he’s hoping to back it up with some impressive performances on the pitch.

Before departing the Premier League in 2019, he has scored more than a century of goals (113) in 217 games.

Everything seems to be perfect for this player, perfect play, perfect scores, and also perfect appearances… He also looks too good in his retro look also. 

Hector Bellerein: The Spanish Capitan for Arsenal 

What if Premier League players appear in Regional Retro Style?

Hector Bellerin, an Arsenal defender with a reputation for being one of the sport’s most stylish players. Many times he proved himself he is one of the best captains for his team. 

Bellerin was a fixture for the Gunners and even captained them until Arteta relegated him to the bench at the turn of the year.

A leader’s primary responsibility is to positively influence the team, which Hector Bellerin has done both on and off the field. For Arsenal, he has the potential to become Mikel Arteta’s most significant player.

Hector Bellerein appeared in different modern styles on the ground. This 26-year young man also looks marvelous on a small mustache from the 90’s  Spanish style. 

Jamie Vardy:  Sheffield Gun of Leicester City

What if Premier League players appear in Regional Retro Style?

Jamie Vardy means the trust for Leicester city. The English football player seems to be one of the best strikers in the league and also the best player in the club’s history.

The cutest guy is also a dream boy for the Leicester lady fans, also a hero for the fans.

Mostly, Vardy appears with a smiley face and doesn’t seem to be very serious and angry. But his Reto look shows a serious captain ready to punch your face at any time.

Rúben Neves: The Portuguese gear control of Wolves

What if Premier League players appear in Regional Retro Style?

Rúben Neves had the sixth most tackles in the Premier League last season, and his total tackles and interceptions (136) were the most among Wolves’ players. With the exception of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, it was also higher than all Manchester United players. Neves’ passing range is another area where he shines.

The 24 years a young man is very active and supportive on the ground and a perfect midfield player. He didn’t face many proposals from girls, because he is the responsible father of 3 children.

The same energetic player looks like a lazy playboy on his retro look.

Well, don’t judge a book by its cover. The famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama is also a Dream man for ladies having long hair and a large beard. 

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