On the surface, selecting a parcel courier seems to be a simple task; it is a tough business, and pricing is often seen as the most important factor. 

After all, if the price is reasonable and they arrive on time, shouldn't it be an easy choice?

No, pricing is simply one thing to consider when selecting a parcel carrier. 


Where are your packages being delivered? If they are mostly being shipped inside the United Kingdom, a courier based entirely in the United Kingdom is likely to be a better alternative than one that has worldwide coverage, resulting in better service at a cheaper cost.

If they are being shipped internationally, be aware that if you select a primarily UK-based courier, the international portion of the delivery will be subcontracted. 

This implies that not only will the delivery be more difficult to trace, but if there is a problem, both carriers may blame each other.

Collection And Delivery of Parcels

If your company promises a certain level of package delivery service, these things are very important. 

It’s a good idea to hire a low-cost courier, but not if they always deliver your packages late and you have to give customers freight refunds.

What level of tracking service is provided? Are you able to track your package's whereabouts online at any time? 

This should be a common package delivery service offered nowadays as a result of the Internet.

Indeed, you must decide what options you have with the courier in the case of a late pickup or delivery.


Insurance is an important element that many parcel delivery companies overlook. 

For instance, if you courier a £500 sofa to a customer and it comes broken, you may discover only after raising the matter with the package courier that it was only insured for £100 under their reasonable terms, which you accepted by default.

Legally, it would be up to you to find out what kind of insurance the courier had on the goods. 

If you didn't, the courier couldn't be expected to make up the difference in cost. 

This is all up to you. Not only that, but you'd have to ship out a new couch as well. These differences are often revealed only after a shipment delivery occurs.

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