Did you know that on average, people in the United States spend over two hours on social media each day1? The many apps we use daily can be fun and useful. But too many apps can slow down our phones and make them less safe. This guide will show you the ten apps you should delete from your Android to make it work better.

The number of apps available is growing fast. But not all these apps are good for us. Some make our phones slow, open them to hacks, or just make everything look messy. Getting rid of these bad apps can give us more space on our phones, make them faster, and keep our information safer. This guide focuses on the apps you should get rid of right away to have a better and safer experience on your Android device.

Key Takeaways

  • On average, people in the United States spend over two hours on social media each day, leading to screen clutter1.
  • Modern smartphones have the speed and power to handle more sophisticated apps, but unnecessary ones should still be removed1.
  • The proliferation of bloatware, especially on Samsung devices, can significantly hamper performance1.
  • Removing redundant utility apps like flashlights and QR scanners can free valuable space1.
  • Stay vigilant about malicious apps masquerading as legitimate ones to avoid security threats.
  • Regular app audits help maintain an efficient, secure Android experience.

Beware of Malicious Apps

Many people download apps that look helpful but are actually dangerous. These can harm your privacy and safety. Experts warn about 90 dangerous apps on Google Play, with 5.5 million downloads2.

PDF Reader & File Manager by TSARKA Watchfaces

The PDF Reader & File Manager by TSARKA Watchfaces looks legitimate. Before its true nature was uncovered, it got over 70,000 downloads2. It could sneak in the Anatsa trojan, aiming at 650 banking apps worldwide2. To stay safe, delete apps marked as threats.

QR Reader & File Manager by risovanul

The QR Reader & File Manager app by risovanul tricked many, hitting 70,000 downloads2. It could introduce Anatsa too, leading to big money loss and security issues. Although it’s off the store, it might be on your phone. Remove it right away2. Diligently removing such apps can protect your digital life.

Keep an eye on your apps and use security software. This way, you can spot and remove harmful apps. By being alert, you make your phone safer and keep your information secure.

Pre-Installed Bloatware Apps

New Android phones often come with apps you may never use. These can include anything from streaming services to music players3. Bloatware removal apps, included by phone makers and service providers, add unwanted apps to your phone. They can cause your phone to get cluttered and show pop-ups or ads3. Getting rid of these unnecessary apps will free up space and make your phone run smoother.

Manufacturers include bloatware to keep phone prices lower4. But, this software doesn’t serve you. It can open your phone to risks, slow it down, and show ads4. Turning off unnecessary apps, especially Samsung’s, can help a lot. The many features in their One UI software can hog up your phone’s space and slow it down.

What bloatware you get depends on the phone brand, the service provider, and where you bought the phone3. In the US, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T often put a program called Mobile Services Manager (MSM) on Samsung phones5. This adds to the bloatware problem, taking up more space, using more battery, and slowing your phone5.

To fight bloatware, you can turn on USB Debugging by clicking on Build Number seven times in your Settings3. Then use ADB commands to remove the bloatware. You must know the bloatware’s full name to do this. For those not familiar with ADB commands, there are GUI tools that make it easier to remove bloatware3.

Cleaning out bloatware makes your phone work better, which makes using it more enjoyable4. It not only tidies up your phone but also makes it safer from online threats4. So, it’s a good idea to get rid of this unnecessary software. This can help your phone perform its best.

Old Utility Apps That Are Now Built-In

Modern Android devices now make it easy to cut down on apps. Many old utility apps are no longer needed. Why? Because newer versions of the Android system have their features inside.

Let’s look at some of these old apps you might want to delete.


Do you remember when you had to download a flashlight app? Now, most Android phones let you turn on a flashlight from the quick settings. This means you can get rid of those old apps.

QR Scanner

Before, having a QR scanner app was a must. But now, the regular Camera on your phone can read QR codes. It’s easy. You just aim at the code for instant results. You won’t need a separate QR scanner app anymore.

Screen Recorder

In newer Android versions, you can now record your screen without extra apps. Look in the quick settings, and you’ll find this feature. This means you can delete those old screen recording apps.

Media Player

Remember downloading VLC or MX Player for more formats? The default media player on Android has caught up. It can handle many types of media well. You may not need extra media players anymore.

Screen Dimmer

To dim your screen further, you used to need a special app. Now, Android has better brightness controls and Dark Mode. It’s time to get rid of those old apps for controlling brightness.

Outdated Productivity Apps

Google Workspace

Many Android users still rely on outdated productivity apps. They might not know there are better options out there. Google Workspace offers apps like Gmail and Google Docs for Android users. These apps work well together and connect with other Google services6.

Google Workspace Alternatives

Switching to Google Workspace can make you more efficient. Older apps don’t have as many features or connect as smoothly. Here’s how Google Workspace compares:

Feature Outdated Productivity Apps Google Workspace
Integration Limited Seamless with Google services
AI-enhancements Non-existent Advanced AI capabilities
Cloud Storage Often requires third-party services Google Drive integration
Updates and Support Infrequent Regular updates from Google
Security Variable Robust Google security features

Moving from old apps to Google Workspace tools makes work smoother. You’ll find that using modern, AI-powered solutions makes you more productive. Plus, you’ll enjoy better security and how everything works together. It’s key to keeping up with new tech and making the most of your Android device6.

Performance Booster Apps

Performance booster apps aim to make your device work better. Yet, they often don’t live up to what they promise. Apps like RAM cleaners and battery savers claim to help but can make things worse sometimes7.

RAM Cleaners

RAM cleaner apps try to help by closing tasks in the background to free up memory. However, Android does this on its own to keep things running smoothly. Using these apps can actually slow down your device and drain the battery faster8. Letting Android handle memory is usually the better choice9.

Battery Savers

Battery saver apps say they can make your battery last longer. But phones like Samsung and Xiaomi already have good battery management. Adding apps like these might cause problems and waste the battery instead7. It’s best to rely on what your phone maker has already included for saving battery9.

Game Optimizers

Game optimizer apps claim they’re essential for better gaming on your phone. Yet, Android and your phone itself have features that can help just as much. These extra apps might actually slow games because they do too much8. It’s smarter to use what’s already there for the best game performance7.

Duplicate Functionality Apps

duplicate apps

Redundant apps eat up your storage and resources. Clearing out these doubles can make your device run better.

Web Browsers

Many web browsers can make your device messy. It’s smart to keep just one. This saves storage and keeps things running smoothly.

Note-Taking Apps

Too many note apps can be confusing. Pick the one that suits you best. This will clean up your space and help you get more done.

Data Backup Apps

Having lots of backup apps can cause extra copies of your data. Choose one good backup app. This will help you manage your storage better and keep your data safe.

Messaging Apps

Installing lots of messaging apps seems useful. But using just a few can make your device work better and give you more space.

Getting rid of doubles apps makes your device faster. It also reduces pressure on your device. You can use apps like MobiKin Assistant for Android to help with this10.

Excessive Social Media Apps

Social media is everywhere today. But, too much of it can make us feel lonely or anxious11. To fight this, we should use our phones less and make better choices. A good first step is deleting apps we don’t really need. This can make us less distracted and more focused.

Having fewer social media apps means less comparing ourselves to others11. We may feel better about ourselves. Also, it can protect us from mean people online, making the internet a nicer place.

To fight spending too much time online, we can turn off notifications. We can also limit how often we check social media11. Doing this makes us better at focusing and doing things without getting distracted. It leaves more time to spend with people we care about or on things we love.

To really change, consider getting rid of all unneeded social media apps. Android phones make it easier to delete apps than Apple does9. But sometimes, we just keep apps because we’re used to them. This makes our thin go up without any good reason.

In the end, getting rid of social media apps can do a lot of good. It can help us now and in the future. We can become more productive and feel better mentally. It’s all about making choices that are good for us.

Old Games You No Longer Play

Games such as Temple Run, Angry Birds, and Plants vs. Zombies bring back good memories. They sit on our phones, using up space. We can make room for new, exciting games by removing them1. Keeping an eye on your phone’s storage is a good habit.

Also, getting rid of old games is now easier, thanks to the Google Play Store12. It keeps a list of what we’ve downloaded. This makes it simple for us to delete what we no longer use12. Making regular checks to clean out your games is smart. It leaves space for the newest game hits13. And, new phone features make playing these games more fun than ever1.

For completely erasing old game data, dr.fone – Data Eraser is a top recommendation. It’s trusted by more than 4 million users12. This tool ensures deleted game data won’t come back. It’s also designed to boost your phone’s performance by clearing out clutter12.

Apps You No Longer Use

Over time, we gather apps we don’t use anymore. They take up storage and slow our devices down. The best way to clean up is to start with certain app types. These include dating, meditation, and fitness apps.

Dating Apps

Once you have your match or lose interest, dating apps can just sit there. They stay active in the background, eating up your data and battery. It’s smart to remove the ones you don’t use. This cleans up your phone, making room for more important apps.

Meditation Apps

Meditation apps help you relax but using too many can confuse things. If you’ve got a bunch you don’t use, it’s time to delete them. Doing so will tidy up your apps and might make your phone work better.

Fitness Apps

Looking for the best app for your workout is great, but not if you never use them again. Some people opt for real-life exercises and stop using old fitness apps. If this sounds like you, it’s wise to remove these apps. This will make your device more efficient and give you room for what you really need.

Decluttering your android apps and focusing on what you really use makes your phone neater. This approach ensures that every app has a purpose. It improves storage and your device’s performance. Remember, getting rid of old or unused apps is key to keeping your phone running well and tidy.

Malware Dropper Apps to Delete

It’s key to stay alert with your Android to keep it safe. Malware, like the Anatsa Banking Trojan and Xamalicious Malware, is always a risk. These apps pretend to be real but actually help with bad stuff like stealing data and ad-fraud.

Anatsa Banking Trojan

The Anatsa Banking Trojan is a problem for over 650 banking apps worldwide. By February 2024, it got to around 150,000 devices. It does this by pretending to be something else and then steals your banking info. Plus, it can spend your money without you knowing14. Anatsa uses a clever trick to get past Google’s checks. This makes it a big threat for everyone14.

Xamalicious Malware

Xamalicious is also dangerous, even though it’s not as common as Anatsa. It too can lead to big problems by giving out personal info. Getting rid of Xamalicious and similar apps is vital for keeping your Android safe.

There are over 90 harmful Android apps on the Play Store. They’ve been downloaded about 5.5 million times together. This shows just how important it is to be aware of these threats14. A group called Zscaler found these apps. They had names like PDF Reader & File Manager by TSARKA Watchfaces. They were taken off the Play Store after reaching over 70,000 downloads1415. To stay safe, always check who the developer is, the app’s permissions, and the reviews.

Google Play Protect helps by removing bad apps automatically. To improve your device’s safety, listen to Google. They suggest you don’t download too many apps, pick those from known developers, and read their reviews15.


It’s very important to delete apps you don’t need or that could be harmful. This keeps your Android phone working well and safe. By removing these apps, you free up space. This helps your phone work faster and better.

Some apps you see often can actually make your phone work quicker. But, it’s wise to delete certain types of apps, like those that say they help your RAM and battery. These apps can make your phone work worse16.

Dealing with extra apps that came with your phone is a big deal too. When you get a new Android, it usually already has some extra apps. You may not be able to delete these, but you can turn many of them off. Doing this can make your phone faster without causing problems17.

However, be careful. If you turn off too many things or try to delete important apps, you might hurt your phone. It’s also important to note that changing certain deep settings can make it hard to use services like Google Pay. Plus, doing these deep level changes can cancel your phone’s warranty17.

For people who really want the best from their phone, there’s a more advanced option. This involves changing the core software a bit to manage parts of the phone, like RAM, better. But remember, this is risky. It can make your phone perform better, but there is a chance of something going wrong16.

To get the most from your Android, it’s key to be careful and smart about managing apps. If you stay on top of apps and how they work, your phone can give you a great experience. This way, your Android will run smoothly and without problems.

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