Brain cancer, which is a truly challenging cancer to treat, is among the most vicious forms of this illness. Brain tumors typically occur in the regions which are important for controlling body’s functions through myriads of nerve pathways that the brain forms, and many of them absorb and destroy neighboring tissues, making treatment of these tumors very challenging.

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine or personalized medicine is an approach aimed at providing treatment plans that are customized to the individual patients’ specific features. It is determined by parameters such as a person’s genetic background, molecular components of disease, lifestyle and things that surround the patient. Through their knowledge of different types of cancer, mental health conditions, healthcare providers can develop more tailored treatment protocols which lead to the best results while minimizing the negative effects at the same time.

The Importance of Precision Medicine in Brain Cancer

The tumor brain is not a simple matter in its structure and dynamics. The variations cannot be seen between different tumor types but even a single tumor mass may have heterogeneity in terms of its internal structure. Such diversity is a big obstacle that we encountered while trying to design successful treatment models of diseases. The individuals often disenfranchised with the traditional “one-size-fits-all” modalities of treatment, because of the increasing differentiation among the patterns either symptomatic or behavioral.

Precision medicine having in mind the background of the treatment of brain cancer is implemented for the purpose of revolutionizing this therapy by directly opposing the diversity. The best cancer hospital in Kolkata, opines that studying specific molecular and genetic traits of each patient’s tumor helps researchers come up with appropriate therapies with a good chance of success. On the other hand, it also inhibits using classes of treatments that allow the cancer cell to survive or given in excess dosage causing side effects.

Advances in Precision Medicine for Brain Cancer

Genomic Profiling and Targeted Therapies

An exciting new breakthrough in precision medicine for brain tumors is the arrival of advanced genomic analysis techniques. The sequencing of the DNA and RNA of a tumor taken from the patient will provide researchers with molecular information such as which specific mutations, gene expression patterns, and molecular pathways cause the cells to proliferate and spread.

They can do so because cancer cells keep their mechanisms of proliferation since they are quite complex. One instance entails the presence of mutations in the specific EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) gene in certain brain tumors whereby these would be infiltrated by EGFR-targeted therapies like Erlotinib and Gefitinib.

Immunotherapy and Personalized Vaccines

Immunotherapy, as another prominent approach, uses the immune system of the body to combat cancer. The emerging trend can be seen in brain tumors among the many sorts of cancers, making it a promising option. Today, advanced precision medicine approaches are redefining oncotherapy, being able to offer the right medicine to the right patient on the basis of the individual cancer profile.

One way of achieving this goal is the introduction of personalized antibody therapy against cancer (using, for example, cancer vaccines). These drugs are constructed in such a way that they work on your immune system into recognizing and fighting against particular tumor antigens (molecules) within the targeted cancerous cells.

Liquid Biopsies and Early Detection

Tumors are usually treated more efficiently if they are discovered at the earlier phase.Nowadays, nonetheless, a variety of innovative diagnostic tools, like liquid biopsy, takes place and it alters the related standard ways of performing brain cancer detection and monitoring.

Liquid biopsy is a specific molecular testing that studies tumor specific markers like circulating tumor DNA or exosomes found in the patient’s blood, or cerebrospinal fluid. These markers distinguish whether a tumor is present, what type of tumor it is and its molecular properties.Thereby the lifting of the barrier into early diagnosed brain tumors becomes the result of these modern insights.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

The huge data streams of genome sequencing, imaging studies and patient’s health records during the diagnosis process will cause problems in correctly analyzing which a human being can handle. AI and big data analytic systems can play a significant role in health care decision-making, where they can provide valuable insights and support clinical decision-making processes.

Artificial intelligence and big data analytics, the two newest technologies, are undoubtedly going to add up to the success of precision medicine practice in brain cancer care.

Powered by AI algorithms, these large datasets can be processed and mined with their patterns detected at a fast pace. Insights that might have slipped the sight of human scientists are thus uncovered. Such discoveries can be applied to the creation of better risk stratification tools able to further identify new therapeutic targets and treatment programs that work better on an individual basis.

Challenges and Limitations

The breakthroughs in brain cancer management of precision medicine are inevitably progressive, yet, are not free from serious obstacles and restrictions that need to be dealt with. One of the first obstacles that affect the success of precision medicine is the high cost of genomic sequencing and the analysis of data as well as the expensive process involved in personalized therapy development. The availability of these advanced precision treatments may be limited to the majority if the concerned help does not allocate more funding to support the need for precision medicine to be more open and affordable for all patients.

Furthermore, unlike other diseases, brain tumors are frequently associated with intratumor heterogeneity, which describes the fact that separate portions of a different tumor with various molecular characteristics may exist even inside a single tumor. This complication can be the reason there is a difficulty to create the individualized therapy which is directed to both the tumor itself and all its elements.

Ethical implications of carrying out precision medicine such as a concern of violation of privacy and discrimination against a person because of his genetic materials remain crucial as the evolution of precision medicine is witnessed.

Although these are threatening the field of precision medicine on brain cancer, still the field of precision medicine on cancer of the brain has very good prospects. Accompanying our improved knowledge of molecular biology of the tumor and the acceleration of the technological advances teeters on a future where brain cancers therapies go personalized to an individual patient, optimizing the effectiveness of the treatment while minimizing the harmfulness.


The best cancer hospital in Bangalore opines that precision medicine represents another approach paradigm precious to fight brain cancer. Through the genomic research, the newest immunotherapy, non-invasive testing (liquid biopsy), and the analytics, specialists and doctors have taken personalized, specific, and more productive options.

Although obstacles exist, the collective actions of scientists, clinicians, and the industrial sector are indeed driving the frontlines of this fight to uncharted territories; faster and faster discoveries are accomplished. In every finding thesis, we allow the idea of a future where brain cancer is a manageable condition where each person gets a treatment plan based on their molecular profile and their specific needs.

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