Hisense, a Chinese television manufacturer, has announced the world’s first rollable screen laser TV. At the 3rd Global Laser Display Technology and Industry Development Forum, the business made the news.

“Laser display is basically a collection of space solutions,” Yu Zhitao, Vice President of Hisense Group Holding Company, remarked during the presentation of the new TV.

Hisense’s world’s first rollable screen laser TV is just the beginning.”

This new Hisense Laser TV with a rollable screen has a large 77-inch display panel and is driven by Hisense’s unique rolling or curled screen technology as well as full-color laser technology.It has a 4K ultra-high HDR resolution, a 107 percent BT.2020 ultra-wide colour gamut, and a peak brightness of 350nits.

There are essentially no bezels on the sides of the screen, but there is a bezel on the top and a bigger bezel at the bottom in terms of design. Hisense has filed more than 70 patent applications for this curled screen laser TV thus far.

It has a Transvision graphics engine and Harmon Kardon speakers for theater-quality audio. According to the company, when the screen is stretched out, it creates a theater-like experience, and when it is rolled down, it creates an opera-like experience.

 World's First Rollable Screen Laser TV

Product Review

The Hisense 100L5 isn’t your typical television. This is immediately apparent when you consider that it has a big 100-inch screen for less money than many standard 75-inch TVs.

It’s not strictly speaking a TV, which is why it can deliver so many inches for your buck. It’s a combination of an ultra-short throw projector and a solid 100-inch projection screen that rejects ambient light so you don’t have to darken your room every time you want to see it.

The projector is a DLP model with laser lighting, which allows it to be brighter and cover a wider range of colours than traditional bulb projectors. It also, unlike lamp projectors, will not require laser replacement over the course of its lifetime and, unlike ordinary projectors, may be turned on almost immediately with little or no warmup or cooldown time.

It also goes above and beyond most normal projectors by including a tuner as well as a built-in smart TV system with many of the most popular streaming apps.

All of this is in keeping with the 100L5’s goal of appearing more like a television than a projector. Even with the lights on or the curtains open, the amount of brightness and colour it can retain on its specifically built screen is quite remarkable. Despite not being a genuine pixel for pixel 4K projector, it manages to give 4K sources a plausible 4K picture.

The one major drawback of the 100L5 for its money is that it lacks the contrast to adapt convincingly to dark home theatre situations, despite a speaker system neatly incorporated into the projector’s rear edge sounding excellent enough to outgun most TV audio systems.

Price and availability

  • The Hisense Laser TV range includes a 100-inch model.
  • The 100L5 costs RS : 4,09,092
  • Customization of the frame and cabinet is also an option.

Hisense has recently begun to get its market localization act together, so it’s no longer unusual to discover even an obscure and pricey AV device like the 100L5 now widely available around the world.

Much more unexpected is how inexpensive the 100L5 is in comparison to a standard 100-inch LCD TV. This kind of value for money is sure to turn heads, and it’s no doubt contributed to Hisense’s ability to get its latest ‘Laser TV’ proposal into mainstream retailers all over the world, despite the potential challenges of exhibiting and installing such a novel product.

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