Multan is the third most populous city of Pakistan with a population of around 20 million. The city is located in the southern part of the country, and has been designated as an investment center by the government. Multan has a rich history and many attractions which include various mosques, tombs of Sufi saints, ancient Buddhist ruins, and a well-preserved medieval town. 

The city also has an abundance of natural resources including coal, oil, iron ore, limestone, salt and gypsum. Various development projects have been initiated in Multan but work on 7 wonder city multan is yet to start. The project is expected to generate more than 40,000 jobs and Rs200 billion in revenue for the regional economy. So when will development work start on 7 wonder city multan?

When will development work start of 7 wonder city multan?

Construction work on Wonder City Multan is expected to start in the first quarter of 2019. The development, which is located in Multan's New Multan District and has an estimated cost of Rs550 billion, will be one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Pakistan. The project will include a world-class airport, a business district, a luxury hotel complex, and a residential area. The city will also have a water park and an amusement park.

What are the possible features of 7 wonder city multan?

Wonder City Multan is a large-scale development project situated in Multan, the fourth largest city of Pakistan. The project is an amalgamation of seven developed and planned towns including: Golf View, West Gate, Diplomatic Zone, Entertainment Zone, Business City, Health City and Knowledge City. Each town has its own unique features and amenities that make it a desirable place to live or work.

Some of the features of Wonder City Multan include:

-Golf View: This area is home to luxury hotels and golf courses. It also has a shopping district with high-end stores and restaurants.

-West Gate: This district is home to embassies and major government offices. It has a modern shopping center with several international brands and a convention center.

-Diplomatic Zone: This area consists of several upscale residential neighborhoods as well as business parks and commercial areas catering to the diplomatic community.

-Entertainment Zone: This area contains many popular tourist destinations such as theme parks, amusement parks, movie theaters and various restaurants. It also has a large casino complex.

-BusinessCity: This is an economic zone that houses corporate offices as well as exhibition centers and malls catering to the business community.

-HealthCity: This area contains hospitals, medical centers and clinics as well as recreational areas such as beaches and gardens. It is also home to a research hospital.


How much will development cost of 7 wonder city multan?

Wonder City Multan is an upcoming city located in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan which is being developed by a private investment group. The development of the city is expected to cost around $5 billion and it is planned to have a population of up to 8 million people. The first phase of development will involve the construction of residential areas, commercial zones, and parks. Work on the second phase of development will involve the construction of hospitals, schools, and sports facilities.

When will the first residents be able to move in to 7 wonder city multan?

Construction work on Wonder City Multan is expected to commence in the second half of this year, with the first residents being able to move in by early next year. In an interview with The Express Tribune, Mayor Asif Mehmood said that the city has already allocated Rs1 billion for the project and the remaining amount would be funded through private investors. Wonder City Multan will have a population of over 1 million and will be one of the largest urban centres in Pakistan. It will comprise of a mix of residential, commercial, recreational and educational facilities.


Multan authorities have not announced any specific date for the commencement of work on 7 wonder city multan, but they are confident that it will be started as per schedule. The Multan Development Authority has already initiated various steps to make sure that all the necessary approvals are obtained and that all the financial hurdles have been cleared. It is also important to note that the design and layout of this city will be in accordance with global best practices, which should result in a sustainable and quality urban development.

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