Wondering how often you should get a new router? Are you still happy with yours, or is it time for a change? These are important questions because technology keeps moving forward. You might be shocked to learn that your router needs changing more often than you expect.

Routers don’t last forever. After about five years, your router might not work as well or be as safe as it should be1. With new Wi-Fi tech and features coming out all the time, your old router can’t keep up. Getting a new one can make your internet faster, cover more space, and be safer.

Key Takeaways

  • Experts say you should get a new router every 5 years, or more often if you use a lot of smart devices or change your tech a lot12.
  • Swapping to Wi-Fi 6 can push your network to be better in busy places or with many devices1.
  • Mesh systems boost your Wi-Fi’s reach and signal all over your home1.
  • Tri-band mesh routers with a 5GHz link just for connecting can be even better1.
  • Routers over 5 years old might not be up to the job in performance and safety because of tech changes3.

Your Router Is Aging and Outdated

Router Lifespan and Technology Advancements

With tech moving forward, your router’s life matters more and more. Experts say you should get a new one every five years45. This is to grab all the new Wi-Fi and safety stuff. Surprisingly, about 20% of people hang onto their router for over four years6.

As time passes, routers get fewer updates. This puts them at more risk4. They might also have trouble keeping up with more gadgets and our need for faster internet. A new router can make a big difference in speed and how well everything works together5.

Some router makers, like Google, do keep supporting their older models6. But, tech is always pushing forward. For instance, Wi-Fi 6 is much faster than Wi-Fi 55. And new routers have stronger safety tools to keep your info safe5.

Using a router from your internet provider might seem easy. But, it could cost you more in the long run. ISP charges range from $5 to $10 each month45. This could add up to more than $120 a year. Buying your own can be cheaper overall.

Experts recommend replacing your router every three to five years6. This way, you stay up-to-date with the best Wi-Fi and security. Changing your router out often can make sure your network works well with all your gadgets465.

Frequent Connection Drops and Unreliable Performance

router connection drops

If your router is getting older, you might notice it drops the connection a lot. Experts say that you should swap out your router for a new one every five years at least. If you love to get the newest tech, then aim to change it every two to three years5. This way, you can dodge connection issues that wreck your work, movies, games, and more. These tips could make you a happier and more effective online user.

Old firmware in your router can also cause connection trouble. Every time new security and features come out, your router needs an update. This keeps your internet strong and safe5. WPA3, the newest security protocol, hides your data even better, so you don’t have to worry.

The more devices you connect, the harder your old router has to work. That can make it quit on you more often5. If you switch to a router with an extra band, known as tri-band, you might see less traffic jams online. And that means quicker speeds. A new and better router can handle all your gadgets without issues.

When your router won’t stay connected, it messes up everything you do online. A report from 2019 says a stable network can make people 30% happier7. Even a 1-second delay in loading a page can cost a business 7%. So, if your internet is letting you down, it’s probably time for a change.

“Frequent connection drops and unreliable performance can disrupt work, streaming, gaming, and other online activities, leaving you frustrated and unproductive.”

should you replace your router ? how to tell when it is time to upgrade

router coverage issues

Inadequate Coverage and Dead Zones

Weak signals at home means your router might not reach everywhere effectively8. This issue is common in bigger houses or places with thick walls. To fix this, you might need a router with a stronger signal or a mesh Wi-Fi system8.

Old routers lose their power to cover spaces well over time8. Consumer Reports found that one-fifth of people go over four years before getting a new router6. But, experts say it’s best to swap your router every three to five years for better performance6.

If your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach all spots at home, it’s probably time for a new router8. Newer routers handle today’s demands better, ensuring your family stays connected without issues8.

“A Wi-Fi router that is five years old or older may indicate it is time for an upgrade if it can’t handle the full internet connection, frequently drops devices off the network, or requires reboots.”8

Also, old routers might slow down your internet speed8. Getting a router with the latest tech boosts your network’s speed and performance. This means better browsing and streaming for all your devices.

If your connection is weak or unreliable, changing your router might be the solution. Signs like needing frequent reboots, dropped connections, or slow speeds mean it’s time for a new one486. With a new router, you can enjoy faster, better Wi-Fi all over your house.

Incompatibility with Newer Devices and Standards

New technology often means our old routers can’t keep up. Routers can last 5 to 10 years, depending on how well we take care of them. If your router is older, it might not fully support newer Wi-Fi standards9.

With internet becoming faster and more reliable each year, old routers can slow us down. Upgrading helps our devices work better and enjoy the latest tech benefits. Routers that are Wi-Fi 6 ready are a good example of what we might need now. They can offer something like a new laptop its top speed10.

Also, newer routers have better security. This keeps our network safe from hackers and other online threats10. Updated routers get new features and bug fixes. So, keeping your router current is key for quick, safe, and stable internet10.

Think about an upgrade if your current router is causing a lot of problems. For instance, if your internet is often slow or drops, or if the router doesn’t update anymore. By changing your router, you make sure your home network is ready for the newest gadgets. This move will boost your setup’s speed, safety, and dependability9.


Upgrading your router is key to keeping your home network efficient. Knowing when to replace your router is important. Signs to look out for include slow performance and outdated technology. These could mean it’s time for a change11.

Buying a top-notch router comes with many benefits. You’ll enjoy faster internet, wider coverage, and better security. Features like Wi-Fi 6 and regular updates keep your network prepared for future devices11.

Replacing the router from your internet provider with your own model allows more customization. This means you can set limits and make separate guest networks. With the right research, you can find a router that makes your digital life better11.

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