Your business’s technology must be supported and maintained by Magento development agencies to grow. The rule also applies to Magento since it is an e-commerce platform that needs developer support.

In the first place, using a platform that is backed by experts is more secure. Engineers spend less time developing new features and maintaining current ones if they use the supported technology, making it more cost-effective in the long run. Migrating to Magento 2 will improve security and user-friendliness while also saving money on maintenance.

The following fact might bust a lot of stereotypes that you have read online till now. But moving to Magento 2 will not improve your store’s performance over its M1 counterpart, nor will it lead to more revenue for you. In addition, your M1 store may run as smoothly as M2 websites with a few tweaks.

When does this happen? Over the years, several big and medium-sized Magento 1 businesses have built a wide range of custom features and solutions. Their owners have invested a great deal of time and money in customising and optimising them. High conversion rates in these stores might make them attractive. Then why do businesses need to migrate to Magento 2? Let us look at its features and understand. 

Changes that Magento 2 has brought

Organised file system

The simplest and most obvious change is the new folder structure. Static folders are created for media, cron, error, index, and skin. Using a CDN makes it easier to manage and distribute static content. In a nutshell, this new structure is more logical, well-structured, and easier for developers to customise.

Increasing Productivity

According to experts, Magento 2 is expected to load 20% faster than the previous version. Having a site that loads quickly increases conversions and improves search engine rankings. As Magento doesn’t have to fire queries to show pages to users, full page caching for all CMS pages helps boost performance. Magento Agency UK can now more efficiently manage catalogue pages. 

Fast Checkout

In Magento 2, customers have less information to fill out during the checkout process, making it easier for them to check out and place an order. Abandoned carts drop, and conversions go up.

Exceptional extensions

When it comes to submitting extensions to the marketplace, Magento has implemented tough rules. Several quality checks and test cases must be passed before they can be used to enhance store performance and personalisation.

Easy admin interface

Beginners will find the new admin interface easier to use and understand. Orders, categories, products, and pages may be managed more efficiently. You can change the store’s appearance in half the time without interrupting the operation.

Mobile-friendly designs

People are increasingly turning to their smartphones and tablets for online shopping. This was the primary goal of the Magento 2 development team. Adaptable design, video integration, and a simplified checkout process are all part of Magento 2’s goal to enhance the user experience on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

It’s time to convert to Magento 2 for these reasons

The end of Magento 1’s support

Yes, that’s correct. The site officially announced in June 2020 that Magento 1 services will no longer be supported. They won’t be updating any of the Magento 1 extensions or plugins. Magento 2 migration is thus a need rather than a choice for companies looking to expand in the future.

Better performance

The initial version’s loading times were slow. Caching, re-indexing, and queries may now be handled more efficiently due to dynamic databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Sites built on Magento 2 will be 20% quicker than those built on Magento 1. You can now process transactions quickly and more easily with an effective indexing system.

As a result, customers will be more likely to make a purchase if the site loads quicker.

Cache Improvement

Magento 2 has simplified Javascript that reduces browser activities on consumers’ devices, as well as excellent capabilities for compressing images. 

Therefore, it is an advantage to migrate to Magento 2. You can outsource Magento 2 migration services for a professional migration process. Make sure to get help from an expert. 

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